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Runway Rundown: Akris

Photo prints create a one-of-a-kind statement at the Akris fall/winter 2014 runway show.

“A photograph is the launch pad and starting point of Thomas Ruff’s art,” says Albert Kriemler, creative director of Swiss fashion house Akris, on the German artist who influenced his design process for fall. “For my 10th year in Paris, I have chosen seven images [by Ruff], mostly related to the universe and galaxy we live in, and two ingenious photograms. Technology is always on my mind, more than ever, and the collaboration with a grand living artist and friend is a highly inspirational gift.”

Fall sketches by Albert Kriemler.

*We offer Akris in selected stores. For assistance, please contact a Designer Specialist at 1.877.543.7463.

Qianna Smith

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Photos: Courtesy of Akris &