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Asking for a Friend: The Two Things You Need to Rock Korean Fashion

If we had to name just one thing we love about the super fresh, globally relevant looks in our new Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION, it’d be that they’re super easy to mix into your closet. They put the “ready” in ready-to-wear—it’s as simple as that.

KFashion styles from Yune Ho, KUHO and J KOO, worn with pointy-toe oxfords by TOGA from SPACE.

But you know, we always want to go next-level and dial the look all the way in, and for that, thank goodness we’ve got Keara Matthiesen. As a key member of the Nordstrom stylist squad, she’s responsible for knowing the coolest way to mix the newest pieces, and how to add just the right bell or whistle here or there. And when not to add anything at all.

In this Korean Fashion–themed trip through Keara’s brain, we found out that two magical pieces do the work of tying your entire spring wardrobe together.


“In doing research for the KFASHION shoot,” she told us, “I looked at lots of different Korean style sites to get a bird’s-eye view into the current vibe there. So many fishnets and so many white shoes!

And there you have it: sneakers for sure, but we’re also 100% behind pointy toes and non-trad sandals for the season, too—and lots of day-for-night, on-trend hosiery.

“What I love about our KFASHION shop,  and what really inspires me, is there is something for everyone: wild, simple, chic, and street. Adding white kicks and fishnets as a common thread made all the various vibes come together.”

Let’s see it in action.

“White sneakers are forever classic for men and women,” says Keara. “I can’t think of a better way to clean up your spring and summer wardrobe than with the perfect pair of white sneakers! Something about the starkness of putting together a black-and-white outfit to pair with white sneakers on a beautiful spring day just feels modern and sleek, and I love the way really sharp colors that may seem odd together are tied together by a white shoe.”

And to keep the socks-and-shoes fever going in the warmer weather: those hose. “They’re no longer just for a night out,” says our stylist. “Add the short fishnet silhouette to your repertoire, or put full hose under jeans—you can wear them all day. In fact, seeing them peeking out from the top of your waistband like with these Kye pants—or showing through the holes of your denim—is like the ultimate Aaliyah-inspired, sexy ’90s throwback.”

Keara’s Quick Fishnets-and-White Shoes Hits:

++“Veronika Heilbrunner is my forever style icon because she is always incorporating either classic Nikes or Converse with a fancy dress.”++

++“I think this summer you will see fishnets worn like Jesse Jo Stark wears them in a very cool summer rock-chick way, or like Dakota Fanning wears them under shorts with cool, downtown NYC-girl vibes. Or how Sahara Ray rocks them as sort of a combination of the two. The trend will continue into fall à la Blanca Miró, as tights under a skirt or chic coat, and as in the classic Kendall Jenner under-jeans looks. Essentially it is just a cool way to add an edge layer of interest to your outfit. I think wearing them in a modern way is essentially making them chic as opposed to the sort of ’80s grunge or punk way.”++

++“A good pair of all-white Vans is always good; I wore a pair to a wedding last summer and everyone really liked the look!”++

++“I think the Hyein Seo girl is the ultimate Korean Fashion cool girl—she is wearing the sweatsuit to go shopping during the day and she adds a cool lip color or earring and wears it out at night. On the opposite end, the Neul girl is maybe a bit more of a small town vibe; she goes to a beautiful garden during the day and an art show at night. She is still super cool but maybe doesn’t have that edge.”++

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—Laura Cassidy