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New York Fashion Week S/S 2016: Backstage with Jason Wu and All Models

Jason Wu shows at 11am on Day 2 of New York Fashion Week. If you’re a model of the moment—a best of the best—that means you’re due in the makeup chair at about 8am. Not horrible or anything, but in the event that Marc Jacobs hosted the party of the decade the night before, well, it might seem rough. Not to worry, though: these young women are professionals first and foremost, and all was in order on Friday morning as a crew of beauties and those charged with taking great care of them readied for Wu’s spring presentation.


And in this instance, “readied” meant, in large part, the application of a gorgeous, deep red lip. Here’s your look at the top models in the industry right now—and Mr. Wu himself—counting down the moments to the big reveal.

From the new news—like Spanish-speaking Lineisy Montero (above), who opened the show—to the new classics, like Binx and Mica (below), who were basically everything last season and who have only gained staying power since then, Wu manages to curate the most evocative personalities in the industry.

The look for the tresses on these diverse and lovely beauties was a simple, unfussy, small bun. The makeup direction was a glossy naked face with a strong, apple-red matte lip—which looked particularly perfect on It girl Xiao Wen Ju (below).


After hair and makeup, there is a semi-surreal lag time in which the girls wander in a state of not-dressed-up but somewhere, most definitely, to go. Eventually.

jujupicture with photog

Just not … yet.

ju xiaowen

Cell phones figure prominently and for the crew, there’s time to chat with those milling about. And there are usually a lot of folks milling about—reporting, blogging, photographing, like Eva from Into the Gloss, who handled her site’s branding with a decent amount of charm.


And then, eventually, the boss shows up—relaxed and easy-going, with a giant coffee in hand.


And that can only mean one thing: it’s time for wardrobe—and then on to the show.

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—Laura Cassidy