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So, last night was really a “Moment 4 Life.” Seriously, the Nicki Minaj concert was AMAZING! On top of that, I waited three hours to meet her. (I still can’t even believe it all happened, tbh.)

James at the Nicki Minaj concert


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Cara for Topshop

Cara Delevingne has become one of my absolute favorite faces in fashion: she’s talented, hilarious and uniquely herself. And maybe a little crazy, so I feel like we can relate. It’s no wonder, then, that my style icon is the new face of Topshop! I am in love with the most recent Topshop campaign, so polished and quintessentially British.

Get inspired by some of my favorite shots of Cara as Topshop’s muse.

blazer, ripped skinny jeans and pointed black boots make a perfect rock ‘n’ roll outfit. Also I think I am going to go paint my walls yellow.


Smoky eyes and leopard print? Go for it!

I adore this picture and outfit, Cara reminds me of Brigitte Bardot with her fur jacket and silver heels.

Not obsessed yet? Watch this video highlighting some of Topshop’s new collection, featuring Cara in all of her madness. Please tell me she wouldn’t be the most fun best friend.

Check out all of Topshop’s new collection and get in touch with your inner British Bombshell. 🙂

Stay golden,


Style Crush: Eva Chen

I’ve been reading Lucky Magazine ever since I was about 12 years old and first getting into fashion, so to say that Eva Chen was my first major style crush is a vast understatement. She was one of the first people I ever followed on Instagram, and I think I cried when I found out she became the Editor in Chief of Lucky this past year. Her wit and talent: unbridled, her style: superb. I’m a fan, to say the least!

hero Paris-fashion-week-street-style-nordstrom-eva-chen

Chen is absolutely fearless on the streets, especially during fashion week. However, as a writer, she speaks humbly of her experiences and writes from a very genuine place, which I appreciate. Not only am I a supporter of her fabulously daring outfit choices, but a fan of her down to earth personality and witty charm. If you’ve never picked up a copy of Lucky before, I highly suggest doing so!

Much love to you, Eva. Give me a call the next time you’re in Portland. 😉



Hey BP. girls! Exciting news: Last Saturday I got to interview Kendall and Kylie Jenner (and Steve Madden!) at a launch event for their Madden Girl shoe and bag collection.

Before you read the interivew, I just want to give you an idea of how die-hard the Kendall and Kylie fans were. I talked to the first people in line—Brian and Briana from Ventura, CA. They arrived at the early (or late) hour of 1am (12 hours before the 1pm start time)! Brian said, “We got here just in time. It was all worth it!” Both Brian and his sister Briana were very excited to meet the Jenner girls, “We’re such big fans! We love everything that has to do with them.”


Kendall and Kylie both sporting shoes from the Madden Girl Collection. This new line is fantastic, by the way. I’ve already got my eye on a pair of sandals.


Aya, BP.: Kendall, I know, you’re more glam and Kylie, you’re more boho. How did you fuse your two aesthetics together for this line?

Kylie: I think for this line we wanted to make it more beachy and fun and young. And I think our next line is definitely more glam and darker.

Steve: We really wanted to reach the Nordstrom girl, so I was able to draw the best of both out of them [Kendall and Kylie].

Kendall: I agree with what they said!

Aya, BP.: What upcoming vacations do you have planned and what are some essentials for spring travel and music festivals?

Kendall: We havent really thought of anything yet, but I think that an essential thing is obviously a good shoe and that’s where our shoe line comes in…

Kylie:.. and sunscreen!

Kendall: Yeah, a good shoe and sunscreen!

Both: You’re set!

Steve: On my vacation, I’m coming back to Los Angeles to play golf with their dad [Bruce Jenner] and get a rematch because he beat me so bad.

Aya, BP.: Why did you feel that Madden Girl resonates with your personal style? 

Kendall: I think it does perfectly. […]We take our inspiration from online or magazines or whatever and we give it to [the Madden Girl team] and then they take it, put it on paper and then make a product. So I think that it completely resonates with our style.

Steve: Yeah, and they’re coming into Nordstrom for inspiration! So we’re putting their stamp on every piece in the collection.

Aya, BP.: What made you want to pursue this collaboration?

Kylie: We grew up wearing Steve Madden—every girl in my class had a Steve Madden shoe, so we have always admired the line. We just thought it was a perfect match. We’ve done clothes and jewelry and all that, so the next thing was shoes and it worked out perfectly.

Steve: Yeah, it was good. Since it’s sort of in their DNA. […] They grew up wearing them so now we were able to work together to produce something new with our DNA and their DNA.

Kendall: Exactly.


Aya, BP.: We all know sisters love sharing clothes—what pieces do you think sisters will be sharing with each other?

Kendall:  Hopefully they’ll be sharing everything!

Aya, BP.: In terms of design, what did you learn from this experience? And what was your favorite thing about the creative process?

Kendall: I think we’ve learned that input is very important […] because we want to wear our own line and we want people to like it. And I feel like people like it when we like it.

Steve: There it is! She just said it.”They like it when we like it.” That’s why we have to take great care with what we make together, because the girls have a responsibility to their fans. And I feel like I have a responsibility, too, when I make shoes. Because I know people really love what we do at Steve Madden.


Check out the collection and see what you think!




A little over a month ago, M·A·C launched their new Viva Glam ad campaign featuring none other than the BadGalRiRi (Rihanna). After weeks of anticipation,  the gorgeous frosted blue-red lip color has finally arrived in stores (available in both a lipstick and a tinted lip glass)! Check out the behind the scenes video to learn more:



Fluidline | Powder Blush | Finishing Powder | Tinted Lip Glass | View All Products



We Love Taylor Swift


Do you know who that girl is? Well, if you didn’t before, you do now! That’s Taylor Swift. Country-pop music crossover superstar, blooming fashion icon, and most importantly, a performer who has continued to grow with her fans. I’m going to count down her top five songs (mixed in with a couple of great fashion moments). Ready? Here we go!

5. Teardrops on My Guitar
Got a crush? T-Swizzle knows how you feel.


4. I Knew You Were Trouble
Nothing like a little regret ballad.


3. We Are Never Getting Back Together
“Uggg… so he calls me up and he’s like, ‘I still love you.'”


2. Back to December is great for that post-breakup nostalgia.


1. The best Taylor Swift song ever? You Belong With Me (feel free to belt this out):

Cutest video ever, right?


Taylor Swift VEVO
RCL Blog
InStyle UK


As I was browsing through my favorite fashion magazines, there was one particular trend that stood out for this upcoming fall. It may seem a little bit early to talk about trends for the next season, but fashion is always at least a season ahead. It can never hurt to be on top of the latest trends. This fall’s most prominent trend? Anarchic. Or in other words,  the reinvention of punk.


Emma Watson looked phenomenal in her spread, “Breaking Bad,” featured in this month’s issue of Teen Vogue. Her look on this photoshoot was the epitome of the trend. Her stylists (seemingly effortlessly) coordinated bold punk prints, graphic tees and leather jackets.

Punk-fall-bp-nordstrom-2 Punk-fall-bp-nordstrom-3

When I saw the Saint Laurent collection for Fall 2013, I died and went to heaven. It is my absolute favorite rendition of punk. I made this board to represent my favorite take on ‘Anarchic.’

Anarchic trend board

Here are some more pictures from the Saint Laurent collection:


Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m so excited to wear this trend.

Stay ahead,

Teen Vogue




The 2013 BET Awards

Along with the Grammys and the Oscars, I love to watch the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards. Of course, the award show itself is super-cool, but my favorite part is seeing what everyone is wearing. This year at the BET Awards, there was some pretty fabulous fashion:


Janelle Monaé rocked this all-white embellished Dolce&Gabbana pantsuit. This girl marches to the beat of her own drum, and she did it again with this stylish ensemble. (Janelle’s really working the all-white trend lately—remember her look from the last Friday Dance Party?)


Olympic superstar Gabby Douglas went for drama (and succeeded) with this ornate hi-low gown.


I love this royal blue color. It hasn’t quite caught on yet, but I’m thinking it will. Actress Meagan Good backed up my theory in this stunning blue gown.


Singer Brandy went for the all-white trend in this cool Michael Cinco dress.


OK. OK. I know rapper-turned-fashion-designer Pharrell Williams isn’t wearing anything that most teen girls would covet, but he’s well-versed in fashion. We’ve gotta give props to the guys who know their stuff.

See why I love the red carpet?


Huffington Post
Red Carpet Fashion Awards


How the Fashion Girls Roll

My spring break is almost here and in honor of the fun about to commence, I’d like to share this fab video. It features some of my favorite models—Jourdan DunnCara Delevingne and Rosie Tapner—putting their own fashion girl spin on the “Harlem Shake” at the most recent Topshop show in London.




Style Crush: Diggy


Ladies, I know we love our fashion, but let’s take a moment to give kudos to a guy who dresses his best, too! I love love love Diggy. He’s one of my favorite artists; I have all of his songs! I especially like the song, “Do It Like You.” (Swoon!) For a while, I heard it every time I went to BP. and it always made my day.

Okay, so I love his music already, but then on top of that, he has really cool style! Check it out:

Diggy-fashion-sense Diggy-style-3 Diggy-style-1 Diggy-style-2



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