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A Campfire Chat: Uniquely Keen Uneek | Pop-In@Nordstrom Gets Out

We’re celebrating long, post-summer-solstice days with Pop-In@Nordstrom Gets Out—your go-to mercantile for nature provisions from all the best brands. And what better way to welcome a season of camping, glamping and road-tripping than with a cool new pen pal from the almighty Keen?

Pop-In@Nordstrom Gets Out: interview with Rory Fuerst, Jr. of Keen Uneek.

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The innovative, eco-conscious footwear brand has been hitting the ground running since 2003, and we were lucky enough to trade missives with Rory Fuerst, Jr.—creator of the increasingly covetable Keen Uneek line (just ask the Tokyo street-style set).

What were some of the main inspirations behind the Uneeks? Who and what covered your mood boards?

Our inspiration really came from our constant desire to innovate and challenge convention. We didn’t set out with the intention of making a “shoe,” but rather an entirely new way of constructing shoes that adapt to your feet. Our mood boards were theoretical, with our innovation group constantly asking, “What if we did this?” Once we finally decided on something, we made and tested both the assembly process and the actual product, constantly tweaking until it was right.

What’s the one thing you always take with you whenever you venture into the outdoors?

Shoes. I’ve spent a lot of my time thinking of, designing and making shoes—it’s one of my passions in life.

Pop-In@Nordstrom Gets Out: interview with Rory Fuerst, Jr. of Keen Uneek.

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What’s your best piece of advice when it comes to enjoying the outdoors responsibly?

Respect. Respect the outdoors and our planet. We live on an amazing planet if you really start looking at how Earth supports life and study what a slight change can mean. Respect this planet because based on what we know now, this is the only one we’ve got. And please don’t leave behind garbage on the trail, that drives me crazy!


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—Photos and text by Mona Lee