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Asking for a Friend: Can You Mix Golf Clothes Into Your Regular Wardrobe?

We get this question all the time: Can I wear my golf clothes after I’m done golfing? The answer is yes. Golf apparel can indeed be liberated from the course.

All it takes is a little mixing and matching. There are no hard rules, although we don’t recommend rocking head-to-toe golf gear in the real world. Blend in one or two pieces at a time, however, and you’ll be good.

To show how you might approach this mix, we called on the photography skills of Nordstrom Senior Content Producer Thig Gishuru, who in turn called on Cole DeLeon for modeling. They’re friends who share a second life: Thig is Cole’s older brother in the Seattle rap world, Thig being in the group the Physics, Cole in Brothers from Another. So this shoot had a little of that energy.

We caught up with Cole afterward to talk about hanging out with your heroes, dressing differently as you get older—and the joy of golf even when you’re awful.

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How’s it going, man?

Good. Enjoying another day sitting directly next to our friend Thig.

Oh, word. The person I sit next to at work—I’m cool with it because I really want a dog, but I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with one subject before. I just talk to this woman about her dog all day.

Where are you working?

I’m at Microsoft right now on a contract job in marketing. It’s cool. It’s not being a rapper, but it’s the next best thing I guess.

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So are you not thinking about rapping as employment?

I don’t know. We’re in an interesting place with BFA. We put out our last cohesive project two years ago. We’re at an age when everyone realizes we can do different things, and that’s OK. We’ve drifted into different areas but still definitely make music. We aren’t formulaic about it, though, thinking about it less like a job.

You’re not planning to do a sequel to This Summer, maybe called Next Summer?

Ha, no. We go to Nima Skeemz’s studio every Friday, though. He’s been so good to us for the past six, seven years.

Let’s talk about these photos.

Yeah, Thig called me up and asked if I wanted to shoot. And I’d seen the Porter Ray photos on the Nordstrom blog and was like, well, maybe Thig will have me looking somewhere near that level of cool. He showed up with hella golf clothes—which were nice and low-key, very comfortable.

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When you think of “golf clothes,” what do you think of—versus what Thig showed up with?

I think plaid. He brought no plaid, at least in the golf clothes. There was a time in high school when I was listening to a lot of the Cool Kids, and thought I could make a visor a thing. I wore a visor for a shockingly large part of high school. That’s golf style, I think. Tiger Woods kills it with the golf hat—I think that’s the origin of the dad hat, actually. But you know Thig. He’s got a golden eye for everything. It was cool seeing his spot. Thig is like, the coolest. Him and Porter are the coolest dudes in the city.

How old are you?

I’m 24. Oh wait! No, I’m not. I’m 25. Wow, I’m still doing that. I had a birthday last month.

Do you notice that your style is changing?

Yes and no. I have moments when I try and wear stuff that looks good kicking it and at work. But then when I start to feel too old, I do stuff I didn’t really even do in high school, like buy a pair of Jordans. Mainly I’m trying to buy stuff that I’ll have for a long time and not just hella flashy stuff to wear for, like, one show.

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Which Jordans did you buy?

The 1s. The blue and white ones. They’re my favorite pair of shoes.

Do you have any real-life experience golfing?

Actually I went for the very first time in my life two days ago. I was in L.A. for my sister’s birthday, and after a couple beers with my brother and new brother-in-law, we realized we were two blocks away from a golf course and were like, let’s do it. We were terrible. I had no idea what I was doing.

You didn’t hit the driving range? You decided to play a full round?

We went for the full 18. We didn’t make it 18, though. We were out there for four hours and only got through nine holes. But it was hella fun. As part of being in a music group, you have the advantage of never thinking anything’s your fault. But in those solo sports, when you suck, you suck. Nobody to blame.