The Best Pools in Los Angeles #1

If you’re prone to jealousy regarding other people’s sweet gigs, you may want to skip our series on the best pools, in which Instagrammer Kate Brien from View from the Topp catalogs the best swimming holes this side of Old Hollywood. When this shoe-selfie pro puts her stamp on a pool, it’s not just because the water is warm and the towels are dry. These places are swanky, sweet and super stylish—making them the perfect spots for Brien’s Soludos, her footwear brand of choice for poolside reconnaissance. Keep reading to find out where this pool is and how to make yourself at home there, and check back all month long as we count them down.

Poolside location: The Line Hotel, 3515 Wilshire Blvd (Koreatown)

Best time to go: Early evening any night of the week to catch resident DJ sets

Signature poolside cocktail: Pimp’s Cup

Best poolside snack: 1/2 dozen oysters from the Line’s Pan-Asian greenhouse-set restaurant, Commissary

Style or vibe of the crowd: Hip

Best Pop-In@Nordstrom Goes Poolside look or accessory to rock: zubi zip pouch and Malia Mills swimsuit

Après poolside, go to POT, Roy Choi’s restaurant at The Line

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All images by Kate Brien for View from the Topp

—Laura Cassidy