“I’ve always loved how Jennifer wears my shoes and admired her innate sense of style,” says Giuseppe Zanotti of that icon we all call JLo. And yeah, who doesn’t marvel at her ability to take a white tank top and a pair of jeans and make them look like the most brilliant idea ever?

Of course, the key is often a killer pair of heels and with Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez, her brand-new collaboration with the Italian icon of super sexy footwear, she’s got that element on lock.


All in a day’s work: JLo and Giuseppe test out some Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez sandals; all images courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti 

“More than a muse, Jennifer was a great design partner and this collection really represents a strong, sensual, sophisticated woman—just like Jennifer,” says the stiletto innovator. It’s fun to imagine those two at work: getting ideas down on paper, talking through details and textiles, seeing the styles come to life … but we can do one better than daydreams.

To celebrate today’s launch, we have the designer’s own gorgeous watercolor drawings of three of our favorite styles, plus Jennifer’s insight on what made the partnership so real, and what makes the collection such a knockout.



Herbivore Botanicals founders Alexander and Jlulia

Be it lemon juice in your locks, yogurt facials or cucumber slices on your eyelids, most of us have dabbled in natural beauty remedies—to varying degrees of success.

Thankfully, husband and wife team Alexander Kummerow and Julia Wills will do the researching and formulating for you. Their company, Herbivore Botanicals, has quickly gone from an Etsy shop to the darling of glossy beauty editors, and for good reason. Their ethically sourced, cruelty-free, all-natural and lovely packaged products appeal to our finer sensibilities—but more importantly, their oils, bath salts, face masks and soaps really work, often quite quickly.

We spoke with the cute couple about their growing business and how they source ingredients, which they were doing in Hawaii when we caught up with them.



The 2017 series of Pop-Ins at Nordstrom begins with three shops featuring the exciting cultures of Korean fashion and style, curated by Olivia Kim. To start: Gentle Monster, the youthful Korean sunglasses company with a penchant for artistic storytelling.

Beyond making fantastic sunglasses, a big part of the Gentle Monster brand is creative store design. You don’t just inhabit a Gentle Monster retail zone, you get a rich offline experience. We knew they’d do something special for our Pop-In Shops—and they did.

We went straight to the source to learn more, asking Renee Kim, Gentle Monster Associate Space Designer, about the seemingly somber concept behind our joint shops and the meanings behind the Korean materials she used.


SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster



Eleanor Pendleton for Shoes of Prey

Self-care and and pride in one’s appearance don’t necessarily point to frivolity or vanity. As Eleanor Pendleton, the founder and editor of the digital beauty magazine Gritty Pretty, clearly knows, beauty, like fashion, can be a form of expression and, like fitness, beauty can generate real confidence. When the Australian entrepreneur first launched her site in 2010, she sought to create a resource to inspire other cosmetics junkies—but one noticeably absent of BS. Because to Eleanor, beauty is a natural extension of who one is, not an artificial layer one puts on.

Six years later and Gritty Pretty has featured some of our decade’s most natural lovelies. Ladies like Elle Macpherson, Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge and Hailey Baldwin have radiated from its pixelated cover.

Eleanor Pendleton for Shoes of Prey

We spoke with Eleanor about blazing this digital publishing trail, her new shoe collection for Shoes of Prey and the beauty trends and advice we should pay heed to.

How did your collaboration with Shoes of Prey work?

I was approached last year by the Shoes of Prey team to create this collection. I instantly thought it must be a joke, because I couldn’t believe that a brand like Shoes of Prey would want me. When the opportunity presented itself, I was so excited. From the outset I knew that Shoes of Prey was a brand I was aligned with. I met Jodie [Fox] seven or eight years ago when she was first starting the company. I was so impressed that she had left her practice as a lawyer, had left the rat race and gone on to start this company that she was so passionate about. So I felt things had kind of come full circle.

When I was thinking about the finer details of the collaboration and how I work with any brand, I thought that I would have to be heavily involved. I wouldn’t have just put my name on a collection of pre-selected shoes. What I loved so much about them was that they gave me an open end. They said I could create whatever I wanted. It was quite funny because when I started to design the shoes, I envisioned what I thought every woman would want to wear. I quickly realized that every pair of shoes I designed was black, which I didn’t mean to do! Everything I wear is with a black shoe, so that was kind of funny.


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Keeping up with fashion trends is a full-time job. In fact, it’s Ruth Basloe’s job. As our Nordstrom styling director, Ruth tirelessly researches designer collections and streetwear style to guide our strategy at Nordstrom. In addition to that, she has to field annoying questions from us like: “Can I wear black socks with white sneakers?” “What style of jacket should I buy this spring?” “Does this look weird?” But she’s always game to offer her good-natured guidance.

For our own reference, we selfishly asked Ruth how she’s updating her wardrobe for 2017. Now we’re generously sharing her pointers and shopping wish list with you!

Paris street style spring 2017
  1. Updated shirting.
    “I love all the new plays on the classic woven shirt: off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, statement sleeves, extra long or oversized,” says Ruth. “I’m hoping to find something that is really unique and interesting in a bold striped pattern.” On Ruth’s wish list: this striped shirtdress from Tibi.



The 2017 series of Pop-Ins at Nordstrom begins with three shops featuring the exciting cultures of Korean fashion and style, curated by Olivia Kim. To start: Gentle Monster, the youthful Korean sunglasses company with a penchant for artistic storytelling.


We love the bold, fun designs of Gentle Monster sunglasses, but one thing that’s really intriguing to us is how the Gentle Monster stores—which started five years ago in Seoul and spread through Asia before coming to the U.S.—are basically standalone modern art exhibits. Whether or not you purchase anything, you leave feeling enriched like you went to a museum.

We spoke with Anthony Bae, Gentle Monster head interior designer, to ask one main question about two especially interesting spaces in Seoul and one in Shanghai: What’s the story behind these stores?

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster



Our fridges are stocked with cold-pressed juice. Our Pinterest board is compiled with healthy recipes. With the promise of a fresh start, the new year always inspires a renewed resolve to live our best lives—or a life like Gwyneth’s. And along with upgrading our diet, it’s time to take a good, hard look inside our makeup bags.

Natural Beauty products at Nordstrom

The beauty industry has been quietly undergoing a natural revolution—but put aside thoughts of your hippy aunt’s patchouli-scented lip balm. Natural beauty products, ones that are completely phthalate-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free, are now just as innovative, effective and luxurious as their mainstream counterparts.

We’ve put together a slideshow of some of our favorite, most groundbreaking natural products to jump-start your beauty routine this year.



We don’t know about you, but come January our aim is true yet our energy is low. Although we want to exercise five days a week, go on that elimination diet, cut out sugar and stop our Netflix binging, well, wellness seems like a goal for someone who’s run out of episodes of The OA–and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

But Hum Nutrition is giving us zero excuses not to adopt healthy behaviors. Their line of super supplements and vitamins addresses specific, every-body concerns like detoxing (Daily Cleanse), energy (Raw Beauty), digestion (Flatter Me) and appearance (Red Carpet). Hum’s specialized formulas are clinically tested, sustainably resourced, organic and gluten-free.

As an added incentive, their team has given us four delicious, nutritious recipes to go along with their formulas to give your diet an added boost.

Hum Nutrition Recipes



The singer and music producer serves as creative director for NikeWomen’s latest spring campaign, “Do You Believe in More?,” which shows a host of athletes cavorting in ancient urban ruins. Filmed in Mexico City, the video, directed by and starring FKA twigs, is also set to a new song by the artist. In it she explores “modern movement,” or in her words, “any genre of sport without boundaries.” The writhing and leaping bodies in her work seem to unify sport with the spiritual in a quest for improvement.

FKA twigs in NikeWomen campaign

Twigs cast each of the athletes who star in the campaign. Included are the fencer Miles Chamley-Watson; her krumping classmate and yoga pro Paleta CalmQuality; classical violinist and fellow krumper Saskia Horton; karate champion Jay Kirton and others. You can read about them all in Twigs’ own words in addition to her thoughts on “Sport and Expression,” an essay on the pleasures of preparation, both athletic and creative.


Read her thoughts, but see this work. Even amid this world-class cast, the pop singer can’t help but stand out as a force both physical and emotional.


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Our first encounter with Raffaele Ruberto, the “beauty biologist,” included advice for how to combat a cold. We remarked that we were feeling a bit sniffly and were met with an exuberant “try olive-leaf extract!” Ruberto’s enthusiasm for natural remedies extends to all topics, but his specialty is skin care. His recently launched collection, Raffaele Ruberto® SKIN, includes meticulously researched and tested products to combat five major signs of aging: loss of elasticity, poor texture (visible pores and wrinkles), hyperpigmentation, inflammation (redness and puffiness) and dehydration. Not only did Ruberto come up with formulas that have proven results in clinical trials, but his products are also all natural, paraben and sulfite free, and they smell amazing.

Raffaele Ruberto, SKIN

We spoke with the cosmetic chemist to learn about this new line and to find out what other miracle cures he has up his sleeve. (More science terms follow.)