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Gut-Based Beauty with The Beauty Chef

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If you want that outer glow, first you need to go within. New Age hot air, this isn’t. It’s science. A balanced, healthy gut is key to radiant skin, as The Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates will tell you. (We know because she told us.) Her line of supplements, formulated with fermented organic ingredients that promote gut health, expands the definition of skin care beyond serums and creams. You’ll want to heed her wisdom on beauty foods, bio-fermentation and the power of good bacteria. It’s downright enlightening, and skin-brightening.  


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The Sweater Style Danish It Girls Love

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Pernille Teisbaek and Emili Sindlev photographed by Crystal Nicodemus 

For a tiny country, Denmark has cornered the international market on coolness. Celebrity chef René Redzepi put hyperlocal cuisine and foraged foods on the menu. Nordic noir shows like The Killing and The Bridge spawned streaming binge sessions around the globe. “Hygge” had us all swaddled in wooly blankets in front of fires seeking the Dane’s national brand of coziness.

Then there are the Danish It girls, like Pernille Teisbaek and Emili Sindlev, who epitomize Scandi style. Truly, Copenhagen may just be our favorite city for the mellow yet sophisticated looks on its streets. One tip we picked up from these Northern beauties in the hip district of Nørrebro: Scandinavian-inspired sweaters are the next heritage piece primed for mass appeal. Their folksy patterns, colorful yarns and snug warmth make them so inviting.

Here are a few of our favorite cheery knits to shop now. Pair them with pants or skirts for a fresh fall look. And feel free to mix prints with your knits: it’s how the Danes do it.


The 5 (Best) Boot Styles for Fall 2017 post image

The 5 (Best) Boot Styles for Fall 2017

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Photos by Indigital Images

Boots: fall’s must-have and as ubiquitous as a wool scarf, but with the power to make or break your entire outfit. Before replacing last year’s black booties with another, less-worn pair, consider upgrading your staple shoe altogether. We’ve gathered the season’s most-buzzed-about boot trends, plus shoppable links for you to refresh your soles. From winter whites to slouchy, over-the-knee styles, there’s something for everyone to break out of their comfort zone and, perhaps, slip into a pair of silver space boots.


Alice + Olivia Eleonora Bell Sleeve Floral Embellished Dress

Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia Tells a Tale as Old as Time

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Alice + Olivia’s fall collection tells a story. “I was inspired by Salman Rushdie’s book The Enchantress of Florence,” says Stacey Bendet, the creative director and mastermind of the label. Rushdie’s book, which takes place between Renaissance Florence and Mughal India, tells the story of a woman forging her own way in a man’s world. Bendet’s collection tells a similar tale with designs that perfectly capture the feminine-masculine dichotomy and the vibrancy of the Italian Renaissance.

The fantasy and fable that has inspired Bendet’s line maintains her signature whimsy. Using vintage silhouettes, embellished fabrics and colorful prints, Bendet is true to her brand as she artfully interprets the conversation of female empowerment. Below, we caught up with the creative director to discuss the power of storytelling through design.


From Our Friends at Who What Wear: Party Style Is in the Bag post image

From Our Friends at Who What Wear: Party Style Is in the Bag

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At Who What Wear our editors get major outfit inspiration from fashion girls and celebs, and we love spreading the word about everything from affordable pieces we’re freaking out over to what’s trending now. Keep an eye on our guest posts for street-style looks, editor-approved must-haves, expert how-tos, fashion news and lots more.

So, you’ve found a gorgeous dress, a chic skirt-and-top combo or a killer pantsuit that you can’t wait to wear during the upcoming party season, either as a hostess or attendee. The toughest part is done—now all that’s left to do is accessorize. We love this step because it’s what pulls everything together and, done right, accessories will give your look that next-level oomph.

Not sure what to choose first? A spectacular clutch is a great place to start. Think about what you’re after. Could your outfit use a bit of sparkle? A pop of color? A sleek finish? A clutch can take care of any of these—the secret is in the details. Once you’ve picked the perfect one, just add shoes and jewelry, and you’ll be ready for whatever RSVPs come your way.


Tabitha Simmons’s Luxe Shoes Turn an Outfit into a Look post image

Tabitha Simmons’s Luxe Shoes Turn an Outfit into a Look

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Tabitha Simmons is a busy mom, designer, stylist and fashion editor. Her fashion direction frequently appears in Vogue spreads, for which she’s dressed models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Lily Aldridge. Safe to say, she knows a thing or two about what makes an outfit work. So it’s no surprise that Simmons’s eponymous shoe collection is just the thing to transform clothes into a full-blown look.

Inspired and adored by her stylish friends, Simmons is part of an elite fashion-feedback loop. Her best-selling Alexa pointed flat is named for none other than Alexa Chung. And Simmons’s designs have been spotted on style stalwarts like Kate Bosworth, Cara Delevingne and even Queen Bey.

We chatted with the British stylist/designer/force-of-nature about her influences and playfully chic designs.


Everlane’s 100% Human Collection: A Champion of Human Rights post image

Everlane’s 100% Human Collection: A Champion of Human Rights

Men's Fashion POP-IN@Nordstrom Style

In January 2017, Everlane launched its 100% Human Collection in response to the visibly divisive mood of the nation at the time. For CEO Michael Preysman and the Everlane team, it wasn’t about being a Democrat or a Republican, it wasn’t about left or right; it was about celebrating the universal humanity we share across political spectrums, racial makeups, gender identities, sexual orientations—and, of course, geographic locations. It was about reminding all of us that human rights are everyone’s business.

“The idea of 100% Human was totally organic,” says Michael. “It wasn’t premeditated. We thought right at the time of the election, being a country so split between two different sides, that there was more need for unity.”


Everlane Founder & CEO Michael Preysman

Everlane Founder & CEO Michael Preysman on the Concept of Radical Transparency

Interviews POP-IN@Nordstrom

Once upon a time, a young Michael Preysman graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a dual degree in computer engineering and economics, trying to reimagine a viable clothing-business model despite having little fashion knowledge. Three years later, at the age of 25, the self-starter launched Everlane with a disrupter’s desire to circumvent the traditional wholesale retail system. His vision was of a brand that would sell well-made, minimalist T-shirts at a fraction of the normal cost—all direct to consumers via a low-overhead digital platform. That was back in 2010, and it was a radical concept at the time.

Today, Everlane sells hundreds of high-quality wearable goods for men and women—from jeans to cashmere sweaters to leather shoes and accessories. (The brand has even partnered with Pop-In@Nordstrom to showcase its products on our site and in several IRL Nordstrom stores.) And it’s embraced an even more radical concept—one Everlane has termed “radical transparency,” which promotes an unconventional openness about almost everything that goes into the production of their products. From fabric sources to factory conditions to transportation and import duty costs—it’s all readily available to the Everlane customer on the company’s site.

We recently caught up with Michael to discuss the brand’s evolution, its recent denim launch and what term is absolutely not in the CEO’s lexicon.


Universal Standard Is Breaking the Plus-Size Industry with Their Beautiful Clothes post image

Universal Standard Is Breaking the Plus-Size Industry with Their Beautiful Clothes

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Before an event, Universal Standard cofounder Alex Waldman lamented to her friend Polina Veksler: “I have nothing to wear.” Puzzled, Polina wasn’t convinced that such a thing could be true for someone within such close proximity to Fifth Avenue. But really, Alex had nothing to wear.

“I think that’s when the penny dropped for Polina,” Alex says of her Universal Standard cofounder. “Non-plus women don’t know how difficult it is to find decent plus-size clothing.” The two friends decided to take action by creating their own plus label, introducing elevated, quality clothing to women of every size. “We want Universal Standard to break the plus-size industry,” says Alex, who, along with her cofounder, seeks to make fashion more accountable for its representation of women. “We would really like to lead this movement in the right direction.”

We caught up with these fierce female entrepreneurs to learn more about how their brand shatters the status quo of the plus-size industry and to find out what’s in store for their fashion revolution.


Behind the Brand: Robert Rodriguez Loves Outerwear, Proportions and Volume post image

Behind the Brand: Robert Rodriguez Loves Outerwear, Proportions and Volume

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Robert Rodriguez’s namesake label centers on clean lines, decadent fabrics and classically tailored silhouettes. Current, never trendy, understated—but completely contemporary—the Robert Rodriguez woman is above all always true to herself.

The creative director muses on his fall collection, and his undeniable love of outerwear and volume in our interview.