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Carhartt WIP: Designer Streetwear with Workwear Roots

We’re excited that Nordstrom now offers Carhartt Work in Progress, one of the foundational streetwear brands going back to the 1990s. Our selection includes classic Carhartt WIP items like the coach’s jacket, shirt jacket and anorak, plus other subtly branded basics—all perfect for your fall/winter wardrobe.

We invite you to consider the brand below, and for bonus fashion knowledge, to read the essay “Put to Work,” from the amazing book The Carhartt WIP Archives (Rizzoli, 2016) – the essay is by Gary Warnett, whose blog we read on the reg. Should be interesting for anyone remotely interested in streetwear and workwear.

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The briefest history of Carhartt WIP begins with Carhartt, the legendary American workwear brand that started making rugged clothing in Michigan around the end of the 1800s. As with competitors like Levi’s, Carhartt gained style cache in the middle of the 20th century. Carhartt WIP eventually came along as an independent European licensee in 1996, marketing casual, workwear-inspired clothes to the kids of that generation which had seen workwear become cool.

Building sincere relationships over time in rap, dance music and lifestyle sports, Carhartt WIP is now known as a staple brand with its own cultural identity, as well as a collaborator with some of the biggest names in fashion like A.P.C. and Junya Watanabe.

The history of Carhartt and its influence are fascinating. For the style nerds out there, “Put to Work” is a deep dive into how workwear rose to become a style movement, preceding and intersecting with streetwear. Shout out to Carhartt WIP for letting us scan these pages. As far as we know, this writing exists nowhere else on the Internet.