Happy World Cup!! For soccer fans like me, this next month consists of waking up at 9am and watching three games a day. I played competitive soccer for, like, 15 years, so I get pretty obsessed about all this. For those of you who aren’t soccer fans, get excited! The World Cup is an amazing event that rolls around every four years—the soccer Olympics—and it’s a way for you to connect on a real heart-to-heart level with everyone around the world. Super cool, so much fun.

In honor of the World Cup, Joel and I decided to break out some athletic-inspired outfits, some of which subtly show our allegiance and excitement for Team USA. All we’re missing is our USA scarves and facepaint!


Joel’s black-and-white outfit (long sleeve athletic tee and white shorts) is simple, clean and takes its inspiration from soccer warm-up ensembles.



My striped track pants, black tee and red converse make a perfect athletic OOTD. The touch of red is an understated way to rep the US!



Joel’s red, white and blue striped shirt goes full-on USA-fan-mode, which is awesome. Who doesn’t love supporting their team on the world stage? The white cap and shorts are great for making the outfit a tad less patriotic for daily wear.

So go root for your team in the World Cup! Take all your energy and enthusiasum for the game and use it to inspire a sporty look. 🙂

Stay golden,


So Long, High School

After 13 years of school, I’m completely, totally finished. Done! With high school! No more corsages and dances, AP US History notes, tired drives home from musical rehearsals. I’m finished. It’s a bizarre feeling, waiting around in this limbo between high school and college. It’s not like I loved or will miss high school—but there were moments of sparkling happiness and teenage hilarity that I will reminisce about later. Like everyone else who’s graduating with me, I’ve reached the peak after this slow climb, and am now just at the top looking around tiredly, wondering what to do next.

I took a disposable camera to school on my last day and thought I would share some of the pictures I took since I finally got them all developed. Enjoy this documentation of bewilderment, confusion and reflection. Sorry the pictures are a bit dark!


Adora and Ania hug in our last period of AP Statistics.



During the last assembly, we ceremoniously and classically threw our now useless homework into the air.



Some seniors decided to leave a literal mark on the school- chalking up the front entrance and parking lot.



On our last drive away from high school, Christina sits back and reflects.

To all my fellow graduates: congratulations. You’ve survived everything John Hughes ever warned you about.

Stay golden,


The life of Lily hasn’t always been so…fashion forward. Yes, I have always had style and a certain finesse for clothing, but it hasn’t always been exactly on trend. This week I thought I would share some of my favorite fashion moments of years past, a #FashionTBT, if you will. Please take note of younger Lily’s amazing pieces.

1. The Oversized Sweatshirt


Ah, yes, one of the most incredible pictures ever taken of me and my best pals on the first day of school. There I am on the right, in my signature oversized sweatshirt. To be fair, at 7, you weren’t cool at school if you didn’t have at least one GAP hoodie. I am also obsessed with Rachel’s full-on yellow tights-and-tee matched set, as well as Isabella’s and Christina’s all-denim looks.

2. The Flower Child


Apparently both Rachel and I were fans of the matching yellow! I remember absolutely adoring this dress. And you can practically feel the editorial coolness I’m vibing with that tulip in my hand. Maybe this is where my fashion love all began, a tiny voice in my head saying, “You belong here,” while I held that flower with every model-superstar bone in my body. Or maybe not.

3. The Tie Dye


Being raised in a hippie town by a hippie family ensured my constant wearing of head-to-toe tie-dye outfits. I mean, how awesome is that outfit?! I am obsessed. I may bring this back. I also love how perfectly this image sums up my and Rachel’s friendship: her in pearls and Mary Janes, me in dirty sneakers eating a cookie. Classic.

4. The Full-On Teletubby


The greatest fashion moment in Lily and Rachel history: the Teletubby costumes. You may think that these Tink-Winky and Dipsy suits are only appropriate during Halloween, but you would be wrong. They were worn at all times. Tell me that isn’t adorable.

In conclusion: It seems that Lily has always found a way to express her unique style, despite being slightly off-trend in 2000. Please share your own fashion throwbacks on Instagram and tag them #NordstromBP. (If you do, you just might find yourself on the in-store video wall or elsewhere in the BP. universe!) I would LOVE to see into your fashion past. 🙂

Stay golden,


Playing Princess

I’ve always loved Princess Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) because of her whimsy, woodland magic and blonde hair.  So naturally I was ecstatic when I heard my style-and-smile icon Elle Fanning would be portraying Aurora in Maleficent this summer! In fact, I was so inspired by the princess’ regal dresses and intricate hairdos that I figured I should channel my inner Aurora and try to incorporate some princess charm into my life.


I struck my best princess pose while meandering through the reeds in the forest. My salmon-colored satin dress played as my royal gown, my flower wreath and homecoming tiara were my crown.


My glitter eyeliner wasn’t, in fact, glitter eyeliner, but instead the fairy dust that blew across my face whilst I was out adventuring.


Elle Fanning wore this glorious braid that intertwined flowers with the strands of hair. My friend (I mean, royal hairdresser) Isabella recreated the look with my hair, stringing wild buttercups in my locks. I must say, walking delicately over creeks and toadstools with flowers in my hair, I felt like a modern, more hippie, Aurora.

I may just make barefoot walks in the forest wearing gowns and flowers a weekly Thursday event. Or I can at least incorporate Aurora’s enchanting style and carefree sparkle into my daily looks.

Without wandering into any strangers’ houses or pricking spindles, try to make some princess time for yourself this week. 🙂

Stay golden,


From here to the end of August, I’ll be trading in my Doc Martens and high-tops for sandals. Since I’ll be going on a big trip this summer (more on that later!), I was looking for sandals that are light and versatile, easy to wear every day with a different outfit.

Here are my top picks:

1. ‘Collective’ Sandal, $54.95
This minimalist sandal from Very Volatile is simple and comfortable. It’s like a modern take on the Roman sandal, and looks awesome with toga-esque summer dresses.

‘Collective’ Sandal by Very Volatile


2. ‘Kroatia’ Sandal, $33.46 (on sale!)
I’ve always been a fan of the classic, strapped sandal—it’s reliable and works with everything. From early morning bike rides to evenings on the beach, you can wear these all day long.

‘Kroatia’ Sandal by Steve Madden


3.  ‘Ybireri’ Sandal, $69.95
I love this black sandal, understated but definitely still trendy. The buckle at the top makes it more of a statement shoe, pairing nicely with a loose tank and skater skirt.



‘Ybireri’ Sandal by Shellys London

4. ‘Clementine’ Sandal, $68.95
This is my absolute favorite sandal for this summer. I’m all about white these days, but this shoe comes in a ton of colors! It’s very ’50s, with the delicate weaving and pointed toe, wonderful for picnics and sightseeing.




‘Clementine’ Sandal by G.H. Bass

And since each pair is less than $75, it’s that much easier to step stylishly into your summer adventures. 🙂

Stay golden,


Summer Reading List

About this time each year, I start crafting my summer reading list, full of the stories and adventures I’ll explore over the summer. I thought I’d share a few of my genre-eccentric summer picks here, for all of you BP. bookworms!

1. Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald


I started this book late last summer but didn’t finish it, so I’m going to try again this year. It’s been described as one of the greatest love stories ever written, an American classic from Fitz. It takes place in the late 1920s on the French Riviera—basically a formula for everything I love. I can’t wait to read it when I take my own trip to Europe this summer!

For fans of: The Great Gatsby

2. Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia


I’ve heard this new mystery novel is just wonderful. It’s about a group of quirky characters who try to connect a murder and a disappearance that happen 15 years apart at the same hotel. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but I absolutely adore the bold simplicity and smartness of Bellweather Rhapsody‘s cover art.

For fans of: Agatha Christie

3. All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy


All the Pretty Horses is the first book in Cormac McCarthy’s Border trilogy. It follows the story of a 16- year-old boy who leaves his family in Texas and travels to Mexico with two young companions. I’ve read some of McCarthy’s other novels, all of which are so beautifully written that I have trouble reading them in the summer because I get such overpowering feelings of wistfulness and detached nostalgia. But I read them anyway, and I can’t wait to dive into this trilogy.

For fans of: The Catcher in the Rye

4. Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman


I saw this at the bookstore and LITERALLY fell over. I cannot even express how much I love Nick Offerman’s character Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Offerman’s collection of essays promises to teach me many things about nonconformity, solitude and steak. A perfect, fun summer read while you’re lying poolside. 🙂

For fans of: Bossypants


For all of you who, like me, love reading outside on vacations and warm summer days, don’t forget sunglasses! Grab some cute ones and stop squinting because of the glare! (You know who you are, sunglass neglectors.)

Enjoy your summer books, BP. friends! I love sharing summer reading recommendations, so be sure to leave a comment if you need a title—or have one to recommend. 🙂

Stay gold,


To me, a Springsteen-adoring consumer of Americana, there is nothing more beautiful, daunting or opportunistic than the American Road. It’s constantly alluded to as a symbol of freedom and passion, and the Interstate Highway sign has basically come to embody a pinnacle of American culture. As it is now summer, I again feel the pull of a spontaneous, cross-country road trip to experience my own cultural rite of passage like both Britney and Dean have done before me.

So here’s why I’m so excited: Nordstrom’s new Pop-In Shop, “Let’s Go!” is all about the Open Road!


Let’s Go! has some amazing things to get you ready for a summer road trip, from camping supplies to journals to PJs.


One of my favorite movies is It Happened One Night, where Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable take this hilarious and wonderful road trip through New York. These classic PJs remind me so much of Claudette that I can’t wait to throw them on before spending the night in some cheap Flamingo motel outside the Grand Canyon.


Some things are just notable road trip essentials: playing cardsjournals and if camping, a comfy hammock. I am in love with these Field Notes journals—I mean, my road trip ramblings may not be as interesting as Hunter S. Thompson‘s, but they’ll be necessary to chronicle all of the embarrassing things I manage to do on the road.


If your road trip leads you to a beach, this beautiful towel designed by photographer Ryan McGinley will enhance that feeling of freedom you get when your toes touch the sand! You’ll practically BE bird-woman when you reach the shores.


This is a photo from one of my past road trips, on the top of a peak after an afternoon hike. Road trips are always to the peak of summer, the pinnacle moments of happiness and independence. So, put on “City of New Orleans” and pack On The Road for inspiration and let’s go. 🙂

Stay golden,


My fellow BP. bloggers and I sadly don’t get to see each other very often, so we took advantage of the long holiday weekend to meet for a day of dessert and window shopping in Portland! Plenty of laughter, storytelling and eating ensued.


Clare showed Alyssa and me her favorite French cafe, where we ate a Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired dessert. As a proclaimed Wes Anderson-adorer, I was obsessed. We also decided that one post-lunch dessert wasn’t enough, and indulged in some amazing gelato after shopping. 🙂


We found this darling Mini Cooper parked outside a vintage store. How wonderful is that?! Can’t you just see the bloggers in France, zipping along in their Mini, getting lost in Provence… I think our next blogger meet-up should be on the Riviera. (What do you think, gals?) Alyssa, in her adorable Free People frock, had to stop for a pic.


We tried to take some cute pictures, but while looking through them I realized that we are just heavily focused on our gelato in every shot…. Such a fun, sugary day in Portland with Clare and Alyssa!

What did you do on Memorial Day?

Stay golden,


My graduation is only three weeks away! It seems like it is (1.) coming crazy fast, and (2.) couldn’t come sooner. High-school graduation is one of the biggest events of my and my friends’ short lives so far, and therefore must be commemorated with a  wonderful, magical outfit.

Semi-formal graduation dresses to be worn both under the gown at the ceremony and during the after-party festivities are the norm at my school. For graduation dresses, I recommend something short and loose. This way you can stay cool in the hot auditorium or gym, and can dance and sing comfortably while being whisked away to your nighttime festivities.


My graduation dress is a sheer, black, beaded piece from Free People. At my school, we celebrate with a night of youthful activities after the graduation ceremony—an event that would be killer (in a bad way) in heels. This dress, and other loose ones like it, still look great with walking and dancing-friendly pair of shoes, like Converse or Doc Martens.



This dress is formal enough to say, “I am a post-high school mature adult!” But it is definitely still playful. I love how simple and detailed it is at the same time. You also don’t need to dress pieces like this up. With more elaborate dresses, it’s fine to just leave the earrings and necklaces at home and throw on a simple bracelet.

Happy graduation to all of you BP. seniors!! Make sure to wear a dress that is as enchanting, lovely and mysterious as your future endeavors.

Stay golden,


Mindy Kaling for Vogue

Vogue has started creating some original shorts and my favorite video so far stars one of my style-and-general-life-icons, Mindy Kaling. In this video, Mindy stops by the Vogue closet and reluctantly accepts the outfit she is given.

Check it out:

I can never get those hangers back on the rack either, Mindy. It is an endless struggle. Take a look at some other behind-the-scenes videos on Vogue‘s YouTube channel!

Stay golden,