Hey BP. girls! Exciting news: Last Saturday I got to interview Kendall and Kylie Jenner (and Steve Madden!) at a launch event for their Madden Girl shoe and bag collection.

Before you read the interivew, I just want to give you an idea of how die-hard the Kendall and Kylie fans were. I talked to the first people in line—Brian and Briana from Ventura, CA. They arrived at the early (or late) hour of 1am (12 hours before the 1pm start time)! Brian said, “We got here just in time. It was all worth it!” Both Brian and his sister Briana were very excited to meet the Jenner girls, “We’re such big fans! We love everything that has to do with them.”


Kendall and Kylie both sporting shoes from the Madden Girl Collection. This new line is fantastic, by the way. I’ve already got my eye on a pair of sandals.


Aya, BP.: Kendall, I know, you’re more glam and Kylie, you’re more boho. How did you fuse your two aesthetics together for this line?

Kylie: I think for this line we wanted to make it more beachy and fun and young. And I think our next line is definitely more glam and darker.

Steve: We really wanted to reach the Nordstrom girl, so I was able to draw the best of both out of them [Kendall and Kylie].

Kendall: I agree with what they said!

Aya, BP.: What upcoming vacations do you have planned and what are some essentials for spring travel and music festivals?

Kendall: We havent really thought of anything yet, but I think that an essential thing is obviously a good shoe and that’s where our shoe line comes in…

Kylie:.. and sunscreen!

Kendall: Yeah, a good shoe and sunscreen!

Both: You’re set!

Steve: On my vacation, I’m coming back to Los Angeles to play golf with their dad [Bruce Jenner] and get a rematch because he beat me so bad.

Aya, BP.: Why did you feel that Madden Girl resonates with your personal style? 

Kendall: I think it does perfectly. […]We take our inspiration from online or magazines or whatever and we give it to [the Madden Girl team] and then they take it, put it on paper and then make a product. So I think that it completely resonates with our style.

Steve: Yeah, and they’re coming into Nordstrom for inspiration! So we’re putting their stamp on every piece in the collection.

Aya, BP.: What made you want to pursue this collaboration?

Kylie: We grew up wearing Steve Madden—every girl in my class had a Steve Madden shoe, so we have always admired the line. We just thought it was a perfect match. We’ve done clothes and jewelry and all that, so the next thing was shoes and it worked out perfectly.

Steve: Yeah, it was good. Since it’s sort of in their DNA. […] They grew up wearing them so now we were able to work together to produce something new with our DNA and their DNA.

Kendall: Exactly.


Aya, BP.: We all know sisters love sharing clothes—what pieces do you think sisters will be sharing with each other?

Kendall:  Hopefully they’ll be sharing everything!

Aya, BP.: In terms of design, what did you learn from this experience? And what was your favorite thing about the creative process?

Kendall: I think we’ve learned that input is very important […] because we want to wear our own line and we want people to like it. And I feel like people like it when we like it.

Steve: There it is! She just said it.”They like it when we like it.” That’s why we have to take great care with what we make together, because the girls have a responsibility to their fans. And I feel like I have a responsibility, too, when I make shoes. Because I know people really love what we do at Steve Madden.


Check out the collection and see what you think!




I’m baaaack! I missed you guys—and guess what? I have some cool news to report:

Heard of Levi’s? They make awesome denim and they happen to be a super artistic company. In fact, they’re so artistic that they sponsored Station to Station—a traveling, interactive public art gallery. How does that work? Well, Levi’s loaded up a train with talented artists and treasures and took it across the nation, from NYC to the Bay Area. The proceeds were donated to nine U.S. museums to support non-traditional programming.

When this kaboose stopped in L.A., I called two of my fellow fashion-board members, Vivien (left) and Caroline (right) and we all headed to Union Station, a historic landmark and functioning train station:


When we arrived, we were amazed by the beauty of Union Station:

Union-station-at-night Station-to-station-posters La-sunset-palm-trees-union-station

After we took in the spectacular views, we caught a glimpse of strange tent-y things we later found out were yurts. The coolest part about them was that they are open to the sky:


And of course they were filled with unconventional art. One yurt was all white and had dry ice in it, another was completely dark, a movie was playing in one, and another was plush and squishy. One even featured artists making handmade goods.

Station-to-station-squishy-yurt Makers-yurt-lights

It was so fun. We even got to hear some music—Beck was the headliner. He performed music that he composed just for this event, and you can watch the whole show here. Thanks, Nordstrom!



Bye-Bye…for Now

I can’t believe that this amazing, wonderful year of blogging for BP. is coming to an end. It was such a beautiful experience and I learned so much from the BP. blog team, both on-set at photo shoots and from our monthly talks with the inspiring Nordstrom stylists and buyers. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us!

I wish that this would never end, but guess what? This means the new BP. Bloggers, Clare, Alyssa and Lily are going to express themselves, learn, grow and continue to love fashion! Congratulations, you three are going to have a blast!

Here are three of my many favorite experiences from being a BP. blogger:

1. When I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and saw my name and picture on a post on the BP. Facebook page, I was so thrilled. It was, (bear with me) in the words of High School Musical, “the start of something new.”


2. Being on set at the April Lookbook shoot and then the Prom shoot the very next day was so much fun. I remember every moment of it and this video recalls it! I met the coolest Nordie people ever; they were so welcoming and über creative.This was one of the incredible outcomes of the April shoot:

3. “Speak Only Words of Kindness.” I was so happy to read the comments on this post. These comments really touched and encouraged me. It really proved that BP. girls rock!


I love blogging so much that I recently started a fashion blog, Werk It Daily. I’m so excited. I hope you’ll join me at werkitdaily.com! Here’s a little sneak peek:


And I’m excited to say that although I’m not going to be blogging weekly anymore, I’ll still be a special correspondent reporting on cool BP.-related things happening in L.A. Like photoshoots! A fun post about one of my fave BP. brands, Mimi Chica, is on its way soon. Stay tuned! À tout à l’heure.



Shop. Street. Style.

Okay, you might have seen this super cool news on the BP. Nordstrom Facebook Page already, but you can now shop a bunch of head-to-toe BP. looks featuring street style photos! Take a look at some of the photos:


Frenchi Dress & Accesories



Angel Kiss Jacket, Project Social T Tank & Fire Jeans



Elodie Tee & STS Blue Pants



Rubbish Sweater & Mimi Chica Leggings (I just bought those leggings and they’re so comfy!)



Love by Design Cardigan, C + B Tee & Articles of Society Jeans


So cool, right?


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It’s almost time to go back to school. Even though we all love summer, we’ve got to get back to classrooms, bell schedules and homework. The first day of school can be a difficult adjustment. But I know just what will help with the transition: a first-day outfit that makes you feel unstoppable and ready to take the new school year by storm.

Here’s a little bit of inspiration:

hero Street-style-bts-nyc Street-style-bts-tribal Street-style-bts-minimal Street-style-bts-beachy


P.S. Don’t forget to hit the BP. Back-to-School guide for more major outfit inspirations.

The Street Style
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We Love Taylor Swift


Do you know who that girl is? Well, if you didn’t before, you do now! That’s Taylor Swift. Country-pop music crossover superstar, blooming fashion icon, and most importantly, a performer who has continued to grow with her fans. I’m going to count down her top five songs (mixed in with a couple of great fashion moments). Ready? Here we go!

5. Teardrops on My Guitar
Got a crush? T-Swizzle knows how you feel.


4. I Knew You Were Trouble
Nothing like a little regret ballad.


3. We Are Never Getting Back Together
“Uggg… so he calls me up and he’s like, ‘I still love you.'”


2. Back to December is great for that post-breakup nostalgia.


1. The best Taylor Swift song ever? You Belong With Me (feel free to belt this out):

Cutest video ever, right?


Taylor Swift VEVO
RCL Blog
InStyle UK


Mykonos is a beautiful Greek island known for its crisp, white buildings and pops of bright blue (including the ocean):


Who wouldn’t be inspired by this stunning place?  The fashion world is definitely inspired:


Annabelle Fleur from VIVALUXURY styled her Mykonos look with a short goddess-dress and complementary yellow sunnies.


At fashion week, Mykonos was spotted in Balenciaga, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein‘s collections. (Shoutout to Cara Delevingne on the right!)



Lush Knit Maxi Dress (For shorties who aren’t sure how to work a maxi dress, check out our video how-to. The elasticized waistband in this dress lets you “hem” it without getting it altered.)


Devan ‘Flower’ Statement Necklace


Seychelles ‘Know What I Mean’ Flat


Cheryl MacLauchlan
Style Diary


Nothing holds more dreams for a shoe lover than a highly coveted, pink, kitten-covered box of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Fashionably outrageous designs, not-so-secret aspirations to be four inches taller, it all starts here. With this box.


This small, family-owned, L.A.based company has been cranking out beautiful shoes since 2000. Who is Jeffrey Campbell? According to the JC team, he’s everyone. The JC design team is inspired by the entire world. No wonder their shoes are so amazing.

 While Jeffrey Campbell makes a ton of killer shoes, their Lita style is famous for its larger than life, completely creative, hardly practical silhouette. They’ve basically swept the nation with a “Lita-craze” that I—and will proudly state it—am part of.

Jeffrey-campbell-litas-pastel Happy-birthday-litas Trend-litas

This past week, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the legendary Litas while thrift shopping and…(wait for it!)…they were my size and they fit perfectly! Needless to say, my Jeffrey Campbell dreams came true.


I think I’m a JC girl now!


Grazia Daily
The Fancy
Jeffrey Campbell
Jackie Mendoza


Greetings from Los Angeles

Los Angeles style has been getting a lot of attention lately. As an L.A. girl, myself, I’m happy to see that. What exactly is L.A. style, you ask? If I had to define it, I would say:

  1. 1. It’s laid-back. That’s L.A. for you.
  2. 2. There are no rules, so it doesn’t really make sense; it just works.
  3. 3. It’s always cool.
Cool-style-los-angeles Margarita_Kifisia_Street_Style_casual





Alliance Lockhart
Street Geist
Sincerely, Jules
Racked LA

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Back to Basics

My fashion philosophy is this: If you make sure you’re excited to wear every single, yes, every single piece of clothing in your closet, then getting dressed in the morning won’t take so long. If every piece you own inspires you in some way, you’ll be able to just throw something on and go, but still look like the fashionista you are.

This philosophy can feel complicated when it comes to basics. Sometimes it’s hard to be excited about basics. But there’s beauty in simplicity, isn’t there? And what if your “basics” start to get a little too…artistic? Do they still count as basics? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I wear this in more than five ways?
  • Can I wear this color with just about anything?
  • Is this comfortable?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, you’ve got yourself a basic.


BP. Oversized Scoop Neck Tee



BP. Wide Waistband Essential Leggings


BP. Crop Tank


Jolt Skinny Jeans (Dark) (Now $10 off!)


Frenchi Cutout Back Knit Dress


Rubbish Vintage Denim Jacket