Armani Presents Armani/Silos in Milan

How would you celebrate 40 years in fashion? Just weeks ago in Milan, on the exact same day that the city’s 2015 Expo opened, Giorgio Armani nodded at the past and the future with Armani/Silos—a museum of his work and times. Set to be open through the end of October, the first exhibit is a showcase of the sleek, structured yet expressive looks that established the designer’s name in Italy, America and beyond. Says Architectural Digest: “The straightforward structure, named Armani/Silos for the building’s origins as a 1950s granary, is yet another testament to the legendary designer’s practiced minimalism.”

“I thought that bringing clothes, accessories, bags and technical drawings together in a single space, as an archiving project with a particular, personal perspective, would be a concrete way to turn the past into a foundation for the future,” said Armani.

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On the genesis of the museum: “This idea came to me as I was thinking that the brand’s 40th anniversary could be an opportunity to reflect on my long career path and how it was influenced by changes in customs and society.”


This image by Davide Lovatti; all other images courtesy Armani

On the historical/industrial nature of the setting: “When I purchased this building—the Silos, built in 1950—it was used for grain storage. I decided to continue to call it Silos because it contained food, which you need for life. And to my way of thinking, clothing is a part of life too. My Silos is a place that stores and offers vital material. Similarly, it will also be a place that values creativity, preserving it and offering it as food for the future.”

On Milan: “Doing it in Milan was a natural decision. This is where I decided to live, to work, and where I participate in the city’s daily growth with new events and projects. It is the city that represents me and that I continue to choose to spend my time in every day.”


The exhibit by the numbers:

600 outfits

200 accessories

4,500 square meters of gallery space on four floors; the ceilings are painted black, the floors are grey concrete

800,000 commemorative stamps bearing Armani’s sketch of the building are available across Italy


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—Laura Cassidy