10 Fun Facts about Hayley Paige’s Wedding Dresses | Nordstrom Blog

Or should we say dresses? Bridal Designer Hayley Paige gives us a sneak peek at the details of what she’s designing and what she and her maids will be wearing during her upcoming July wedding.


1. Not a single dress has been made yet for my July 11th wedding. Gulp! I am kind of approaching the wardrobe like I would a typical bridal season: one style at a time and fresh off the pattern table. It’s nice to have a design room at my disposal, but it also gives you that added panache of fashion show pressure.

2. I relate my current situation to that of the tooth fairy losing a tooth or Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother needing a Cinderella-like dress. There is a lovely sense of unpredictability and a ton of exploration to be had. I’ve always been in the director’s chair, but now that I get to actually play the part, the perspective is a lot more intimate and compelling.


3. I will design what I find exciting right now and not let the past or future detour my vision. I don’t mind if in ten years I’ll want something different. In fact, I expect my tastes/fashion needs to evolve and change with time! That is just the beauty of fashion. It’s about living in the moment and feeling your best in that moment.

4. The best thing about my wardrobe is the smile it will put on my groom’s face! I’ve thought a lot about what he might like on me during this whole creative process. He is not only extremely supportive of my craft, but also very aware of my design aesthetic. He is also an avid sports fan, so to see him getting excited about what I will wear on that day is like my Super Bowl (only with more sparkle of course).

5. I am loving a little bit of everything. I’ve decided to not stick with just one theme throughout. Even with every season, I try to think about all the different types of women I want to appeal to. So for my wedding day, I want to appeal to a few different graces that I particularly relate to. There will be geometric moments, floral moments, couture moments, modern moments, etc. I will also wear a veil and most certainly dabble in some unique head pieces. It’s not a sundae without the nuts, whipped cream, and cherry on top. I want the works!

6. There will be color! White is tantamount to weddings, but I’ve never felt pigeonholed into an all-white palette–especially as a bridal designer. When it comes to adding color, I always think of that ending scene in Sleeping Beauty when the fairies are changing her gown from pink to blue. It’s so magical and memorable.


7. However, my maids will be wearing white. In the olden days this was actually the tradition. I also love the idea of doing each little lady in a unique design to highlight her individual style. I’ve been calling it “white and bright” since I will also be adding in some spritzing of sparkle. It’s important that my gals feel special on that day as well, so I want them to be identified as exactly that.

8. The two women I’ve looked up to the most for direct inspiration on my wedding day are my mom and my sister. Both have beautiful marriages and know how to carry their confidence.

9. For certain gowns I will be wearing on that big beautiful day, we will be adding special renditions to the Hayley Paige collection in the upcoming season! If anything, I hope my wedding day choices encourage brides to be bold and brilliant with their own gown decision.

10. After personally going through this experience, the advice I want to give brides about choosing a dress is this: You are basically a sparkly Batman for the day, so don’t be afraid to be daring and exciting with your wardrobe choices.

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