Your Weekend Revealed, Courtesy the AstroTwins

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if the weekend was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your Saturday and Sunday via these new weekly TGIF horoscopes from our favorite astrologers in the universe, the AstroTwins.

Worried your 2015 health goals are out of reach? You don’t need to launch into full-on training for the next Ironman triathlon to get your body on the right track, Aries. Scale back, and sign up for a yoga studio membership or join your local Road Runners club geared at beginners. Saturday’s Sun-moon trine lends an extra hand by boosting your mojo, so you can get those wellness resolutions into action. Just set yourself up for success, and join an activity that matches your current fitness level. A dynamic duo you’re part of takes center stage on Sunday, thanks to the Libra moon in your partnership house. Assume an attitude of gratitude, and express your appreciation to the people who came through for you over the holidays. Pick up the brunch tab, hold cocktail hour at your place, or write personalized thank-you notes. One special someone has gone over and above the call of duty, so ensure that you carve out some one-on-one time on Sunday. Heads up: Cupid’s got a clear shot so things could heat up fast.

On the love front, your deck is stacked this Saturday, so roll the dice. Go big or go home—and we hope you venture far from own backyard. A person from another provenance, culture, or social sphere could light your fire. Don’t hang back and wait for an invitation. Make the first move, Bull! Already attached? Fan the flames with fantasies of faraway exotic locales. You never know—a little perusing on Travelocity might find you clicking your way to a paradise in Polynesia, a romantic retreat in Rio de Janeiro, or a tangoing adventure in Argentina. Sunday’s Libra moon lights up your healthy living house all day long, so unroll the yoga mat or lace up those cross trainers. Instead of your standard Bloody Mary-fueled brunch, meet up for Pilates class followed by vegetarian fare. Clear a couple of hours in your day to take care of those domestic to-do’s. You’ll have the mojo and concentration to cross them off your list, allowing you to start the workweek with a clean slate.

Intimacy is the name of the game this Saturday, thanks to a union between the Sun and moon. Take a raincheck on group invitations, and reserve your time for more meaningful tete-a-tetes. The cosmic confab encourages secret-sharing and trust-building, making it a great day to invite someone new into your private world. You also bring sexy back. Ignite the sparks with a chocolate fondue…or bring the whole tray to the bedroom and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. Keep riding that romance wave on Sunday when the moon decamps to Libra and your passionate fifth house. You’ll be ready to leave your little love nest and venture out into the world, power couple style. Get dressed up and brunch at a see-and-be-seen bistro, or wander through the gallery district followed by steaming cappuccinos. Unattached? Practice the art of self-love with a trip to the salon. Don’t underestimate how small gestures can make a big difference in how you feel. A blowout and a new pair of Choos will make you glow from the inside out.

Saturday’s Sun-moon trine sets the scene to raise THAT issue again, but you’ll be focused on achieving resolution. The trick is to approach the subject from a different angle, instead of reliving the same conversation continually. Remember: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Toss aside your assumptions, and ask new questions. Listening, not talking, is what will shine a light on the answer. Come Sunday, the Libra moon in your domestic sector gives you permission to move into hibernation mode. Devote the day to puttering about the house, rewatching Twin Peaks, and perhaps even soaking in a lavender-infused tub. The muse may come knocking, Cancer, so answer her call. Whether you’re dusting off your acrylics or diving into a new DIY project, create with wild abandon. If you do end up wanting some company, keep it intimate. Treat a couple close friends to your famous culinary delights.

While others moan about returning to the daily grind, you’re quietly psyched to jump back into the 9-to-5 groove. Saturday’s harmonious Sun-moon trine lends an assist in structuring your 2015 strategies with ease and efficiency. Clear away last year’s files, and draft out a 30-day action plan. Being productive gives you a sense of purpose. If you’ve already checked off everything on your to-do list, be creative and whip up a new mission to tackle. Come Sunday, create plenty of time in your schedule for fun and games. The Libra moon illuminates your playful third house, setting the perfect social scene for advancing fledgling friendships and making fresh ones. Just one caveat: if your connection to a new amie is based on shared painful experiences, keep her off the guest list. This lunar energy is all about light and laughter, so stay out of the shadows.

Stay in the light, Virgo. This Saturday, an energetic angle between the Sun and moon puts you in an optimistic bubble, helping you ward off the Debbie Downers in your world. No task is too daunting to take on, so forge ahead! On the romance front, take the lead. Use that pluck coursing through your veins, and be the bold one. Coupled? The element of surprise can work to your advantage. Think: greet your sweetie at the door, wearing nothing but your favorite number from Agent Provocateur. Meow! On Sunday, your love of luxe is activated as the Libra moon hovers in your second house of possessions. There’s no need to break the bank, but you can indulge in the finer things within reason. Even the smallest of treats can feel decadent, like savoring an Irish coffee in an upscale cafe, or buying a small bottle of that French perfume you’ve been wanting to try. Surround yourself with beauty: soak up the offerings at an art exhibit, visit an indoor butterfly garden, have cocktails at a bar filled with attractive people. Feed your senses, and nourish your soul.

On Saturday, a serendipitous meeting could reveal a female mentor, infusing you with newfound optimism for what lays ahead. Chances are this woman has more experience under her belt than you do. Don’t let her age distract you from learning valuable tools. Whether she’s significantly older or younger than you, be receptive to her life lessons. She knows what she’s talking about. And if you don’t have it all together, stop acting like you do or she won’t be able to support you properly. Come Sunday, if you’ve still got a glass-is-half-empty perspective on life, a new moon in Libra turns that around. There’s nothing like a little spontaneous playtime to top your tanks, so move into exploratory mode. Head out on a road trip, or sniff out undiscovered nooks and crannies in your own barrio. Hanging out with other creative and forward-thinking people can also buoy your spirit. Declare an embargo on any sad or difficult topics for the day in the name of allowing fresh ideas to flow in.

Shake those spirit fingers! Saturday’s harmonious Sun-moon trine nudges you to pull out your pom-poms to keep morale and productivity high. A coordinated team effort is what will bring this baby across the finish line, so rally the troops and organize the action plan. The key to success is bringing others onboard with your vision. After that, the rest will fall into place. When it comes to your social life, Scorpio, drop the red velvet ropes. The bigger the crowd, the better the party. Just keep in mind that mantra doesn’t carry over to Sunday, when the moon moves into your twelfth house of rejuvenation, calling for some serious downtime. Book an afternoon deep-tissue massage, or take a couple hours to indulge in sea salt soak-sauna combo. Some intense emotions could come to the surface, but do your best to observe, not react. Vent your feelings on paper, or share them with a trusted friend. Working through these emotions is a process, and for the moment, all you need to focus on is owning how you feel. By mid-next week you should have a clearer idea of how to move forward.

Look around, Sagittarius: today, many people surround you who can help advance your professional goals. With the moon in your tenth house of career and men, your best bet is to reach out to a guy who sits higher on the ladder than you. Request if you can get his opinion on a certain matter. Respect his limited time and be succinct. At minimum, you’ll create a stronger relationship with him… but you could also end up with a lot more support than you bargained for. Score! On Sunday, a Libra new moon in your social eleventh house leaves you craving lots of company. It’s a stellar day to try a fresh scene on for size, and meet new people. Give a lively group activity a whirl: play darts at your local pub, jump into a karaoke tournament, reserve a private room at your favorite restaurant so there’s plenty of space for your friends to bring friends. Keep plans simple, let your hair down, and allow the fun to evolve organically. As a bonus, this lunar light could actually reward your authenticity by connecting you with an influential crew. Just be yourself, and you’ll be wearing the Miss Popularity sash before the weekend’s through.

Wanderlust alert! This Saturday, with a harmonious angle between the Capricorn Sun and the moon in your adventure sector, a spontaneous weekend away can do wonders for your energy levels and outlook on the world. Even if you don’t pack a bag, a day trip in a fresh locale outside city limits will top your optimism tanks. If you need to stick close to home base, cross-cultural connections sizzle with potential. Heck, you could even get creative by conjuring up a work project that requires collaboration with others in another part of the globe, perhaps Cape Town, Copenhagen or Canberra! Come Sunday, the Libra moon lingers in your career house, putting your mind on work matters. Use this energy to get ahead of the game. Prioritize tasks for the week ahead, prep that presentation, practice your upcoming pitch. It’s also a good day to refresh your professional wardrobe. No need to scrap everything, and start anew. Shop for a practical yet pretty piece that you can mix and match with other basics in your wardrobe. When you look good, you can’t help but feel confident. Networking on Sunday could yield promising results. Check out an industry event, sign up for a field-related discussion group, or brunch with an inspiring friend who’s created her own success.

Warm and fuzzy is where it’s at on Saturday, Aquarius. Sure, your sign is typically known for your calm, cool and collected M.O., but a Sun-moon trine brings out your softer side. There’s no shame is craving more intimate connections, so open your heart. If you have a love interest in your life, it’s a great day to deepen your relationship, but don’t forget about your friends. Getting the gang together for brunch, or even helping out with a cause you all care about can be a stellar bonding experience. You might find yourself drawn to one particular person in your posse. Once the party starts to break up, go off and revel in some one-on-one time. On Sunday, a Libra moon in your adventurous ninth house gives you a longing for terra nova. Don’t waste time on Google Maps. Jump in the Zipcar, and head out for a spontaneous day of unstructured exploration. You could come across funky little town events, or a new neighborhood teeming with indie-run shops. Multicultural mingling could reveal chemistry, too. Bring on the spicy accents!

Bring on the love! Saturday’s harmonious Sun-moon trine showers you with a healthy dose of the warm-fuzzies when you explore fresh groups of people. Sign up for a workshop with a metaphysical bent, mingle with the avant-garde art crowd, check out an alternative music scene. Single? You could feel a spark with someone you meet along the way, or even with a friend-of-a-friend. If you do have a special soul in your life, don’t shut yourself off from other meaningful connections. Explore terra nova as couple. Come Sunday, your blinders will be firmly in place when it comes to your professional goals, but you’ll actually get farther by taking them off. No, it’s not counterintuitive, Pisces. Tune into those around you, and you’ll develop alliances that will actually accelerate your ascent. Besides, when you’re paying closer attention you won’t inadvertently step on someone while climbing your way to the top. Draw on your likeable nature, and you’ll forge important bonds as you go. When you reach the peak, it will be that much more fulfilling knowing you’re not alone.