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Designer Adam Lippes Loves His Labradoodles and Vodka Cocktails in the Summertime

His first step into fashion was at Polo Ralph Lauren; his second was with Oscar de la Renta—where he spent almost seven years working directly with the legendary founder as the brand’s global creative director. So to say Adam Lippes is primed to be an important name in American luxury ready-to-wear is a bit of an understatement.


Adam Lippes with Lola. All images via Adam Lippes.

Says’s Nicole Phelps in her review of his fall 2016 collection, “He makes luxe clothes that feel of the moment without succumbing to fickle trends.”

But how does a guy like that—richly experienced, expertly angled at a bright future—spend his summer? That’s what we wanted to know.

The Thread: Traditionally, at least, August has signaled a universal summer break. It used to be that all of Manhattan would essentially close up shop. Those days are probably gone, but we’re hoping you and your crew will get to take a little break next month—at least clock out early on Fridays, or maybe do a couple of fun group happy hours?

Adam Lippes: While we are not able to take off the entire month of August, it is definitely the summer month when our office is most able to recharge and enjoy some well-earned time away. We do have half days on Fridays in the summer; I try to take off as many of these as I can. I really encourage my team to take time off—I don’t like counting vacation days. I’m a big believer that a lot of creative work happens outside of the office.

We have planned an office outing in mid-August, a late lunch by the pool at Soho House on a Thursday and then a surprise Friday off for everyone the following day!  Should be a fun day into night gathering.

What specific projects are keeping you tethered to your desk?

August is actually a busy time for us in design. All of our spring/summer fabrics arrive just before Italy closes on August 1, so we are busy designing and fitting the new collection—the one we will show at the beginning of September.


The lovely island of Capri, via Adam Lippes

Hopefully you got a little vacay in earlier this summer?

I traveled all of June. I went to an incredible wedding in Capri and then combined some work and a bit of fun for a week in London. I also spent a week traveling to Nordstrom Stores on the West Coast—I started down in Orange County and worked my way up the coast to Vancouver, B.C.

I am headed off to Corsica for a week soon, and then will pass back up through Paris for a couple days to check out the newly reopened Ritz.


Adam’s dogs; Bidu, Lola and Kiko

What’s the ideal summer vacation? Do you have spots you return to whenever the weather is warm, or is there a place you’ve always wanted to go?

I have a farm in the Berkshires in Southern Massachusetts and I like to spend as much time as possible there in the summer with my three dogs. It’s where I feel most relaxed and am also able to get a ton of work done.

I also love St. Bart’s–I feel very at home there. I try to spend two weeks a year there in November.

I have always wanted to go to Japan, and we just recently signed with a distributor there, so I will be going soon and will for sure mix work with exploring!


St. Bart’s, also pretty amazing. 

Where do folks go for summer lunch in your office neighborhood?  

We’ve got an incredible array of eateries around our office in NoMad. There’s Mario Batali’s Italian Emporium, Eataly, located just one block away. There’s a fantastic, almost hidden sushi restaurant, Itzakaya, just down the street; and an office favorite, a country-style Italian restaurant in the lobby of our building, Pecora Bianca.

Additionally, we’ve got a Vietnamese sandwich shop and an Indian concept restaurant just steps from our building entrance—not to mention one of the best fried chicken restaurants on our other corner. Truly, so many options, and all within less than a one-minute walk.

My favorite restaurants elsewhere in NYC are Sant Ambroeus in the West Village, Waverly Inn, and Indochine.

Best movie of the summer: 

I haven’t seen any yet—but I am super happy Ray Donovan is back on Showtime.

Best summer cocktail: 

Vodka with fresh lemonade, seltzer water and mint.

Best nearby beach or park: 

We have a great park catty-corner from our office called Madison Square Park. It has incredible, changing art installations, a Shake Shack, and tons of benches, tables, and grassy sections to sit on. It’s also an easy walk from our office to the West Side, where Hudson River Park lines the river and offers playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball and racquetball—and even sand courts for beach volleyball. There’s always a nice breeze there during our hot summers.

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—Laura Cassidy