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A$AP Ferg Is Down with Alexander Wang | Pop-In@Nordstrom x Alexander Wang

ferg_polaroidImage courtesy Alexander Wang

We were working ahead, interviewing rapper and fashion designer A$AP Ferg for a top-secret future Pop-In shop, when he mentioned Alexander Wang with an anecdote we thought you might like to read now.

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Alexander Wang

What’s a prominent memory when you realized music and fashion go together?

The most potent memory—and there’s so many—is when Alexander Wang invited us to come to his party. He had Nicki Minaj and all these different people performing. And he knew all the words. But if you didn’t know Alexander Wang, and you just knew the brand—heard his name through his brand … us, coming from the hood, we’re like, “Man, he’s not listening to us. He’s probably listening to opera or some Michelangelo stuff.” Really, he’s listening to A$AP Ferg, A$AP Mob and Lil’ Kim. It’s inspired him to do his collections. That’s a very potent memory I have.

Another one is Nigo and Pharrell. What Nigo did for hip-hop, bridging fashion and music. He brought us BAPE. And after that, Billionaire Boys Club. Even putting us onto Japanese culture, how serious they are about creating garments—it opened up another world to me.

That’s cool. We did an Alexander Wang interview yesterday.

Wow. I did a campaign for him. He’s so dope.

He’s genuine, I felt.

That’s why it works for him. He’s a young dude just killing the game. He does what feels right to him. It’s like Marc Jacobs, when he brought Kanye and Pharrell to design with him: he understood that these are the new leaders, the new preachers to the churches—the fashion houses being the church. Or these concerts, the Garden is the new church; Madison Square Garden is like church when we’re on the stage. They understand how much power we have. Alexander Wang putting me in his clothes and in his campaign, that’s a milestone. Because we grew up desiring these clothes, wanting to buy them. I remember blowing my first check on an Alexander Wang sweatsuit. You know what I’m saying? I go from that to getting gifts from him because I worked with him on a project.

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Alexander Wang