Prom Part II: Mega-Glam

At my first prom, I went for classic elegance. But this prom had a Great Gatsby theme, so I wanted to go all-out glam. After all, it’s my senior year, so why not?!


I’m not normally a very sparkly person. Most of the time, I prefer to keep things simple. I’m  also extremely particular when it comes to beading and sequins. I think it’s too easy for embellishment to come across as gaudy or tacky. However, I fell in love with this beaded silk gown from Sean Collection. The gown manages to be eye-catching without being completely over the top, and it made me feel gorgeous. I completed the look with voluminous curls and a Givenchy crystal necklace. Zbyszek looked pretty handsome, too, I suppose, but I think I stole the show. Haha.


Aiyanna looked beautiful in this raspberry gown that she designed and constructed herself. She probably would’ve still managed to look amazing in a trash bag, though.


Here’s a cute snapshot of the whole group. All the girls looked absolutely gorgeous and the guys looked dashingly dapper. I was an especially big fan of Marisa’s Adrianna Papell gown (far right); it was the perfect modern take on the dance’s Gatsby-glam theme.

I hope you girls all had an amazing of time at your proms. I know I did!



Prom 2014: Classic Glam

Last Saturday, I went to the first of the two proms I’m attending this year (my boyfriend, Zbyszek, and I go to different schools). It was Z’s prom, so I was really worried that I would have a  less than great time because I didn’t know that many people. Luckily, my prediction was wrong, and I had an amazing evening. 🙂 Since prom is one of the only high-school events that we get to go super glam for (at least in my town), I thought you girls might enjoy seeing a few of our pre-prom pictures!


Because it was Z’s prom, I let him pick out our color scheme. He’s a pretty stylish guy, so I trusted that he wouldn’t choose anything too horrendous. Inspired by Yeezus (Kanye West), he went with all black everything and an open neck. (I almost had a heart attack when he said he wasn’t going to wear a bow tie, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good no bow tie looked.)

I spent weeks looking for the perfect black dress, but I just didn’t see anything I loved, so I asked my mom to make my gown. A lot of 3 AM nights went into this dress, but it was completely worth it. It ended up being exactly what I wanted: classic and elegant. Since my dress was fairly simple, I decided to wear an extravagant crystal necklace to add a little glamour. I think he was pretty happy with how I looked because he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. 😉


Here’s another angle of my dress. In this picture, I’m actually just pretending to put on his boutonniere. I made my mom put it on afterwards because I’m horrible at getting them to lay straight. Haha.


By the time we were done taking our first set of  pictures, I was making my “Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone mixed with a fish” face. Haha. While the getting ready and picture taking was super stressful, once we arrived at the group dinner, I was able to relax and the rest of the night was completely fabulous.

In a couple weeks, I’ll have my second round of prom. My other dress is totally different, so another prom post will be coming your way soon!





I’m a lister—checklists, calendars, anything that has bullet points. In other words, I’m kind of an organizational freak. So naturally I put together a schedule of things that need to get done before my prom. (I’m actually going to TWO proms, so it’s imperative that I be on top of things.)

I apologize to all you girls who had your proms in April. If it’s any consolation, this calendar is useful for getting ready for any special event that requires you to  look good for oodles of pictures.


ASAP: As soon as you’ve decided to go to prom or attend a special event, stop eating quite as much junk food. This does not mean go on a starvation diet. It just means that your meals shouldn’t consist of Pop-Tarts and Cheetos, and you should drink a little extra water. This will ensure that your skin is clear and that you don’t look bloated in your fab dress.

1 MONTH-3 WEEKS BEFORE: Find a date and a dress. I honestly think that these two checklist items are of equal importance (okay, maybe scoring a crazy gorgeous dress is of slightly higher priority). If your dress is going to require significant alterations, you may want to allow a week or two more.

AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE: If you want to use self-tanner and actually see a noticeable difference, I would start a couple weeks before the dance or event. You don’t want to look orange, so if anything use self-tanner to just even out your skin tone (i.e., get rid of those pesky tan lines from spring break).

2 WEEKS- 10 DAYS BEFORE: Make sure all your extras (jewelry, shoes, etc.) are in your possession. That means if you ordered these items online, they better be on your doorstep by then. This gives you adequate time to go shopping if the jewelry or shoes are not what you were expecting or if you simply change your mind.

10 DAYS BEFORE: Start using your Clarisonic religiously. I get really lazy about skincare, but you definitely want your face to be as radiant and flawless as possible for pictures.

A WEEK OR SO BEFORE: Go to a flower shop with your date, and order your corsage and his boutonniere.

A WEEK BEFORE: Get started on white strips or whatever whitening system you prefer. Red lips (or any shade of lipstick for that matter) definitely do not go with a dull smile.

4 DAYS BEFORE: Do a makeup test-run. Even if you’re having your makeup professionally done, you do not want to end up with something you completely hate. A few days gives you time to adjust if needed.

PRO TIP: Remember to pick a foundation WITHOUT SPF in it. This is surprisingly hard to find due to some sort of skincare legislation, but it’s worth it because SPF gives you that kind of pale, ghostly effect when a camera flash is used.

2 DAYS BEFORE: Get your nails done. I would definitely suggest getting shellac (if you have the extra cash to spend) or anything that’s hardier than normal nail polish (gel, acrylic, etc). Otherwise, you run the risk of your nails chipping before the big day.

ON THE DAY: Do your hair and makeup, and slip into that lovely dress. Make sure your camera is all charged up, then go have fun with your friends. 🙂

After the crazy prom scramble, I can’t wait to just relax and enjoy my last few days of high school!




Inside the BP. Prom Truck

Most high schools are heading into their fourth and final quarter of the year, which can only mean one sparkly, bejeweled, glamorous and awkward thing: prom. That’s right, mom-who-loves-to-scrapbook, your time to bombard your teen with photos has nearly arrived. I would say the best part about prom is choosing the look—specifically, the dress! Shopping for a prom dress is a pinnacle process in a high school girl’s life, and should therefore be as fun as possible.

This year BP. has done their best to turn prom dress shopping into the most adorable and fun activity around. If you haven’t heard, BP. has sent a “Prom Truck” from coast to coast, showing off the latest prom dresses and accessories. The “truck” is really a remodeled VW Van, furnished and painted pink and blue! Take a look:


I mean, how amazing is that? The van made its final tour stop this past weekend in Seattle, and I was able to check out the secret world concealed within its retro doors.



My friends and I looked through the dresses on display, all of which were beautiful, vibrant and unique. Our favorite was this detailed ball gown:


The van also carried prom accessories, everything from rhinestone pumps to statement necklaces and clutches. I couldn’t believe how many charming secrets were concealed within the prom truck!


I absolutely love that blue bow clutch.


There was room for my friends and I to sit inside and admire the enchanting interior of the van. One Direction was playing through the speakers when this photo was taken, so it was truly a beautiful moment. If you had the chance to see the prom truck, #nordstrombp and #countdowntoprom on any photos you upload to Instagram!

Check out The Prom Shop to see all of BP.’s prom styles. 🙂

Stay golden,


In terms of shoes for formal occassions, I tend to go very simple, allowing my dress to take the spotlight. If you’re like me and love to rock fabulously patterned, brightly colored, or glitzy dresses to events such as prom, then these heels are for you!


Topshop ‘Sunny’ Platform


‘Cayna’ Suede Ankle Strap Pump


Jessica Simpson ‘Calkins’ Pump


Topshop ‘Giddy’ Pump

Besides the fact that all of these heels are both unique and wearable, they’re also under $100. So feel free to grab a pair without worrying about blowing your budget!




As prom and other spring events swiftly approach, I felt the need to go in for a little makeup revamp to make sure my face is ready for all those flashing cameras. With the help of Sean Grant, a good friend and a beauty stylist for Nordstrom, we came up with a fun, fresh look. (Of course, we had to take a selfie!)


We began our makeup journey by placing Trish McEvoy ‘Instant Eye Lift’ Concealer in the “triangles of light” and blending. This was definitely one of my favorite products that we used because it completely rid me of my dark under eye circles and brought a lightness to my face.


 Then he applied NARS ‘Larger Than Life’ Long Wear Eyeliner in Barrow Street, a vibrant mint color, to my inner rims, and swept it out into a small wing.


 I came in with some black eyeliner on, but Sean wanted something a little more intense, so he mixed a deep navy shadow with Trish McEvoy ‘Finish Line’ Waterproof Eye Color Seal to create a bold liner for my upper lash line.


 Of course, we had to make sure the brows were looking extra fierce.


On my cheeks, he used NARS ‘Matte Multiple’ Lip & Cheek Color in Anguilla with a wet blush brush to give a kind of watercolor effect. Then he followed with NARS Contour Blush to highlight and contour certain areas (see the face chart at the end of the post for placement).


 One of my favorite tricks I learned was to place a little contour powder beneath the bottom lip and a dab of highlight powder at the bow of the lips to give the illusion of a fuller pout. To finish up the lip look, we layered Chanel #49 Lip DefinerChanel Rouge Allure #90 lipstick, and NARS Bimini Gloss.


When we were finished with our session, Sean gave me this handy face chart and a list of all the products he used, so I could recreate the look when I got home.

Whether you’re headed to prom and need a few makeup tips or you’re just looking to freshen up your daily face routine, setting up an appointment with a beauty stylist is a fun, zero pressure way to experiment with a new look and try out some of Nordstrom’s best beauty products! A big thanks to Sean for helping me with this post. 🙂



Hi, BP. friends! It’s Kassi, the Nordstrom social media maven, here to tell you about our adventures on the road with the BP. prom truck. On Friday, the little pink VW bus braved the icy streets of downtown Chicago. We chatted with girls about prom on their way home from school, danced the night away with shoppers on Michigan Avenue and munched on my favorite local snack, Garrett’s popcorn.


My favorite memories from the weekend are taking selfies in the van’s cute photo booth, dancing the night away to our prom playlist to keep warm and posting to Instagram using #NordstromBP to share the journey.


Nordstrom Prom Truck

I fell in love with the Hailey Logan Cutout Glitter Mesh Ballgown, which I texted to my sister. She’s currently shopping for her own senior prom. She’s been browsing for a dress on Pinterest and Wanelo.


#NordstromBP Social Media

P.S. Keep an eye out for the BP. Prom bus in New Jersey (3/7-9), Dallas (3/14-16), Denver (3/21-23), SoCal (3/28-30) and Washington (4/4-6). Let us know if you see the bus via #nordstrombp! Until then, check out the prom shop on or at your local Nordstrom store.


For some of you lovely gals, prom may be just around the corner! My prom isn’t for a few more months, but I’ve already started gathering inspiration for my dress, hair, shoes and nails. Normally I cut images out of magazines and glue them on a huge sheet of paper so I can see all my potential prom looks at once. Today I thought I’d share a few nail designs I’ve been loving from Fashion Week. You can try them yourself or take the photos into your nail salon for the professionals to tackle. 🙂


Whether you’re going for a boho look or an edgy look, there are nail designs out there for everyone!





While my prom isn’t until June, it’s never too early to start looking for a dress (or a date). For those of you who are not willing to spend several hundred dollars on a prom dress (I don’t blame you), but still want to look trend forward, I put together a splurge or snag guide of a few of this season’s cutest styles. Check it out:




SPLURGE: Sherri Hill Embellished Silk Fit & Flare Dress | SNAG: Trixxi Sequin & Tulle Dress




SPLURGE: La Femme Beaded Chiffon Gown | SNAG: Hailey Logan Glitter Ballgown




SPLURGE: Aidan Mattox Embellished Sleeveless Dress | SNAG: Adrianna Papell Beaded Tank Dress




SPLURGE: Xscape Beaded Halter Gown | SNAG: Way-In Beaded Strapless Gown




SPLURGE: Aidan Mattox Sequin Gown | SNAG: Dress the Population Sequin Body-Con Dress



SPLURGE: Dress the Population Chiffon Dress | SNAG: Way-In Skater Dress




SPLURGE: ML Monique Lhuillier Ballgown | SNAG: Adrianna Papell Ballgown

Whether your dress is $80 or $500, remember that prom isn’t just about wearing the dress, it’s about making memories in the dress. 🙂


P.S. Find more amazing dresses in the Prom Shop!



My school recently had its prom, but since I am only a sophomore, I typically wouldn’t have been allowed to go. However, I volunteered to be a helper, affectionately termed Sophomore Slave, at prom in order to take some pictures for this blog. As a Sophomore Slave, I had to wear a short, black dress and set up and clean up. While that might not sound like that much fun, the three other sophomores and I had a great time.


The girl in the pink dress, Madison, was our prom chair, and she made her dress!

Our prom had a British Invasion theme: there were teapot center pieces, Union Jack name cards and even a tea bar. There was also a photo booth with tons of props, and cutouts of Prince William, Princess Kate and a royal guard with whom you could pose for pictures. (I spent a lot of time taking pictures there with my friends.)

Chaperones-royal-gaurd-prom-2013 copy

Even our chaperones took some pictures with the cutouts.

The best part of the night, though, was checking out what everyone was wearing. I noticed a couple of trends: Blue was the color of the night, and the girls definitely loved their sparkle.


 Some lovely seniors pose for their picture.


I love this picture of my field hockey team. We clean up well, if I do say so myself.


Our two prom queens, Lanie and Imani, rocking their short dresses and tiaras.

There was a pretty even mix of short and long dresses, but I especially loved these two long ones:


Juniors Eugénie, Charley, and Li looked absolutely gorgeous.


Seniors Lizzie, Shae and Lanie show off the fun backs of their dresses.

Seeing all the amazing dresses, dancing with my friends and enjoying the fun atmosphere has me really excited for my own prom next year. (I’ve heard it might be Gatsby themed!)


If you still need a dress for this year, be sure to check out The Prom Shop for everything from accessories to head-to-toe looks.