Ari Fitz | Commemorating Pride Month

June is Pride Month–dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQ community, honoring its history and host to some of the most wild, colorful parades around the world. This year, we’re asking just some of the many out and inspiring people in the fashion and design community what the month means to them.

Ari Fitz is no stranger to the camera. You might remember her from MTV’s Real World: Ex-plosion in 2014, but, as a filmmaker and model, Ari is also known for schooling us all on her signature androgynous style in her popular web series TOMBOYISH. Check out the latest projects and style videos on her YouTube channel.



In a nutshell, what’s a normal day like for you?

I’m a filmmaker and style vlogger. I produce a web series called TOMBOYISH that features fashion from my closet and many others.

What’s your first memory of celebrating Pride Month?

My very first memory of Pride is house-dancing in the middle of the streets of San Francisco surrounded by colors, feather boas and all of my best friends. One of my most carefree moments to this day.

What does Pride Month mean to you?

Pride has changed significantly over time here in San Francisco. I’d say today Pride Month is simply a time when I can stand beside a group of people who “get me.”

What are you doing this year to celebrate?

I’m taking it easy this year, just a few day parties with my closest friends and checking out the parade.

How would you like to see Pride Month evolve in the United States or the world?

What I love about Pride today is it’s moved beyond its designated month. I like that you can see our pride through wider media representation now, and I’d love for that to continue.


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