2 Ways to Wear It: The Peasant Top

Now hold your horses—I know what you’re probably thinking, “Peasant tops?! Atrocious.”

This is where I come in and say, “Wait a minute. They can be really flattering.”

Although the word “peasant” is not very appealing, the flowy cut of the top flatters most body types.




I like to tuck the front of my flowy tops into pants and skirts to emphasize my waistline and prevent the “I’m drowning in my shirt” look.

Want to try out the look for yourself? Here are my favorite peasant tops:

Nordstrom_BP_Blog_Painted_Threads_Peasant_Top              Nordstrom_BP_Blog_Elodie_Peasant_Top
Painted Threads Peasant Top | Elodie Peasant Top


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