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Two Valentine’s Day Date-Night Looks (One Naughty, One Sweet) from M•A•C Artist Victor Cembellin

Just in time for romance and exclusive to Nordstrom, M•A•C has released four Looks in a Box that provide all the makeup you need to create a completely stunning face—on your already gorgeous canvas.

Each kit contains a lipstick, cream base, mascara, eyeliner, two eyeshadows and a blush. But each prescribes a unique colorway and application process to achieve a distinct style. “These are colors that work harmoniously together,” says senior M•A•C artist Victor Cembellin. “Cosmetics departments can be overstimulating. We wanted to pare that down for somebody who wanted a personal makeup shopper to tell them what they need.”

The looks are titled “Be a Little Naughty,” “Be Sweet & Dreamy,” “Be Cool” and “Be an Original.” In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we asked Victor how to perfectly construct “Be a Little Naughty” and “Be Sweet & Dreamy,” two mood-setting options for date night—one with a matte red lip, the other with a nude lip. He added some extra M•A•C products to really amp up the effect, but both styles can be done with the Look in a Box products alone.

Here are his face charts and step-by-step instructions to get these sex-kitten and angelic looks.

Be a Little Naughty

MAC Be a Little Naughty Look in a Box

Just add lingerie and bubbles.

On the eyes:

  1. Highlight the brows with a defining Brow Pencil and Clear Brow Set.
  2. Prep the lid with 24-hour Extend Eye Base.
  3. With M•A•C brush #252, highlight the brow with Shroom Eyeshadow.
  4. Apply Malt Eyeshadow (included in the Be a Little Naughty kit), using a #217 brush.
  5. On the eye crease, apply Malt Eyeshadow with a #224 brush.
  6. Use the Smolder Eye Kohl (included in kit) inside the lower waterline of eye. Smudge it with a #242 brush.
  7. On the top lash line, apply Blacktrack Fluidline using a #210 brush.
  8. On the lower lash line, pat Nasty, Nasty Boy eyeshadow (Be a Little Naughty kit) on top of the Smolder eye kohl.
  9. Apply Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara in black (included in kit) on the lashes.

On the cheeks:

  1. Dust Baby, Baby Powder Blush (Be a Little Naughty kit) with a #168 brush on the cheeks.
  2. To highlight, pat Shell Cream Color Base on the high cheekbones with a #190 brush.

On the lips:

  1. Smooth and hydrate the lips with Prep + Prime Lip.
  2. Line the lips with Ruby Woo lip pencil.
  3. Apply M•A•C’s best-selling Ruby Woo lipstick (included in kit) using the #228 brush.

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MAC Look in a Box, Naughty

Be Sweet & Dreamy

MAC Be Sweet Look in the Box

Look like a romantic reverie.

On the eyes:

  1. Dust the brows with Cork Eyeshadow and apply Clear Brow Set.
  2. Prime the eyelid with Bare Study Pro Longwear Paint Pot using a #217 brush.
  3. Highlight the brows with Orb Eyeshadow.
  4. On the center of the eyelid only, apply Sweetums Peachy Eyeshadow (available in the Be Sweet & Dreamy kit), using a #239 brush.
  5. With a #221 brush, apply Head Over Heels Eyeshadow (Be Sweet & Dreamy kit) on inner and outer creases.
  6. Use Costa Riche Eye Kohl (included in kit) on the upper waterline. Smudge using the #242 brush.
  7. On lashes, use In Extreme Dimension mascara in black (included in kit).
  8. Under the eyes, apply Head over Heels Eyeshadow on top of the Costa Riche Eye Kohl using a #221 brush.

On the cheeks:

  1. Contour the cheek with Prism powder blush (included in kit) using a #168 brush.
  2. Highlight cheekbones with Treat Me Sweet Cream Color Base (available in the Be Sweet & Dreamy kit), using a #190 brush.

On the lips:

  1. Smooth and hydrate the lips with Prep + Prime Lip.
  2. Apply Kinda Sexy lipstick using a #228 brush.
  3. Finish with a dusting of Treat Me Sweet Cream Color Base (available in kit) using the #228 brush.

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MAC Look in a Box, Sweet and Dreamy

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