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A rebellious spirit ran through the beauty at kate spade new york’s show in the Russian Tea Room. Although historic change is often not pretty, the makeup by M·A·C most certainly was. Imbued with a regal air, M·A·C’s fierce eyes and revolutionary red lips seemed defiant and aristocratic—as if to conjure both the royal court and its coup.

MAC for kate spade new york Fall 2017

The collection was inspired by the brazen female entertainers of the 1920s Louise Brooks and Josephine Baker, and so the show had a performative and Parisian air. M·A·C complemented these women’s independent streaks with cat-eyed stares, while Deborah Lippmann provided ruby nails that sparkled like crown jewels.

MAC for kate spade new york Fall 2017

MAC for kate spade new york Fall 2017

Get the look:

1. M·A·C Artists used the new Next to Nothing Foundation (available in stores soon) to create a very natural-looking skin texture. Get a similar look now with M·A·C Studio Waterweight Foundation.

2. The Artist also pressed face oil onto the cheeks and hairline for extra glow.

3. Concealer was used sparingly and only where necessary. The face was finished with blot powder just in the T-zone.
MAC for kate spade new york Fall 2017

4. Eyeliner got top billing for this look. Roller-wheel eyeliner in On a Roll black (in stores this spring) was applied very tightly against the lash line, all the way to the outer corner but without a wing. For a similar look now, use Liquidlast Liner in Point Black.

5. Bold and Bad Lash mascara was used on the outer corner of lashes only.

6. To finish, Dubonnet lipstick was applied, but only as a wash of color.


MAC for kate spade new york Fall 2017

Deborah Lippman for kate spade new york Fall 2017

For the kate spade new york show, the inspiration for Deborah Lippmann’s nails was a strong woman who exudes a special kind of beauty and bold confidence. Lippmann was inspired by a Parisian sensibility and the kate spade new york collection, which is rich in color and paid homage to the city’s sophisticated style using poppy reds, sugary pinks and army greens.

Deborah Lippman at kate spade new york Fall 2017

Marrying classic Hollywood with the revolutionary spirit of Paris, she created a beautiful deep-red shade for this show by layering a stunning sanguine red with a timeless, regal red.

The result is a powerful and unifying statement-making nail.

SHOP: Deborah Lippmann 

Backstage at kate spade new york Fall 2017

Backstage at kate spade new york’s Fall 2017 show at the Russian Tea Room

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