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Bridal Fashion Week, Spring 2017, with Berta Balilti of Berta Bridal


We’re at Bridal Fashion Week! And we’re chatting with just some of our favorite designers as they unveil their gorgeous spring 2017 collections. From new trends to tips on finding the perfect wedding dress, we’ll give you the latest from a handful of the world’s most talented and sought-after bridal designers.


Berta Bridal spring 2017 collection

What excites you the most about your newest collection? What defines it?
I always get so excited to see the reactions from the brides on what I’ve been working so long and so hard on. The love and appreciation from my brides is my fuel.

My collections always set one very clear aim: accentuating the bride’s natural beauty. I focus on the fit and the cut of my creations more than anything. Only after that do I go and pursue new ways and methods of designs. That’s my playing field; there I have no boundaries.

Who is the bride you design for?
My collection is very versatile in terms of design, because in every creation I see another type of bride in front of my eyes. That’s why many brides say that when they found their dream dress in one of my designs, it seemed like I knew them personally beforehand—like I had literally custom designed this dress for them. What’s in common with all my brides is that they are sophisticated and are not willing to compromise on their wedding dress (not in quality and not in style). Oh, and yes, they are all stunningly beautiful too. 🙂

What is your favorite thing about Bridal Fashion Week?
Bridal Week is a very exciting time for me, as it’s the first time I present my new collection to the crowd.… So the feedback to the collection is definitely my favorite part.

What have brides been asking for that you’ve incorporated into your designs this season?
I must say that my brides only ask me to keep on being unique and stand out in my designs. And this I make sure to do every time. 🙂

What’s new in the bridal world that has you taking note?
Social media. There are no more barriers. If you’re talented and good, then everyone will see and you’ll get a fair chance and the exposure you deserve.

What are your best tips for brides on finding the perfect dress?
I always say that this is an emotional decision, and not a rational one. Hence, make sure to listen to yourself. Friends and family can help with their advice, but just make sure not to get confused.

After the crazy time of planning and executing, do you have a Fashion Week secret weapon for recovering?
Just between us … my secret weapon is shopping. That’s how I recover.

Unrelated to work, what’s the number one thing you won’t forget to squeeze in while in NYC?
Visiting at least a few of the city’s amazing museums, as I will already be thinking about the next collection and will need new inspirations.

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