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Beautifully Undone Behind the Scenes at Brock Collection with Tata Harper & JINsoon | Backstage Beauty

To achieve the soft, clean and simple look at Brock Collection, one described to our national beauty director, Marynell Maddox, as “beautifully undone,” skin care guru Tata Harper created a bright but matte canvas with her specialty natural and nontoxic treatments. Not only did her Fashion Week facials create a pristine foundation for the no-makeup makeup style at the show, but they seemed to energize the models with a fresh glow that complemented the spring creations on the runway.

Backstage Beauty at Brock with Tata Harper and JINSoon

The models’ look was finished with a lovely lavender-grey nail with a weathered finish by Jin Soon Choi for JINsoon.

Backstage Beauty with Tata Harper Skincare

Tata HarperTata Harper Skincare‘s Fashion Week Facial:

1. Tata Harper’s team began by cleansing the skin with her Refreshing Cleanser to remove excess oil and makeup, revealing a balanced, luminous complexion.

2. They then spritzed the face with Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence for long-lasting, oil-free moisture that also minimizes the appearance of pores.

3. To promote a visibly healthy, radiant appearance, her team applied the Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum to the models’ faces.

4. Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer came next to balance the hydration and achieve a smooth, matte finish.

5. Around the eyes, they applied the Restorative Eye Crème for a bright, rested look.

6. Finishing with the indulgent Fortifying Body Lotion head to toe gave the models a bodily glow to match their faces.

7. To keep everyone focused and calm, Ms. Harper also had treated all those backstage to her Aromatic Stress Treatment and Aromatic Irritability Treatment, applying these to pulse points inside wrists, on temples and each side of the neck. A deep inhalation of these tonics provided an appreciated calming experience.

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Backstage Beauty at Brock with Tata Harper and JINSoon

JINSoon polish backstage at Brock Collection

Jin Soon Choi chose the color Auspicious, a “muddled lavender grey,” to accent the collection’s romantic desert calm.

    1. First the team removed all polish and oil residue.
    2. They applied JINsoon Power Coat as a base to protect the nail.
    3. Two coats of JINsoon’s Auspicious came next.
    4. Finally, an application of JINsoon Top Gloss sealed in the shine.


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