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Bridal Fashion Week, Spring 2017, with Hayley Paige

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We’re at Bridal Fashion Week! And we’re chatting with just some of our favorite designers as they unveil their gorgeous spring 2017 collections. From new trends to tips on finding the perfect wedding dress, we’ll give you the latest from a handful of the world’s most talented and sought-after bridal designers.

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Hayley Paige spring 2017 collection

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What are your best tips for brides on finding that one perfect dress?
It’s important to not over-intellectualize the process or succumb to the pressure of encompassing it all. Every bride has a different and unique experience in finding the dress. This is a happy moment, so maintain the “happy” and allow yourself to feel “all the feels.” I would also avoid bringing too many people to your gown appointment and keep an open mind—especially if you are already in love with something on paper/Instagram. You won’t truly be able to make a decision until you are that beautiful girl standing in front of an oversize mirror in a fabulous dress!

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What excites you the most about your newest collection? What defines it?
As a designer, it’s important to have a recognizable aesthetic. It’s not so much about reinventing every season as it is about evolving and presenting a collection with vitality. The most exciting thing about my newest collection is the authentic personality of it. From fabrics that appear to be spun out of a fantasy to the iridescently palpable embellishments, she is alive and delicious!

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The new collection is uncompromisingly happy. I had a lot of diaphanous textures and prismatic embellishments last season, so I’m carrying those magnetic rudiments into the new collection as well. Every season the goal is to bring more beautiful dresses into the world, which requires a sense of imagination, charm and allurement. The essentials are anything but quotidian.

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Who is the bride you design for?
It is so meaningful to seek a bone-deep comprehension of the bride I design for. I find her to be as unique as she is chic, and I design with her substantial individuality in mind. Tapping into her enthusiasm and candid happiness allows me to create a world that is truly magical.

What is your favorite thing about Bridal Fashion Week?
I am the most vulnerable during this week, because I am so emotionally involved in my work. I am gaga for the gorgeousness and love the challenge of a new season, but it’s also extremely humanizing to put your passion on display.

hayley paige wedding dresses spring 2017

What have brides been asking for that you’ve incorporated into your designs this season?
Shades of champagne! We’ve been using a lot of nude layering to create an illusion of sheerness; it creates a textural tattoo effect and the embellishment sparkle-pops! Allurement is SO IN right now, and this technique is so light and polished without being too revealing.

What’s new in the bridal world that has you taking note?
Bridal fashion is no longer confined to that one special day. With an engagement comes a magnitude of special events, each providing an opportunity to be the best dressed in the room. I love that brides are embracing a “wedding wardrobe” and making this exciting time in life all the more fashionable.

After the crazy time of planning and executing, do you have a Fashion Week secret weapon for recovering?
Recovery comes in all forms, but the calm after the sparkle storm for me requires a giant margarita!

Unrelated to work, what’s the number one thing you won’t forget to squeeze in during Bridal Fashion Week?
A sweat session! Getting out of the showroom and into the gym is the best way to regroup and make things right in the brain.

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