Winter Trends

Pastel Winter

As much as I love grey and black, trudging through cold winter mornings dressed like Basket Case can feel a bit sad and monotonous. Winter doesn’t have to be solely dark! In their F/W 2013 collections, RochasCarven and Céline all showed playful pastel pieces that seem appropriately fun for the winter season. I decided to shed some of my darker layers and trade them for chalky pinks and blues.


This tea-length pastel skirt is like a pop of Wonderland in December. And if you are hesitant about letting go of your black tee entirely, adding a pink collar can balance the light and dark!


Instead of the black bomber I usually wear with this outfit, I grabbed a vintage pink sweater. Seriously, wearing pastels makes you feel so happy and girly amidst frozen ponds and sleet covered streets. Try it out!

Stay golden,



La Mode de Moi

For those of you who speak no French, that means “my style”!

I thought that since I’m new to this and most of you don’t know me, I would give you a little taste of my fashion sense. You’ll see a lot more as the year progresses, so I’ll just show you a couple outfits for now.

For fall and winter, I am absolutely in love with the three colors in this first pic. This outfit encompasses all of my favorite wardrobe pieces. First, pullover sweaters—so comfortable and cute, but they can also look polished if styled the right way. Next, skater skirts; they have such a flattering shape on almost every figure. Last but not least, booties. What girl could live without a pair of booties?


This is an outfit I recently wore out to dinner with my friends. I love it because it’s so different from a traditional skirt or dress. A look like this really sets you apart! It even incorporates tights like I mentioned earlier this week. You can get a pair like mine here in BP. The combination of black tights, black high-waisted shorts and black booties has an elongating effect on my legs. The sheer button-up also keeps the outfit feeling light. My shirt in white is no longer available, but you can still get it in some cute colors!


The last outfit is my homecoming dress. Sorry I didn’t have a picture of just me, but this way you can see my beautiful friends! You can probably tell which girl is me, but if you’re still having trouble, I’ll give you a hint: I’m the Asian one! I wore a really simple sleeveless black dress with a turtleneck and put on a string of pearls for a little added glamour. I threw on a pair of chunky black heels and was good to go!


Stay pretty,



Runway Rockin’

This weekend was my Fashion Board’s annual fashion show! We featured fall and upcoming winter trends such as Bewitched and Sno Patrol. There was a lot of faux fur, oversized sweaters and leather out on the runway.



I wore the Frenchi ‘Drop Needle’ Tunic Sweater in cream, the Jack Faux Fur Vest, the BP. ‘Motorbike’ Faux Leather Panel Leggings, the BP. Chunky Knit Beret in black and Steve Madden combat boots. My look combined edginess with the comfy coziness of the Sno Patrol trend. I like how the beret added a Parisian touch that made my outfit stand out.

The faux-fur vest was such a hit! Check out who else wore it:



Even though we each wore the same piece, we were all able to create our own unique looks!

There were also different denim trends present, with varying colors and patterns. Check out my friend’s Vigoss Print Zigzag Skinny Jeans and my other friend’s Jolt Colored Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans in Lavender.



Another friend went for the Bewitched theme with a Frenchi Tulle Skirt in black, a maroon collared blouse, black tights and a touch of Sno Patrol with the Rubbish Faux Fur Collar Cardigan. She also added some adorable accessories. I love how she wore a rhinestone headband across her forehead!


We had so much fun strutting down the runway for our families and friends in our favorite BP. merchandise!







Pastels for Winter

Pastels aren’t just for spring anymore. As Fashion Week dictates what most of us see in stores and magazines, the fashion industry decided that pastels can be for winter too!


I don’t know why anyone didn’t think of this earlier! Pastels lighten up the harsh layers we have to wear to keep warm in the cold season. Here’s some fun inspiration to get you thinking about pastels when you go holiday shopping.


I love this look with tights. It takes a simple spring outfit right into winter. If it’s too cold where you live to rock this look, throw on some boots and a nice, cozy winter coat in ivory or light pink to keep warm.


This is more of a warm-weather look, but the color of the skirt is to die for! Layer some sweater tights under a pastel skirt and throw on your Hunters for a bright cold-weather outfit.


This look is fun for a date or a walk through town. The pink pants are toned down and treated as a neutral with the beige sweater on top. She used a neutral-colored bag to keep the focus on the pants. Cute, huh?


Marc Jacobs is known for his use of color and pattern. Use a pastel striped skirt to incorporate some Marc into your daily wardrobe.


Try pastel out with a pearly-pink scarf or some baby-blue flats, and, if you like it, expand to an ivory coat or a winter-green tuxedo pant. The options are endless!