Pop-In | Warby Parker

By now, you’re all probably familiar with Pop-In@Nordstrom and the one and only Olivia Kim. This month’s Pop-In Shop, Warby Parker, has me particularly excited. It’s possibly because I can’t live without my glasses. No really, I’m kinda a grandma when it comes to my eyesight. LOL!

If you’re a glasses lover yourself, I promise you’ll fall for Warby Parker and their stylish frames. What’s also really cool is that when you buy a pair of glasses, another pair is given to someone in need.

Here are a few of my favorite frames!



Stockton Sea Green Crystal

(FYI: Shopping for optical glasses will take you straight to the Warby Parker site.)

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We Day in Seattle Was Amazing!

On April 9 the 2014 We Day tour came to an end in Ottawa, Canada. Months of screaming, motivated youth; celebrity speakers and performers; and thousands of volunteer hours will finally power down. I’ve written about We Day and Me to We before, but since attending We Day in Seattle, I feel much more connected to, inspired by and even more eager to share the We Day experience.


The Seattle We Day was incredible. Seriously. 15,000 kids who earned their tickets through volunteer hours all gathered to celebrate their achievements and get motivated to create more global change in the future. Some kids were 5 years old, a lot of kids were 18, but no matter what their age they rallied and cheered for the same universal goal: to create a better world.


The day before the event, I got to take a backstage tour of the arena. I even got up on stage and met Marc Kielburger, one of the founders of the organization. It was so cool to see the arena from the speakers’ and celebrities’ view, to stand with Marc on the same place he’d give his impassioned speech the next afternoon. Meeting both Marc and Craig Kielburger was fantastic—they are both so committed to their cause and willing to engage their supporters.


The greatest part of any We Day is hearing the accomplished and inspiring speakers. In Seattle, National Geographic’s “Explorer in Residence” told about the importance of having a broad mind, Martin Luther King III told the crowd to carry on his father’s legacy and Joe Jonas was beautiful as ever while talking about the influence of young people. One of my favorite parts of We Day Seattle (there were so many!) was hearing Edward Norton speak about his organization. He basically just told the crowd how awesome we all were, how we were “cooler than any movie star, sports god and rockstar!” And he was amazingly down to earth and relatable.


Since we were in Seattle, of course the Seahawks showed up. Being underdogs and misfits who worked their way to world champion status, they were perfect guests for We Day. Derrick Coleman, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson and Jermaine Kearse shared advice about how to work for greatness and give back to your community. I think I cried for all of England when Russell hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. Or actually I may have just disintegrated completely.


There’s something about We Day that is more powerful, enlightening and inspiring than any event I’ve attended or book I’ve read. Thousands of people come together and celebrate their mutual desire for a better world. If you have the opportunity to attend We Day next year, I urge you to go! The powerful messages from one afternoon will continue to inspire you for months and years to follow.

Stay golden,

P.S. If you missed your local We Day event, you can still support the cause by shopping boho bracelets, charm necklaces, headwraps and more from Me to We.


Converse Pop-In @Nordstrom


The latest Nordstrom pop-in shop features Converse! Converse high-tops are my favorite shoes. Their classic American feel keeps me longing for baseball games and singing, “Thunder Road.” The new pop-in shop features new screen prints and styles. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Nordstrom store that has a pop-in shop, you can even customize your own pair of sneakers at an in-store event.

Here’s a look at two of my favorite pairs of Chucks from the shop:

 Floral Chuck Taylors

I love these floral high tops! They’re unique and, more importantly, purple, which is far underrepresented amongst shoe colors. They’d look fab with a skater dress or black jeans, perfect to wear to a concert on a spring day.

Pastel Chuck Taylors

These pastel Chuck Taylors are like, the ideal American shoe. They could be worn with a flannel and blue jeans everyday for the entirety of a cross-country road trip. They’d look good dusty or muddy or worn out—they’re your go-to sneaker for everyday activities.

Check out the World of Chuck Taylors pop-in shop now!

Stay golden,


Introducing BP.’s new event: Saturday Socials! Every month, the BP. department is going to have an afternoon of activities, open to anyone who wants to join. This month, my store’s Saturday Social activity was making DIY headbands, crafting an accessory that’s necessary for spring outings.

To make a free headband, you simply chose a style and fabric and got to work. Usually I’m at home by myself crafting intensely on a Saturday, so it was lovely to get out of the house and still put my creativity to work.


My braided band turned out beautifully. It’s a perfect accent for a spring dress.


Keep your eyes open for Saturday Socials at your store’s BP. department! And in case you haven’t recently DIY’d a colorful headband, check out some of the adorable headbands online.

Stay golden,


Recently, Nordstrom has partnered with the organization Me to We to bring fashionable, sustainably made clothing and jewelry into stores. Me to We is part of a family of organizations started by Craig and Marc Kielburger, along with Free the Children and We Day. While all three establishments focus on mobilizing youth and effecting social change, We Day coordinates and empowers young people on an incredible scale.

So, what is We Day? Take a look at the highlights from last year’s event:

We Day, in theory, is a movement. You can’t buy a ticket to We Day, tickets are earned through a yearlong program called We Act. Through this program, students work with their schools and communities to address social issues like clean water, drought, education and poverty. We Act is what makes We Day such a unique event. Students aren’t simply getting fired up after listening to a motivational speaker—they are an informed crowd seriously concerned with social injustices.

Held annually in cities across the UK, Canada and the U.S., We Day’s main goal is to motivate and inspire students who are already working for a better world. Through speakers from the likes of Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Jennifer Hudson and Shaquille O’Neal, We Day tells students to “Be the Change.” Macklemore and Demi Lovato are among the pop culture icons that have performed at We Day, using their celebrity as a positive platform for social progress. According to Me to We’s research, 97% of students that attend We Day feel more empowered to fight for social change.


Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 11.09.19 AM

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to attend We Day in Seattle this spring. What Me to We is doing is proving that motivated and willing students aren’t an anomaly, and that, with the necessary means, the youthful masses can be both empowered and powerful. We Day is more than just a concert. Its message, and more importantly, its growing success, show the direction in which the youth of today are headed: towards a healthier and more united planet.

Learn more about We Day and how you can get involved in social change.

Stay golden,


Hi, BP. friends! It’s Kassi, the Nordstrom social media maven, here to tell you about our adventures on the road with the BP. prom truck. On Friday, the little pink VW bus braved the icy streets of downtown Chicago. We chatted with girls about prom on their way home from school, danced the night away with shoppers on Michigan Avenue and munched on my favorite local snack, Garrett’s popcorn.


My favorite memories from the weekend are taking selfies in the van’s cute photo booth, dancing the night away to our prom playlist to keep warm and posting to Instagram using #NordstromBP to share the journey.


Nordstrom Prom Truck

I fell in love with the Hailey Logan Cutout Glitter Mesh Ballgown, which I texted to my sister. She’s currently shopping for her own senior prom. She’s been browsing for a dress on Pinterest and Wanelo.


#NordstromBP Social Media

P.S. Keep an eye out for the BP. Prom bus in New Jersey (3/7-9), Dallas (3/14-16), Denver (3/21-23), SoCal (3/28-30) and Washington (4/4-6). Let us know if you see the bus via #nordstrombp! Until then, check out the prom shop on or at your local Nordstrom store.


I’m baaaack! I missed you guys—and guess what? I have some cool news to report:

Heard of Levi’s? They make awesome denim and they happen to be a super artistic company. In fact, they’re so artistic that they sponsored Station to Station—a traveling, interactive public art gallery. How does that work? Well, Levi’s loaded up a train with talented artists and treasures and took it across the nation, from NYC to the Bay Area. The proceeds were donated to nine U.S. museums to support non-traditional programming.

When this kaboose stopped in L.A., I called two of my fellow fashion-board members, Vivien (left) and Caroline (right) and we all headed to Union Station, a historic landmark and functioning train station:


When we arrived, we were amazed by the beauty of Union Station:

Union-station-at-night Station-to-station-posters La-sunset-palm-trees-union-station

After we took in the spectacular views, we caught a glimpse of strange tent-y things we later found out were yurts. The coolest part about them was that they are open to the sky:


And of course they were filled with unconventional art. One yurt was all white and had dry ice in it, another was completely dark, a movie was playing in one, and another was plush and squishy. One even featured artists making handmade goods.

Station-to-station-squishy-yurt Makers-yurt-lights

It was so fun. We even got to hear some music—Beck was the headliner. He performed music that he composed just for this event, and you can watch the whole show here. Thanks, Nordstrom!