Vashon Island

We take a lot of incredible pictures at our photo shoots, but sadly we can’t publish them all to the site. Thank goodness for the blog, right? Check out these yummy, goofy, totally gorgeous outtakes from our fall sweater guide, The Great Escape, Part 2. (Speaking of The Great Escape, Part 2, don’t forget to download the new playlist and watch the second video. Both are waiting for you on the last slide of the slideshow.)

P.S. You might notice the models looking distinctly hot and summery in these outtakes. That’s because we shot the sweater guide in July, on one of the hottest days of the year! Gotta love the fashion calendar. :p


Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at our Fall Trend Guide photo shoot. We called it “The Great Escape” because we shot all around Washington’s beautiful Vashon Island, working with photographer Tim Barber. An early morning ferry ride, a road trip to an abandoned barn and a rowboat tour of a remote cove provided the perfect backdrops for the latest sweaters, jackets, scarves and other adorable fall styles. Oh, and we did a little skateboarding in our downtime, too!

Check out “The Great Escape” and make sure you don’t miss the video and downloadable playlist at the end.
BP. Team