Style for Guys

The new year has kicked off, which means winter formals are right around the corner. Finding the perfect style can be stressful, but I’ve put together three looks that can help you look sharp and feel confident on (and off) the dance floor.


Look 1: Monochrome with a Pop of Color
This look is all about simplicity with a touch of color. Interesting textures take this all-black outfit from ordinary to elevated. Satin and leather definitely say ‘date night.’ The red dress shoes add my number-one recommended style staple: the pop of color.



Look 2: Black-and White Ball
Dress shoes are great for winter formals, but how about changing it up and taking a risk with a boot? Pair them with a blazer and fitted pants and feel unique. I selected an ivory blazer to match the fur in my boots. Take risks!


Look 3: Pop of Color Plus Sneakers
The last look is for a more relaxed gentleman. Is your winter dance a semi-formal event? Try a pair of sneakers with a dress shirt and vest. The fact that the sneakers are black (instead of white, etc.) keeps the outfit on the right side of dressy. For my pop of color, I decided to jazz my outfit up with an iridescent purple dress shirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wild colors!


Regardless of your style, remember to have a safe, enjoyable time at whatever formal you attend.

– James

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Looking for the perfect winter coat without breaking the bank? Check out my top three picks to top off your style without breaking the bank:

1. Houndstooth Wool Blend Mac Coat
This Topman single-breasted blended coat is the perfect blend between retro and modern fashion. I love the black-and-white woven design and double cuffs.


2. Single Breasted Hooded Coat
Opting for a simple-but-sporty look? Try out this Black Rivet hooded coat. I personally love peacoats with hoods because they add a casual feel to your look.


3. Herringbone Shooting Jacket
Last but not least, my favorite: the Brown Kane & Unke Jacket. This jacket adds a touch of class to your everyday look. The convertible stand collar and wooden buttons really make the brown underlay pop.


Stay warm and stay stylish,
– James



The holiday season is upon us, which means the party invites have probably started rolling in. So the big question is, “What are you going to wear?” Hopefully this post will help you put together some creative, trendy looks that will help you be the life of the party!

Formally Relaxed: Look 1
Reds, deep blues and blacks are the target colors in this post. I selected a vibrant blue blazer which I paired with bright red Levi’s, finished off with red, black and white sneakers to give some edge to what is otherwise a traditional blazer-and-jeans look.


I kept this look casual by going without a tie and leaving the top button open for a more relaxed feel. The blazer adds formality while the pants and shoes keep you trendy.



Formally Relaxed: Look 2
In this second look, the black velvet blazer keeps the look from feeling too casual, while the Ralph Lauren boots add an subtle touch of street style. And, of course, my signature touch is the pop of color, provided here my the button-up shirt.

IMG_6133 IMG_6147 copy

Casual Cool
Looking for a more relaxed look? No worries. I have you covered with this simple black sweater and printed jean combination. Red sneakers and gold jewelry are the ideal accessories for this outfit, adding that perfect pop of color and upscale style.


Hope this helps! And remember: No matter what look you’re going for, the most important part is enjoying the holiday.

– James