Your Essential Horoscope from the AstroTwins | Pop-In@Nordstrom’s New Classics

Okay Aries, who are you—really? And Scorpio: what’s at the heart of your true nature, and your inherent style?

In honor of our New Classics Pop-In, we asked the AstroTwins to get to the heart of each sign and tell us what’s classic, natural and fundamental about each one.

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Check out our sign-by-sign guide to strengths, motivation, style, behavior—and the year ahead.


Classic Aries Strengths: Aries exude confidence and charisma. Although your take-charge authority—and yeah, the sense that you’re entitled to the best of the best—can intimidate some people, you are a born leader and trailblazer.

Classic Aries Motivation: Mars, the brash, fearless warrior, is your planetary ruler. So it makes sense that Aries want to be the first and the best at whatever you do. You’re more competitive with yourself than you are with others though. Your focus is on creating something truly original.

Classic Aries Style: It’s not hard to pick an Aries out of the crowd. Your look is fashion forward and undeniably fresh like Aries Sarah Jessica Parker and Perez Hilton. You favor one-of-a-kind pieces, often in your signature color red.

A Classic Aries Moment: Coming out of left field with something so original that people scratch their heads, and then, watching as it becomes a much-hyped trend six months later. (Cue Aries Pharrell Williams and his mountaineer hat.)

Aries’ New Classic for 2015-16: In the year ahead you’ll surprise people by becoming more of a minimalist than you’re been in the past — and a lot more organized too. But just because you’ve toned it down doesn’t mean you won’t turn heads.



Classic Taurus Strengths: Loyal, steadfast Taurus is as dependable as the seasons. You like to be the rock for your loved ones, upholding traditions and keeping family and friends close. While you’re quite practical, you are hardly boring! You can also be indulgent with food, fashion and fun times.

Classic Taurus Motivation: As the astrological architect, you’re interested in building a solid foundation that can support you—and make life easier—over time. Slow and steady wins the race, and you’re not afraid to “wax on, wax off” to master your craft. Your tenacity is what wins you loyalty points over the years.

Classic Taurus Style: Ruled by design-obsessed Venus you love your labels and couture houses. You crave quality and excellence—and these values are woven into the fibers of your silk-lined jackets and buttery leather shoes. Like fashion ingénue, Taurus Tavi Gevinson and her signmate sister Donatella Versace, you favor timeless elegance with a colorful twist.

A Classic Taurus Moment: Showing up two hours late to an event because you were savoring a meal, sleeping in your high-thread-count sheets, or making sure your hair and makeup were “just so.”

Taurus New Classic for 2015-16: Are you ready for your close-up? The limelight is calling and in the year ahead you could get praise, props and public recognition. The performer in you peeks out for a cameo. Find your stage!



Classic Gemini Strengths: Geminis are insanely clever and quick on your feet. You’re like a walking trivia machine, news reporter and concierge rolled into one. Your friendly, unfiltered energy helps everyone around you lighten up and start talking.

Classic Gemini Motivation:
Curiosity may have killed the cat but it’s a Gemini’s lifeline. You hate to be bored! The sense that there’s more to learn and discover is why you hop out of bed each morning — or keep people on your short list of true friends.

Classic Gemini Style: It’s all in the details! Accessories make your outfit — vintage cufflinks, stacked rings, killer heels — especially if they have a story behind them. You love a paradox, mixing runway couture and street style pieces in a way that no one else can duplicate. Hello, Geminis Kanye West and Angelina Jolie!

A Classic Gemini Moment: Announcing an epic moment in your life to your social network, then, casually changing your mind, like “Meh, no big deal.” #YourPrerogative

Gemini’s New Classic for 2015-16: You’re the zodiac’s unapologetic flirt and you’re known to be fickle sometimes. But the call to settle down and get domestic will be strong in the year ahead.



Classic Cancer Strengths: Family-oriented and sensitive, you’re a nurturer by nature — you take great care of the people you love. Creativity is your calling card, whether you’re painting, cooking, making music, or decorating your home.

Classic Cancer Motivation: While you can be adventurous, Cancers require a baseline of security in order to relax. A comfortable home, enough money in the bank, job security — once you have that covered, your next favorite thing is to spoil your family and close friends.

Classic Cancer Style: Clean, classic and cozy with a bespoke twist — that’s the Cancer way. As a water sign, you look great in a preppy, nautical-inspired style: navy blazers with crisp white shirts or pants, breton stripes. Comfy-yet-fitted sweaters are a must. You’ll break up the strict lines with ruffles, lace, or vintage-inspired accessories like your grandmother’s pearls or your father’s watch. The baby doll look suits some Cancers like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

A Classic Cancer Moment:
Showing up unannounced at a struggling friend’s door with a home-cooked meal, a box of tissues and a pre-loaded pep talk.

Cancer’s New Classic for 2015-16: Come on out of that cocoon! You’re more of a social butterfly than usual in the year ahead and could land a job that requires you to do more face-to-face networking than you’re used to.



Classic Leo Strengths: Noble and magnanimous you are a natural leader and role model. You are simply entertaining to watch, whether you’re putting on a performance or just performing your duties in life. Your warm and vibrant personality can light up a room.

Classic Leo Motivation: No apologies needed — you want to be famous, Leo. Or at the very least, known and admired for accomplishing something magnificent like introverted Leo astronaut Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon. Aspiring to greatness is a noble pursuit so find your passion and go for it.

Classic Leo Style:
Hello, showstopper! Like Leos Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez, you’re a red carpet darling, turning heads with your signature style. Colorful, eclectic, and even metallic — every day is a costume party for some Leos. Even your casual look is sharp and snappy, like signmate Jennifer Lawrence and Barack Obama. Your hair is your crowning glory and you may change your mane regularly or invest a lot in its upkeep.

A Classic Leo Moment: Opening your mouth to speak, sing, perform, present, or just add your two cents and turning the occasion into performance art. Can you say, “spellbound audience?”

Leo’s New Classic for 2015-16: Leo Coco Chanel once advised fashionistas to remove one accessory before leaving the house. In the year ahead, we’ll see a more scaled back, sophisticated and business-focused version of you emerge.



Classic Virgo Strengths: Ignore any rumors about Virgos being boring. You’re the zodiac’s alchemist and with your practical magic you can turn anything into pure gold. And though you’re a planner, you’re the one to organize the fun, researching adventures few others have the patience to find.

Classic Virgo Motivation: You’re a perfectionist and mastery is your goal — even if it takes a lifetime to achieve it. Like notoriously fastidious Virgo Karl Lagerfeld, you’ll retool, refine and redesign endlessly in your make-better quests. But your finished product always dazzles, which is what you’re aiming for. Practice makes perfect!

Classic Virgo Style:
Virgos are preppy-yet-playful. You stun in natural fibers, crisp white linens and rich browns — but you’re not afraid of colors, patterns and even the loud, oversized accessory. Whether you’re rocking street-style sneakers or a heritage label pea coat (or flashy costumes designed by your mom, a la Virgo Beyonce) you like storied clothes that are also great conversation pieces.

A Classic Virgo Moment: Spouting off random trivia — like the history of a resurgent artist or the best single-origin coffee brands — and saving friends from making boring, basic choices.

Virgo’s New Classic for 2015-16:
Modesty, schmodesty. With lucky, spotlight-stealing Jupiter in your sign from August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016 (a once per decade event) you have the Beyonce factor now. Put yourself out there; you can’t do wrong.



Classic Libra Strengths: Peace, love and harmony are the Libra trinity. With your melodious voice and welcoming charm you put people at ease. Although you can be materialistic, you’re not a snob. Friends are often happy recipients of your luxe hand-me-downs. Sharing is caring for generous Libra.

Classic Libra Motivation: “Do the right thing” is peacekeeping Libra’s motto. You have a keen sense of justice. But there’s only one thing that motivates you more than fairness. Romantic Venus is your ruler and you would do anything for love (yes, probably that).

Classic Libra Style: No one understands the subtly disarming power better than a Libra. From your clothes to your car to your home décor you make savvy choices like Libra GOOP maven Gwyneth Paltrow. Symmetry matters: You can pull off the matchy matchy look — or clashing patterns, thanks to your keen eye for color. Like Libra Gwen Stefani your look can be both edgy and sweet. You stun in an elegant suit or a blazer over jeans.

A Classic Libra Moment:
Saying yes to three parties in the same night and miraculously managing to attend them all like socialite signmate Kim Kardashian.

Libra’s New Classic for 2015-16:
Your perfectly ordered world could get a little messy in the year ahead and for a change you’re okay with that. You could take a gap year or a monthlong sabbatical, learning to meditate or pursuing your art with fervor.



Classic Scorpio Strengths: You’re as focused as a falcon, Scorpio. No one can persevere or radar in on a microscopic detail better than you. Unlocking codes is your forte, whether you’re programming websites or figuring out the human psyche. Mysterious and enchanting, you can keep a secret locked in the vault for eternity.

Classic Scorpio Motivation:
You’re a changemaker, inspired to rock whatever industry calls your name and gain the leading edge. While you want your name on the map, it’s merit that motivates you, not the limelight. You might even make your mark by working behind the scenes as an editor or producer like Scorpio Diddy.

Classic Scorpio Style: Small batch style, please! Sultry Scorpios are tastemakers who prefer capsule collections and indie-label designers. Your outfits might create uproars like Scorpio Bjork’s legendary swan dress — or push boundaries with their seductive cuts like lifelong sex symbol Scorpio Demi Moore. Black is always your new black whether you’re rocking a motorcycle jacket or a body-con dress. Sunglasses are the ubiquitous accessory to hide your flashing eyes.

A Classic Scorpio Moment:
Flying under the radar then suddenly announcing that you just got married, had a baby, or locked down a six-figure deal.

Scorpio’s New Classic for 2015-16:
Keep your mind on your money! You’ll be working hard in the year ahead and even learning how to be a (gulp) team player. Let go of that Scorpio control and collaborate.



Classic Sagittarius Strengths: When life gives you lemons, you’ll open an artisanal lemonade stand. Sagittarius is the ultimate optimist and entrepreneur. Independent and curious, you aren’t afraid to take a risk and try new things a la signmate Brad Pitt. Seeking wisdom is your obsession, which you pass on to friends as helpful advice.

Classic Sagittarius Motivation:
Life is one long learning experience as far as you’re concerned. You’re not afraid to fail as long—as the lessons come with a great adventure and a story to tell. You’d rather be challenged than bored any day — sitting still is not your restless sign’s strong suit.

Classic Sagittarius Style: As the zodiac’s traveler and ambassador, your closet looks a bit like an international bazaar. Embroidered tunics, flowy pants, charm necklaces that are spiritual symbols—you’ve got the gypset look locked down. Colorful activewear comes next since you’re also athletic. A backpack to hold all your books and overnight gear is an essential accessory. You love a little shock value with your fashion dares like signmates Miley Cyrus and Nicky Minaj.

A Classic Sagittarius Moment: Insulting and complimenting someone simultaneously, then saying something Yoda-like to get yourself out of the jam.

Sagittarius’ New Classic for 2015-16:
“Man plans, the universe laughs” has been your mantra for years but not anymore. With structure-hound Saturn parked in Sagittarius until December 2017, it’s time to project manage your own life!



Classic Capricorn Strengths: Driven doesn’t begin to describe you. Whatever you set your mind to, you tackle with tenacity and a quest to be the best. Loyal, traditional and family-oriented, you hang on to friends for a lifetime. You’re a natural provider who can be a bit of a workaholic. But hey, you’re setting up a legacy here and your inner circle is bound to benefit.

Classic Capricorn Motivation:
Let’s face it, Capricorn—you like the job to be done right and you know that no one’s going to pull it off better than you. You love the thrill of a challenge and the adventure of acing something new. Once you find your wheelhouse, you’ll stay in it until you’ve become the crème de la crème.

Classic Capricorn Style:
Simple, earthy elegance is a Capricorn’s calling card. Like timeless beauty Kate Moss or the eternally elegant Denzel Washington (both Caps) you can make a basic t-shirt and jeans look BAE. You’ll spend on understated luxury and heritage brands—hey, that T-shirt you’re killing it in probably wasn’t from a Hanes 3-Pack.

A Classic Capricorn Moment: Getting so absorbed in the work that you’re doing that you open your office door to find that everyone (but you and the janitor) has been gone for hours.

Capricorn’s New Classic for 2015-16: Who you, a dreamer? Your soulful, creative side is emerging. Rather than overbooking your schedule, make room for playtime, relaxation and above all, romance.



Classic Aquarius Strengths: Unicorns do exist! They broke the mold when they made you Aquarius. You aren’t trying to be unique, you just are. You’re also hilarious, a team player and a freethinker who will stick up for the underdog.

Classic Aquarius Motivation: Pass the ukulele. You live for that kumbaya moment where everyone is just connecting, sharing and getting along. No surprise “One Love” Bob Marley was born under your star sign. Making the world a better place is your passion, whether you’re fundraising on social media or practicing random acts of kindness.

Classic Aquarius Style:
Don’t judge a book by its cover — that’s something you’ll teach the world. You might be dressed like the boy- or girl-next-door, but you’ll do it with flair a la Aquarians Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Aniston. There’s also the boho-chic Aquarius like Alicia Keys who shimmers in crystals, beaded braids and offbeat styles. You’re the opposite of materialistic: It’s the look, not the label that matters to you.

A Classic Aquarius Moment: Cracking a mic-dropping joke in a deadpan voice that leaves everyone laughing for days. Cue Aquarius Chris Rock.

Aquarius’ New Classic for 2015-16: Indie-spirited Aquarians could be coupling up in droves over the coming year. While you might never find your mirror, you could meet a complementary match.



Classic Pisces Strengths: Compassion is the Pisces calling card; you truly do feel people. Being the ultimate empath isn’t always easy but through your heartache you teach people to be loving and accepting. Your imagination is otherworldly. Like signmates Alexander McQueen and Steve Jobs your strokes of creative genius are game-changers.

Classic Pisces Motivation: You march to the beat of the muse. If you’re not inspired at a soul level, you just… can’t. Helping the less fortunate is your other raison d’etre. If you could single-handedly end human suffering, you would give up everything in a heartbeat.

Classic Pisces Style: Ethereal and eclectic, your clothes “dance” with your form. Long dresses, flowy tunic tops, loose fitting pants—you’ve got boho chic locked down like eternally adorable Pisces Drew Barrymore. Another favorite is the touring rockstar look: leather jackets, motorcycle boots, skinny jeans. If you must conform to office attire, you’ll stay edgy in colorful dress shirts with funky buttons or multi-hued Chanel blazers. The shoes, however, always make your outfit.

A Classic Pisces Moment: Telling everyone at a serious business meeting that you have to cut out early for a past life regression appointment with your shaman.

Pisces’ New Classic for 2015-16: Could you be getting… ambitious, Pisces? No, money doesn’t rule your world, but in the year ahead, you’ll appreciate the security it brings to your life. Stay focused on one goal instead of scattering your energy and a promotion is in store.

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