Layering for Cold Weather

Although winter is coming to an end where I live (North Carolina), I thought this post might be more relevant to those who live a little farther up north. What actually prompted this post is an upcoming trip to a northern state for a college visit. It’s supposed to be about 30 degrees at the highest—brrr!


How do you keep warm while still looking cute? One word: layering! You can always take layers off, but you can’t add any more once you step out the door. So here’s a basic rundown of what I will be wearing:

1. Tights
I chose black, but it doesn’t really matter because no one is going to see them.

2. Printed Denim
One of my favorite ways to make an outfit more interesting, especially during the winter, is to play with prints and textures. I’m going to wear a pair of jeans with velour floral/swirly patterns.

3. Long-Sleeve Tee
Once again, just another under-layer that no one’s going to see. I went with classic black.

4. Pullover Sweater
I grabbed my favorite off-white knit pullover for a warm, stylish top.

5. Scarf
I chose a black scarf and just tied the two ends together to create an infinity scarf. Keeping your neck warm is essential.

6. Socks
These are a must for added warmth, but they are also so cute when they peek out of a great pair of boots. I opted for cream to match my sweater.

7. Moto Boots
Boots are hands-down my favorite winter accessory. With good care, a great pair can last for years.

8. Beanie
Last, but not least, I grabbed my burgundy pom-pom beanie. A lot of body heat escapes from your head (and neck – see #5), so a good cap can really make a difference. I think that it also adds a fun touch of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.


Bundling up is fun once you get the hang of it, but I’d trade it in a second for a chance to head back to the Bahamas!

Stay warm!



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