Best in Show: Behind the Scenes with Our Canine Models

As any model will tell you, the work really isn’t that glamorous. You hardly get to eat anything—just a biscuit after every take. There are long hours under the lights with your water dish out of reach. The photographers and art directors can be real handsy, too, always petting you, calling you “sweetie” and “good girl.” They just drool all over you.

Best in Show

And then there are the other models. Some are real amateurs. They’re so excited to be a model, without realizing what the job entails. They come in all excited, greet everyone on set affectionately and really kiss up to the crew. But when it comes time to work, they’re always taking breaks and darting off camera. It’s like they have no concept of time.

Best in Show


See what I mean? A perfect shot ruined because someone couldn’t just “sit.”

Best in Show

But when you encounter a real pro, a model who really knows how to keep her eye on the treat, I mean task, it’s a treat to watch. Did someone say, “treat”?


She’s a natural! I mean, look at that face. This is a model that could teach you a few tricks of the trade.

Best in Show

Then there’s the new-guard dogs, those newbies that are really trainable. These pups have a bright future.


If these young ones can handle the long days on set, that is. Yawns are contagious, and you’ve got to keep the energy up.

Best in Show

See our models’ work:

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