Royal Tea

If you have been on the Internet in the past, like, two months, you’ll probably have seen something about HRH Prince George‘s first birthday. That amazing picture of him in overalls is actually everywhere you click. Of course, this glorious birthday occasion calls for an equally fancy royal tea party! Whether or not you’re as intrigued by the royal family as I am (Kate is one of my style icons), you can still flaunt your favorite summer dresses and vintage hats and have yourself a get-together this summer.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits and shots from my recent Royal Tea (get it?!) celebration:

Leah channeled her alter-ego, a distant cousin to the royal family, and wore my favorite celebratory look. I love her sleek jumpsuit and floral headband.



Half the fun of the afternoon was setting up the dining table! It was delightfully festooned with wildflowers and nameplates for the gathering.


My friends and I threw on our favorite party dresses and hats, drank Earl Grey and ate cucumber sandwiches all afternoon.


So we’ll never really be royals, but I’ll always enjoy an afternoon of tea and crumpets with my best pals. 🙂

Stay golden,


Camp Blues

For any of you who, like me, have experienced the wonderful, magical world of summer camp, you are probably reminiscing about camp memories (and making new ones!) now that it’s summer vacation.

What’s strange is that this year I won’t be returning to camp, as my graduated-senior self is moving on to bigger ventures. It’s quite strange—I won’t be seeing old friends or counselors or making friendship bracelets or sneaking out of my room in the middle of the night. I have so many incredible memories from camp, I thought I should make my overwhelming nostalgia into something tangible, an homage to some of the greatest weeks of my teen life.


My family-friends live on this Parent Trap camp-esque lake: a place for canoes and campfires, crushes and disappointments.


Sitting on the dock, in my vintage denim jacket, daisy choker and Converse, I thought of myself  on the last night of camp, reflecting on my week, taking in the scene, ready to move on.


For those of us who’ve fallen in love with camp, we know it’s more than just a week or two away. It’s a week or two that changes you, matures and immatures you, reminds you how to be yourself and put that true, honest self into the open. Camp is a safe haven of teenage beauty/angst and…secret twins.


It’s easier to paddle away from high school. I’m ready to say goodbye to linoleum cafeterias and pep rallies. But camp, it’s harder to say goodbye to camp. I will forever love and laugh about my experiences there and always thank my friends and counselors who put up with me and my excessive Wet Hot American Summer references.

If you have any camp stories/poems/songs I would love to hear about them. I’m in that sad, happy, nostalgic zone. 🙂

Stay golden,


My Anniversary Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here! My mother is twitching because she is aware of the Anniversary Sale’s effect on Lily’s sanity. There are dozens of wonderful things on sale that will breathe life into your fall closet: back-to-school (I know, it’s too early to mention it) pieces, scarves for chilly days, muted tones for fall makeup and tons more.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Anniversary Sale pieces. I’ve decided that, this fall, I am going to live and dress boldly, so all of my picks support that theme!

1. Faux Fur Coat


Please tell me this isn’t the most fabulous coat you have ever seen. I am obsessed! If you’re looking for a statement piece to turn heads as you strut the city streets this fall, this leopard print coat is literally calling your name. Wear it, be brave!

2. Wingtip Oxford

I adore these classic oxfords. They’re more feminine than some of the clunkier oxfords from last season, but they still communicate power and boldness. (Because what’s more powerful than femininity?) They’ll be perfect for fall nights out and city adventures.

3. Pleated Skirt


I love the structured pleats and faded colors of this wonderful skirt. Because it gives a vintage schoolgirl sort of vibe, it’s excellent for those of us headed to high schools or universities. And nothing is better than being able to channel Cher and Dionne on a daily basis.

Start browsing the Anniversary Sale to see more adorable looks for fall, then tell me about your favorites. 🙂

Stay golden,


After a month of sightseeing and eating and journaling on trains, my time abroad has come to an end. Tomorrow I’ll board a 747 and fly back to the ol’ U.S. of A. To wrap up the final days, my friend and I devoted ourselves to the beaches of the Riviera—soaking up the last salty sundrops of the Mediterranean. The beaches here are pure color, striped umbrellas and bold bikinis, like a mosaic of pastels and frills.


I lay on the sand and wrote postcards and read Tender Is the Night and listened to “The Lucky One” by TSwift: it was all tres chic and bonne.


My Mediterranean OOTD consisted of a crop-top lavender jersey and yellow-and-white striped shorts. I was inspired, of course, by the classic playfulness of the Riviera and old Hollywood color. Please also note that blue sky.


Essential for the hot sand: black sunglasses and white sandals. The Riviera can be intimidating, with its miles of high-fashion stores, but once you embrace your happy, sunny style nothing can stop you from frolicking.

It’s been real, Europe, see you soon? Please comment about where your summer adventures have taken you!

Stay golden,


OOTD: Sunny-Day Sundress

Sometimes the sun makes me so happy I can’t contain it. I am deprived of that strange yellow ball for most of the year, so when it shines in the Pacific Northwest, I often choose to shine back!


My sun OOTD consists of the happiest yellow polka-dot dress, white socks and white oxfords. I rarely wear accessories or carry a purse with this dress (pockets are wonderful) because it’s so bold on its own.


I love sunny days on the boardwalk, flouncing happily in my detailed, vintage-y dress. Bright colors and vibrant outfits like these keep me smiling all day long. 🙂

Stay sunny and happy in bold dresses this summer!

Stay Golden,


DIY: Embellished Sunnies

From Prada to Dolce & Gabbana to Roberto Cavalli, I have been seeing embellished sunglasses all over the runways. The great thing? Decorated sunglasses are SUPER easy to make yourself, and they’re trendy, adorable and make a bold statement. All you need is hot glue!


To embellish a pair of sunglasses, you’ll need sunglasses (surprise!) and basically every other material is up to you. I suggest picking up some plastic flowers or letter beads, but you can go as sophisticated as you want.



I chose to go in the more cutesy, less sophisticated direction, adding letters and ice cream beads to my sunnies. I suggest taping the embellishments on before gluing—that will help you avoid mistakes.



How darling are these?! “Penny Lane” is not only one of the greatest songs, but also the name of my style icon from “Almost Famous.”

Embellished sunnies are a perfect accessory for the summe—they’re crazy darling and very on-trend. Enjoy an afternoon of DIY. 🙂

Stay golden,


Milan Street Style

Ciao from Milano! Let me tell you something: Milan does not like to be outdone. The food, shopping, ancient castles, etc. are all perfect and magical. I truly did not expect the home of Italian fashion to perform as well as it has in my presence.

Since everyone here is impeccably well-dressed (hilariously well-dressed, even, as I walk down the street with my camera around my wrist and my face hidden in a map), I thought I would share some Milano street style, showcasing some fine fashion from Italian men and women. Enjoy!


I love this guy’s outfit. It’s like he stepped out of “Almost Famous.” His embellished jacket, round sunglasses and pink shirt make him stand out even on the busiest city sidewalk.



I met this woman while shopping downtown. If you couldn’t tell from her height and cheekbones, modeling is her actual profession. Her total black outfit is chic and intense and looks beautiful with her white-blonde hair.



An already adorable khaki outfit made better by an Olympic-like head wreath?! Love love.



This boy is not, in fact, a Nordstrom model. Nor an actor or professional smolder-er. He is just a very well-dressed and groomed Milanese boy, with the black skinnies, white V-Neck and general facial beauty to prove it. Thank goodness he spoke no English or I would have been much more embarrassing.

Hopefully you were inspired by these fab Italian looks! I’ll update you soon of any more Christiano Ronaldo-types I see over here. 🙂

Stay golden,


There is a particular art that must be perfected for each and every vacation: the sightseeing OOTD. The outfit you wear on THE day, the day of picture-taking and miles of walking and general madness.

Today, my final day of my glorious time in London, was my sightseeing day and required a comfortable, cool, stylish outfit that would stay fabulous through future years of reflecting on my pictures.

Here are my tips for a perfect sightseeing OOTD:


For my light, London-reflective OOTD, I wore my pastel Converse, gingham shorts and pink satin jacket (which is the perfect weight to keep me warm, but never too warm). My mom and I trekked all over the city to Parliament and the London Eye, through museums and along the Thames and I stayed comfy and stylish all day.


It’s important to have a statement piece when sightseeing, something that shines through in your pictures. (Usually I don’t care about this sort of thing, but London is just so stylish that you have to step things up, you know?) My pink satin jacket looks wonderful in all of my panorama pictures from the London Eye. 😉

Oh, another tip: This is, like, the 28 millionth time I’ve worn my blue gingham shorts this trip. It’s important to re-wear clothes to save room for useless trinkets (royal wedding commemorative mugs, etc.) in your suitcase!

Happy sightseeing!

Stay golden,


One summer trend I have been seeing everywhere is mixing and wearing of florals! Flower-patterned shirts, skirts, accessories—flowers are everywhere and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a chance to embrace your inner Alice-in-Wonderland or pay homage to the amazing ’90s daisies trend.


The great thing about modern florals is that people are A-OK with mixing prints. For this outfit, I grabbed a white tank with large purple flowers to pair with loose, daisy-patterned shorts. It doesn’t matter which flowers you like, wear your lilacs and lilies on top of your roses.


Leah’s understated black floral shirt looks awesome paired with simple white shorts. Add a pair of sandals and you’ll be a blossoming it-girl. (Get it?!)


I grabbed this midi-ring when I was shopping with Clare and Alyssa. I love its delicate leaf pattern. Simple gold rings like these look fab with daisy chokers or rosette earrings.

Embrace this summer’s floral trend! You can try out dozens of types of petals. 🙂

Stay golden,


European Photo Diary: Part 1

Hello, BP. friends! This is Lily coming at you from across the pond! I am currently four days into my month-long expedition in Europe—this week my mom and I are in London. It is quite literally brilliant and everyone is impeccably dressed and beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of short overalls, chunky shoes and black jumpsuits, and mostly I have been looking at everything/everyone around me and softly weeping in awe. London is so crazy old, and being a history/National Treasureobsessed person I am just going mad watching women in Carven and Prada walk through castles built in 1066. Bizarre, right?


Just to prove to the world I am, in fact, here, I had to take a classic phonebooth shot in my daisy shorts and white tank.


My mum and I travelled over to Spitalfield’s Market, where I browsed through some amazing vintage and local designer clothing. Most everything was quintessential British style, bold and clean cut.



I had my mum take this photo of me in the garden at St. James park. The flowers were so gorgeous. I had just picked up this new outfit from Topshop in Oxford Circus, a plaid blue shirt with blue gingham shorts, a perfect London-inspired OOTD!


Just a short walk from our hotel in Chelsea is this bridge that gives a perfect view of Parliament and the London Eye along the Thames. I really can’t believe I’m in this wonderful, golden, historic city.

Over the next month, I’ll be updating you with details from my trip! Stay tuned for Milan and Venice street style, bathing in the Mediterranean and just general sightseeing photos and vacation OOTDs. 🙂

Anyone else going on a vacation adventure this summer? Tell me about it!

Stay golden,

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