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Wedding Trimmings: You’ve Got the Dress, Now Get the Rest

Congratulations. There were millions out there, yet you managed to find "the one." Or maybe you've chosen two? (If so, no one's judging—a shorter reception dress is a handy option for the dance floor.) Either way, now you can move on to assembling your wedding-day trousseau—from jewelry and a veil [...]

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Everlane’s 100% Human Collection: A Champion of Human Rights

In January 2017, Everlane launched its 100% Human Collection in response to the visibly divisive mood of the nation at the time. For CEO Michael Preysman and the Everlane team, it wasn't about being a Democrat or a Republican, it wasn't about left or right; it was about celebrating the [...]

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Everlane Founder & CEO Michael Preysman on the Concept of Radical Transparency

Once upon a time, a young Michael Preysman graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a dual degree in computer engineering and economics, trying to reimagine a viable clothing-business model despite having little fashion knowledge. Three years later, at the age of 25, the self-starter launched Everlane with a disrupter's desire [...]

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Zella in Your Corner: 3 Basic Boxing Drills to Know Before You Get in the Ring

This October, Zella observes 10 years in the activewear industry. To get into the celebratory swing of things, the Nordstrom-exclusive brand is honoring the occasion with a special capsule collection dedicated to a burgeoning sport with some serious fighting spirit: women's boxing. While female competitors have been throwing punches since [...]

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Everlane’s Case for Clean Jeans (Now Available at Pop-In@Nordstrom)

Denim is a dirty business. Astonishingly, it takes an average of 2,600 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans (that's three times more than you'll probably use in a month of showers). Add to that the toxic chemicals that leach out of most denim manufacturing systems into local [...]

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Everlane’s Top 10 Bestsellers (a.k.a. What Everyone Else Is Buying)

Like clockwork, every fall, the same sartorial fire drill repeats over and over in our minds: Do we have enough sweaters? What about jackets? Is it time to invest in some new jeans? Maybe a pair of jeans without the holes, so our legs don't freeze into blocks of ice [...]

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The 10 Fall Beauty Essentials Byrdie Editors Can’t Live Without

At Byrdie, we’re obsessed with all things beauty, inside and out. We’re self-described product junkies, and we’re always testing out the latest stuff to see what actually works. Take note: We have a nose for gimmicks. Keep an eye out for our guest posts, where our editors will share everything [...]

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Katie & Sharif | Real Weddings

This past year, Katie and Sharif celebrated their nuptials with a classic winter wedding in the historic city of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Tell us about the location. We got married in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Established 27 years before the United States, and located just seven miles outside of [...]

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Pop-in@Nordstrom x Hanes Chats with Dean the Basset (via Assistant Carly Bright)

  It's a dog's life. At least on Instagram, where social-media sensation Dean the Basset has racked up 200,000 followers at the tender age of three (hey, that's 21 in dog years!). With a penchant for pizza and comfy tees, turns out this cool Canadian canine is just like the [...]


Fall’s Juiciest Lipstick Color Trends (Think Bold Berries and Rich Browns), with Top Picks by Our Beauty Stylists

Already thinking about a new fall beauty makeover? You're not alone. We're only three weeks out from the season's official start date, and—if that's not serious enough—Starbucks has just rolled out its beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. So in reality, there's no better time to do some autumnal lipstick R&D than [...]