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In my last post about BP. Assistant Accessories Buyer Sam Howard, we talked about the logistics and technicalities of her very cool job. This time we discussed fun and personal things like up-and-coming trends, easy ways to accessorize and how YOU can get more of the things you love into your local BP. department.

Brittany: Why do you think accessories are so important to an outfit? Can they really make or break it?

Sam: Accessories are the easiest and cheapest ways to change or update an outfit. They give you the final ‘oomph’ to make your look about more than just clothes.

B: Where do you look for inspiration?

S: I look at street style to see how people wear clothes and accessories. I look at blogs like FashionToastMan Repeller and BLEACH BLACK daily. I also look at independent designers to see what they are doing…designers like Pamela LoveVanessa Mooney and Concrete Polish. Another great website is BaubleBar because it showcases really trendy pieces.

B: Which statement do you agree with: Less is more, or more is more?

S: MORE! More is more. I am really into layering accessories right now.

B: With whom would you like to trade closets?

S: Alexa Chung. I’m crushing on her ombré hair too.

B: What trend are you loving for spring/summer this year?

S: Pendant necklaces, especially natural stones.

B: Finally, what are the three accessories every girl should own?

S: My favorite jewelry accessories are rings, and I think sunglasses can make you look cool even if you are not feeling great. Oh, and fringe bags—they’re great.

Before our meeting ended, I asked Sam if there is any way for BP. customers to request certain accessories be made available. Good news! She said that the buying team is in close communication with all the stores. So if you tell your local BP. manager about something that they should get (or get rid of), there is a very high chance that the information will make its way back to Seattle and to Sam.

So, fashionistas, what should the BP. accessories buyers consider bringing to Nordstrom?


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