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Annie Georgia Greenberg Is Taking Over Our Instagram—and the World of Virtual Reality and Interesting Subcultures

At 27, Annie Georgia Greenberg is already in her second career. Sort of. She’s been a key personality at Refinery29 for almost as long as Refinery29 has been Refinery29. As a senior fashion editor she killed the game of knowing what was moving and shifting and trending—and why. Now that she’s the style/lifestyle media brand’s video producer and all-around emerging media lady boss, she travels the world making virtual reality and 360 video about humankind’s most interesting subcultures and arcane communities. Sometimes her stories intersect with fashion, and sometimes they don’t.

A short list of things she’s covered using innovative storytelling methods: cowboy poets, World AIDS Day, LGBT rights, and the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. And Fashion Month.


“I feel really privileged to be able to bear witness to the center of a lot of worlds—a lot of different kinds of people’s worlds,” she told us after we met up on Sunday afternoon. “I just want to tell stories, to create time capsules of our shared and unique human experiences.”

We managed to coax her away from the drones and new age cameras for a while (it didn’t actually require any coaxing) to do some vintage hunting around Paris with the most analog camera we could manage. Fashion people who spend their weekends looking for Dior shoes from the 6os while carrying around an Instax—that’s a cultlike subset of passionate personalities too, right?


Oh hey, Annie’s totally wearing those Phelan x WWAKE earrings we wrote about during NYFW.

Where she’s going/where she’s been: After Paris Fashion Week she takes off for Budapest, Osaka and Tokyo; she came here via Austin and Mexico. Envy her? It’s cool, you should. You should also follow her on Instagram—and on Nordstrom’s Instagram during her two-day Paris Fashion Week takeover.

On never not working: “I love to work though!” she says. “When I get back to New York next month, I might go get a massage in Chinatown or something, but then I’ll just be like, ‘Okay what’s next?’ I can’t remember the last time I Netflixed and chilled.”


On technology: “Oh, yeah, I’m a millennial but I don’t think of myself as a technology person. I never thought I’d be into VR, but it’s VR101 right now and later we’ll look back on this and be all ‘LOL!’ It’s kind of like being a pioneer, but knowing we’re going to laugh later at all the silly things we did.”

What she packs for a month that will take her from France to Asia: One carry-on and one-checked back, the contents of which include 12 pairs of shoes, 8 jackets and 8 dresses. We’re not at all sure how she managed that.


On whirlwind shopping: “I like a time crunch; it helps the decision-making process.”

Dumbest thing that’s happened thus far in Paris Fashion Week: “I accidentally threw my phone away going into the Nina Ricci show. I had to go back and fish it out in front of all the fashion people.”


Thing she said to friends upon running into them outside a vintage shop in the Bastille that was closed despite the fact that the sign on the door clearly indicated they should be open: “I’m tired, but I’m still having fun.”

Favorite things to buy when she’s traveling: “Coats, shoes and handbags—they’re the easiest to try on.”


What she’s missing by not being at home: Her improv class, which is a bummer because she’s in serious danger of being excluded from the student show due to, well … attendance issues.


What she scored today: An oversized red-and-black track jacket with a difficult to decipher logo and even stranger text on the back. Maybe someday she’ll figure out its origins and do a story about the esoteric items she finds out there on the fringe.

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—Laura Cassidy