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In 2007, Lyndsey Butler launched VEDA with a single mission in mind: to become a leader in leather outerwear. The Thread recently met up with the San Antonio transplant at her newly opened flagship store in SoHo, where we talked about the timeless allure and versatility of a skin that’s so in demand.

Come On In: VEDA is located in the heart of SoHo on 19 Mercer Street.

THE THREAD: How does a Texan who grew up on a ranch in Argentina find herself designing a label in Manhattan?

LYNDSEY BUTLER: I’ve been in New York for almost 12 years now. The city is so international, and I just love the energy of downtown. I suppose my fascination with leather has something to do with my upbringing. From cowboys to Native Americans, leather is deeply rooted in Southern cultures. But I didn’t plan on a career in design and didn’t study it at school. In college, I worked for a fashion showroom in the city, and it kind of all started from there.

THE THREAD: Leather is on trend at the moment. Why do you think it’s an essential wardrobe staple?

LYNDSEY: I like to think of leather jackets almost as a protective layer. Physically, leather is warm, but emotionally, it conveys this air of cool, of confidence. I feel like we’re also seeing a resurgence of strong looks for women, and it’s not necessarily sexy—it’s more about power dressing. Whether it’s suiting or more minimal shapes that aren’t necessarily body-hugging or low-backed, it’s really more about the subtlety of things. Leather definitely plays into the attitude of powerful dress.

A Nordstrom Exclusive: VEDA Genuine Calf Hair & Leather Vest in collaboration with the blog Stop It Right Now

THE THREAD: Tell us about your design partnership with Jayne Min from the blog Stop It Right Now.

LYNDSEY: I’ve always been a really big fan of Jayne’s blog. While on Instagram, I stumbled upon a photo she posted where she was trying on a VEDA vest from a couple of seasons ago. I was so excited for the shout-out that I reached out to her, and we organically started a conversation about working together. This vest is true to Jayne’s style: very minimal, clean stitching and accented with luxe pony hair for some street edge.

Winter’s Must-Have: VEDA ‘Max Classic’ Leather Jacket

THE THREAD: Your collection is 100% leather-based. How do you consistently innovate with this beloved medium?

LYNDSEY: It’s funny because in the beginning, I’d ask myself, “Am I going to be able to do this forever?” I thought there may be a design cap. But honestly, working with leather is a lot like engineering—the methods are always evolving. I’m always working on new designs, testing out skin treatments, visiting our factories in New Zealand and Italy and playing with embellishments, so I’m inspired daily.

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