Too Cute To Travel: Over Sea’s

Is your family boarding a cruise ship and venturing off to the Caribbean this summer? Well in that case, I am here to help you pack the necessary items for looking fabulous anywhere and anytime, over seas edition.

Even if you are staying home this summer, you can still take note of the cute fashions and side notes I list for those of us fortunate enough to be taking a dream vacation boating across the world's oceans.



These are obviously important considering that they hold everything you are bringing with you on your trip. Pick a suitcase with a standout pattern or cute design so that it is hard to lose and easy to spot.

Polka Dots

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Here is a cute Screened suit case. Owls are in![1]

Whatever one you choose, make it bright, or make it fun! Suitcases can say a lot about you!


This is a good item to have if you are going to be traveling off your ship to visit an island or a country for a day. For example, my friends went on a Europe tour cruise and each day they would visit a city or town for the day and a backpack really helped them pack just a view things for the day.

They have so many cute backpacks out there now a days. Choose which ever one you like best!

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For a cruise, most of the time is spent in a bathing suit on deck or in the ocean. I suggest bringing two bikinis. One to dry while you wear the other.


A push up Bikini. These are really popular around my area. The cutest ones look like a bralette. It is very feminine.


Classic ruffles are always cute too


Retro is also coming back



Cant forget about shoes! You need three pairs on a cruise.

Dressy Sandals- Either flat of heeled. That is up to you! I would suggest a pair of wedges in case you would like to dress up. Or a simple pair of elegant sandals.

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A pair of comfy walking shoes-

Either the cute new nike balance running shoes or just a pair of toms. Which ever suits you!

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One pair of fun flats!

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Always bring a camera to document the memories as well! It is fun to look back on them when you are older.

Goodies for a cruise from BP


Velvet Torch Blouson Tank Maxi Dress (Juniors)Mimi Chica Oversized Trapeze Dress (Juniors)David & Young Mixed Print Sheer ScarfNike 'Free Advantage' Training Shoe (Women)Carole 'Disco Ball' Friendship BraceletSperry Top-Sider® 'Angelfish' Boat Shoe

BP is the perfect go to for fun cruise neccesities. Check it out!

xoxo- Emily


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