Allure Mag Talks Korean Fashion with Olivia Kim | Required Reading

Olivia Kim makes Seoul’s pop-culture-obsessed fashion scene sound dangerously exciting. Talking recently about trends and It items with a writer at, she puts herself in the platform shoes of the city’s youth culture and imagines them going, “We’re going to embrace it. We’re going to love it. We’re going to kill it. And then we’re going to move on to the next thing.”

(Insert that wide-eyed, surprise-face emoji here.)

The imaginative style vibe of South Korea’s capital is totally trending right now, and in Allure‘s new must-read memo on the ten hottest brands, our New Jersey-raised, Korean-American creative projects VP dishes on the pop stars and designers who drive the obsession, trends and demand through the streets and then out into the world.

Snapshot of article on Korean fashion’s Korean fashion news flash


It’s a cool read and a great way to get caught up with what might become the world’s next fashion city—Seoul Fashion Week anyone?—and it’s also the perfect primer for our brand new Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION, which runs March 31 through May 7.

So, who are the designers behind these It items?

From long-running brands like Kuho to streetwear favorites such as SJYP and Rihanna-endorsed Hyein Seo, we think the most exciting and enduring of them are all in our shop.


Clothing from Kuho

SHOP: Kuho


Clothing from SJYP


Clothing from Hyein Seo

SHOP: Hyein Seo

Check out all the designers at Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION.

—Laura Cassidy