Burberry Acoustic Highlights Young Singers

Warning: You’re about to get lost in dreamy music videos featuring young Brits crooning in Burberry’s finest. Welcome to the Burberry Acoustic music series, home to a treasure trove of up-and-coming bands and singer/songwriters. Here’s the video that first drew us in, featuring the handsome and talented Roo Panes.

Roo also happens to star in the just-released Burberry fall/winter 2012 ad campaign, alongside actress Gabriella Wilde. Can’t complain about the opportunity to see more of Roo and that chiseled jaw.

Check out more than 30 acoustic videos on Burberry’s YouTube page, featuring up-and-coming artists—Rae Morris, Sam Beeton, Jake Bugg, to name a few—and more familiar names like Keane.