Spring Break

My Spring Break Checklist

By the time you read this, I’ll be soaking up the sun in good ol’ California on my spring break! For the past week or so, I’ve been prepping for my trip.

2 weeks before: Pick out outfits


It’s always good to pick out your vacation outfits a few weeks in advance. That way, if you’re missing any staple pieces, you have enough time to go and pick them up before you leave for your trip. I noticed that my wardrobe was missing a staple white tee, so I went out and bought one to take to California.

1 week before: Detox


Consider giving up the pizza and fries a week or so before vacation. Having a breakout is stressful enough, but it’s even worse when you notice new blemishes right before your trip. I went to a juice bar in my city with my best friend, and we both got delicious pressed juices. Drinking juice and water instead of soda will do wonders for your skin and it will reduce bloating, too.


5 days before: Mani + Pedi 


I decided to do something a little different with my pre-vacation manicure this year. I tried out gel nails for this first time, which is perfect for when you’re in a new place and can’t touch up your nails easily. I asked my manicurist to add an eye design to my nails, inspired by Kenzo, of course. 🙂

1 day before: Pack fun items


I always try to read on the airplane or car ride to any travel destination. This week’s book of choice: “The Great Gatsby.” I’m also packing my little film camera so I can take fun pictures of palm trees and friends and such. 🙂



Spring Break Soundtrack


This spring, I am embracing the “I really couldn’t care less” attitude when it comes to stress and drama—probably my senioritis kicking in. Over the break, I’ll be lying in the sun, listening to music that makes me feel relaxed and worry-free. Here are a few of my favorite tracks:

1. “I’d Like To” by Corinne Bailey Rae
2. “Valerie” ft. Amy Winehouse by Mark Ronson
3. “Show Me” by Bruno Mars
4. “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae
5. “Gypsy” by Shakira
6. “I Feel it All” by Feist
7. “Something I Need” by OneRepublic



 I just got back from a trip to the sunny beaches of the Baja California Coast! I spent a week with my friend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, reading poolside, rock climbing to secluded beaches and putting some color into my ghostly winter complexion. Here are some of my favorite adventuring outfits from the trip:


 When hiking through these rock formations to Lover’s Beach, I found this secluded corner bearing a rusty memorial. My favorite Doc Martensblack shorts and tank were perfect for a hot day of exploring.


I don’t trust myself with a fancy camera anywhere near water, so I took most of my photos on a disposable. Disposable cameras are the best because you have no idea what your pics look like until development, when you get to relive all your experiences. I’m wearing the most comfortable Topshop romper on the beach for this picture.


I get very wistful at the beach. Looking at the horizon, I thought of myself as a beach-dwelling princess-type from the 1800s, waiting for my love (who obviously looks like Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean era) to return from sea. But then I realized I was wearing Levi’s shorts and a Topshop blouse and not some extravagant red hoop gown.



Headed to Mexico soon? Here is my essential Mexico playlist! Spending a week wearing beachy clothes has not only relaxed me, but has gotten me so excited for summer fashion!

Stay golden,


Weekend in Waikiki

Last weekend, Kylie and I went on our annual bestie getaway to Oahu! Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip:


I simply couldn’t resist pulling out my camera on the airplane to take a shot of the island—the water was too beautiful to not capture.


Kylie and me, smiling in front of my favorite restaurant in the entire world, Shokudo (they have the best bibimbap ever)! Whether it’s a trip with my family or friends, I always make a point of eating here at least once per visit. It’s a casual but trendy spot, so I wore a pair of pleated shorts and a pretty turquoise necklace.


Since we’re graduating this year, we decided to pose for a cheesy 2014 shot on the beach. I really don’t know how we got so tan in three days.


Of course we had to take a typical tourist picture with Duke! It was a little cloudy that morning, so we went shopping/picture-taking in lieu of laying on the beach. I threw on a cream top, light wash denim shorts and my favorite gladiator sandals for a carefree look. Kylie looked adorable (as always) in her chambray shirt and lace-trim shorts.


Of course a bestie trip would not be complete without a silly snapshot on the balcony! I love Kylie’s yellow hat and mirrored aviators—they add a cute tomboy touch to her girly swimsuit. I went with my usual beach look: mis-matched bikini piecesretro round sunnies and top knot!

Coming home to wind and rain was hard, but I just keep reminding myself that spring break isn’t too far away. (;



Introducing BP. Swim


Spring break is less than three months away, and I’ve already begun the search for a perfect bikini. I was stoked when my local Nordstrom announced that they would be carrying BP. Undercover, and now I’m even more excited that BP. is selling swimwear! They’re adding new swimwear to Nordstrom.com every day, but I’d like to share a few of my favorite pieces so far.



Laser-Cut Ruffle Bikini

A black bikini is like an LBD: Everyone should own at least one! The laser-cut detail on this top adds visual intrigue to an otherwise simple swimsuit.


Bow Back Bikini Bottoms

I think the bow on the back of these bikini bottoms is absolutely adorable. This style of bikini comes in a few different colors, but I personally love the bright blue because it would look great with a tan.



Cage Cutout One-Piece

I saved the best for last. 🙂 Normally, I don’t consider one-piece swimwear when searching for my ideal beach outfit, but this one caught my attention. I would wear this with high-waisted shorts for a walk on the pier or a day at the amusement park.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be spending this weekend bikini-shopping online for spring break!



Spring Fever

Now that the holidays are over, can we just fast forward to spring break? I’m so done with wearing actual pants. Luckily for me, I’m headed to Hawaii in a couple of weeks to break up the winter blues. But until then, I’ll be lusting after all things sunny:


Polyvore set featuring: Steve Maddden ‘Plato’ Sandal|Sun Bum Sunscreen|BP. Nail Lacquer|Essie Nail Polish|Tory Burch ‘Phantos’ Sunglasses


P.S. Who else is super excited about Swim by BP. Undercover??


Happy Spring Break!

Today is the first day of my spring break! FINALLY. I am absolutely ecstatic to have a break from school. Unfortunately for me, I am not headed to the beach or some other form of paradise. For those of you who are traveling, I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. But for those of you sitting at home like me, I have some ideas for you:

1. Go shopping


Let’s face it, we all have the urge to shop. So just give in and treat yourself to something special, like lace appliqué denim shorts for the summer.

2. Have lunch with friends


Going out to lunch with friends is always great, whether you see them every day or not. It’s always nice to catch up—outside of classrooms.

3. Go bowling


Maybe it’s just me, but I love bowling (no matter how bad I am at it). There’s just a great sense of satisfaction when you bowl a strike, accidental or not.

4. Bake cupcakes


Don’t these blueberry lemon cupcakes look amazing? Baking has always been kind of therapeutic for me, but the best part is definitely eating them.

5. Have a bonfire


Now that it’s finally warm enough to spend some time outside, it’s a perfect opportunity to build yourself (and your friends) a bonfire, play music, sing, dance and make sure you laugh a lot. Plus, a bonfire party is a perfect excuse to get a cute new outfit.

Whether you’re going on a beach vacation or just staying at home, I hope you have a wonderful, safe and restful spring break.

Stay excited,

Yosef Silver Photography
Kimpton Hotels
McHenry Bowl
Your Cup of Cake


Make a (Spring) Break for It

Whatever you’re doing for spring break this year, don’t forget to download our free spring break playlist. Because everything is more fun with a great soundtrack.


Spring Break Travel Essentials

I’m going to the Bahamas! I am so excited that I can’t even express it in words.

A picture's worth 1,000 words, right? I think this pic is worth at least 2,000.

I’m taking the trip with one of my very best friends and I can’t wait. Going to the Bahamas will give me that little taste of summer I’ve been longing for.

Here are some of my travel essentials:


1. Cardigan | 2. Pullover Sweater | 3. T-shirts | 4. Blouses


4. Denim Shorts | 5. Jeans | 6. Sweatshirt | 7. Sundress


8. Swimsuit | 9. Flip-Flops | 10. Sandals | 11. Pajamas | 12. Sunglasses

What’s on your spring break packing list?

Stay wonderful,

Yankee Trails World Travel




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