the insta-cool life: Meet Melissa Green

This week we’re stoked to bring you interviews with five social media stars who just so happen to also be the stars of our BP. summer trend guide, the insta-cool life. We invited each one to nab her favorite BP. summer goodies, then style them with her own personal twist—with great results.

Today’s featured fave is Melissa Green, better known to her fans as @melissagreenmachine (Instagram), Oklahoman, professional photographer and total lovebug. If it’s true that the world loves a lover, then Melissa has nothing to fear, like, ever. Her wedding photos and romantic portraits are unashamedly sweet, and her blog is filled with the love stories of the people she photographs. True to form, her BP. Summer Essentials outfit has a feminine flair that is right in line with her pretty portrait aesthetic.


lush skater dressstatement necklace

How would you describe your style?
I love variety in all aspects of life, and that includes my day-to-day wear. I love to dress up with some heels and wear all black with some bright lipstick. (And sequins—oh, baby!) The next day I may grunge down a bit with a flannel tied around my waist and Converse or boots. Comfort is pretty important to me, but I just love trying new things, like making jeans dressy-casual or slouchy-cute with a sweater.

What’s your trick for taking great Instagram photos?
Instagram has honestly become kind of therapeutic for me. It’s a place I can be bold and different with my photos, and the community I have on IG is always so encouraging. Also, I LOVE shadows. You’ll find a lot of light vs. shadow pictures on my feed. I also love white simplicity, but again…variety is key. I travel a lot, and I love to document the vastness of creation, specifically oceans, as well as valleys in the middle of mountain ranges. Finding the right light is important, too.

Where would you wear this outfit?
This dress is great because you can easily dress it up or down. If dressing up for a wedding, as the photographer, I’d wear it with a blazer, and be able to blend in with the guests while capturing the great and beautiful moments of the day and still be comfortable. If it were for something more casual, like brunch with the girls or a picnic with my boyfriend, I would wear the dress with a cute necklace and some simple wedges.

What are your tips for styling this outfit?
Dressing it with accessories would be my aim. I’d wear the necklace in the photo and pair it with some awesome heels or classic and cute flats or sandals. Hair would be in an easy high bun or loose curls/waves.

Please share one surprising fact about yourself.
I lived in China for 6 months and grasped a whole new concept of what community, hospitality and life could be like in an entirely different culture than my own. They’re remarkably kind and welcoming and it was incredibly inspiring.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to meet our last (but not least!) insta-cool star @lustforlife, a.k.a. Olivia Lopez!

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