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Bridal Fashion Week, Spring 2017, with Sarah Seven


We’re at Bridal Fashion Week! And we’re chatting with just some of our favorite designers as they unveil their gorgeous spring 2017 collections. From new trends to tips on finding the perfect wedding dress, we’ll give you the latest from a handful of the world’s most talented and sought-after bridal designers.

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What are your best tips for brides on finding that one perfect dress?
We always remind brides to think outside the box. So many of our clients are searching for something they “always imagined,” but they shouldn’t discount styles that catch their eye on shopping day. Remember, you want the gown to be beautiful and memorable!

What excites you the most about your newest collection and what defines it?
We have shifted into more embroidery and lace. Our previous collection featured clean lines and soft silks, while the new collection incorporates a bit more texture and embellished detail. The style is so glamorous, we can’t get enough.

With this new collection, I really focused on modern elegance. There is a sophistication to it that complements our signature whimsical feel.

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Who is the bride you design for?
I design for a bride who is trend savvy yet timeless with her style. I always try to incorporate modern details with classic romance, and I think our customer identifies with that.

What is your favorite thing about Bridal Fashion Week?
I love connecting with our retailers, but more than anything, I love seeing which styles grab the most attention during the presentation. I am always proud of the entire collection, but I love to see which standouts steal the show.

What have brides been asking for that you’ve incorporated into your designs this season?
Much like the line itself, our bride has matured and is now seeking more fitted silhouettes and sultry glamour. We have added some new silhouettes that we are very excited about.

What’s new in the bridal world that has you taking note?
I love that bridal has begun taking more cues from prêt-à-porter. Bridal style has broadened so much with separates, tailored pieces and looks that might be just as appropriate on a red carpet as at an altar.

After the crazy time of planning and executing, do you have a Fashion Week secret weapon for recovering?
Plenty of coffee (and a touch of champagne)! Our team is so supportive of each other so we always have fun no matter what. Bridal Market is the cherry on top of an amazing planning process.

Unrelated to work, what’s the number one thing you won’t forget to squeeze in during Bridal Fashion Week?
Spaghetti at Scarpetta. It has become our go-to after a successful market. Who can turn down celebratory pasta and Limoncello?

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