Rules Are Made to Be Broken: Part 2

In part one, I explored some of the “fashion rules” that have become obsolete over the years. Believe it or not, I came up with so many that I had to separate the post into two parts. So, without further ado, here’s part two.

6. Don’t wear denim with denim.


This rule can be often be tricky to get around. One rule of thumb is to always stick with different shades of denim. You don’t want to be walking around like a big blob of blue. You can also try adding some separation by wearing a belt or a crop top.

7. No wearing white in the winter.


Apprently, this rule originated way back in the day when the rich would sport bright whites on winter vacation. After returning from holiday, they would return to wearing darker colors. These circumstances no longer apply, so why keep the rule around? I love white in the winter. It looks so crisp and clean.

8. Never mix metals.


Used to be you were never supposed to wear silver and gold jewelry at the same time. Nowadays, the more the better!

9. Don’t mix prints.


This is another rule that can be tricky to get around. If it done right, print mixing can look fantastic. However, it can easily go wrong. Try to make sure your two prints don’t compete with one another.

10. Don’t wear shorts in the winter.


As soon as people started rocking tights with their shorts, this rule went out the window. Personally, this is one of my favorite looks. Whether the tights are plain or patterned, they are the perfect way to break this rule.

11. Never wear socks with sandals.


When I hear the words “socks with sandals,” I immediately think of white ankle socks paired with flip-flops. That pairing is still a “no” in my book. However, I do really like socks or tights paired with dressy, heeled sandals. It’s the perfect way to transition your summer heels into fall and winter.

Which of these fashion rules are you bold enough to break?

Stay beautiful,

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