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Atlein’s Jersey Draping Marries Comfort and French Fashion

Comfort and curve-hugging don’t usually coincide. Neither do French style and soft jersey. Atlein exists at the intersection of these stylish desirables. Parisian designer Antonin Tron’s technique for working in jersey—a famously tricky material—earned him the 2016 ANDAM Fashion Award for First Collections Prize. Tron’s elegant dresses marry the romantic with the kinetic, permitting easy movement and unrestricted fluidity. In his hands, jersey looks like silk and flexes like spandex.

We spoke with Tron about his much-lauded new label. Here’s what he shared.

Describe your brand in three words.

Fluidity, movement, authenticity.

Atlein, FW '17

What inspired Fall 2017?

It’s a very important collection, as it was our fashion-show debut at Paris fashion week. The collection was designed with an active body and gesture in mind. From the start, Atlein is a focused exploration of jersey and its properties, where the material dictates the design. The collection is based on carefully calibrated material collisions, with the hypnotic allure of a car crash in slow motion, as in a John Chamberlain sculpture.

Atlein FW '17

What is your advice about personal style?

Know your body and your needs, understand yourself, never be afraid.

Atlein FW '17

What is your design philosophy?

Atlein is a destination, a place for research and independence. I aim to present a new proposition for women based on quality, comfort and innovation.

Atlein FW '17

What is one thing every customer should know about your brand?

Every piece of Atlein starts from scratch in our atelier. There is little design involved, as most of the work is developed directly on the body, draping and shaping each garment anew every season, with the purpose of creating something new. Taming jersey requires a physical approach, where the material is shaped, draped and formed first with the hands. The relationship with the body is fundamental to me and an essential part of Atlein. No matter how interesting the design is, fit and comfort always come first.

Atlein FW '17

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