School’s Out!

Happy summer, everyone! I am now officially on summer break *whoop whoop* which means FRREEEDDDOOOMMMMMMM!!!! Every year on the last day of school, my friends and I like to do something together. Being the girly-girl teenagers that we are, this year we decided to do our two favorite things: shop and eat.

While strolling around town, Sherrine and I spotted this beautiful mosaic wall and we just couldn’t resist stopping for a quick pic…candid, anyone?


The mall we went to had a Ferris wheel—I mean, what??? It also had some amazing shopping (Nordstrom was a must, of course) and restaurants.


Now you see me and Ellie posing in front of our new favorite wall. As you can tell, we’ve both been loving rockin’ pretty and pink prints for the summertime!


No day can be complete without a sweet treat! It was extra hot this day in SoCal, so frozen yogurt seemed the perfect way to go!


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