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Good Cheers: The Kiss My Cranberries Cocktail from Our Restaurants

’Tis the season for family get-togethers and tiffs around the table. Although this year may seem particularly ripe for strife, bypass any arguments and give thanks for this sassy cranberry cocktail instead. Kiss My Cranberries doubles as an antidote to the stress of Thanksgiving entertaining and a tacit response to any possible disagreement. Instead of mouthing off, sip this refreshing bittersweet beverage. The balanced combination of citrus, tart berry, cinnamon and bourbon perfectly captures the holiday mood, while tempering yours.

If you do need to escape your rellies, you can always stop by one of our Nordstrom restaurants to have a Kiss My Cranberries prepared for you. You’ll find us all quite agreeable.


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Caroline Fleming Culture Food & Drink

Happy Cooking with Danish Baroness and British Reality Star Caroline Fleming

Simply by scanning tabloid and celebrity magazine covers, it’s easy to identify which occupations are most likely to place one in the paparazzi’s firing line. On the heels of being a young actress or supermodel, being a royal or a reality television star also attracts ample publication fascination and the photographer’s lens. Danish baroness and Ladies of London (it’s dishy!) television star Caroline Fleming has that perfecta. But she distinguishes herself by her purpose. The cheery blonde is a devoted mother and wellness enthusiast, whose new book, Cook Yourself Happy, contains traditional Danish dishes reinterpreted through her positivity, love of family, travels and health consciousness.

Caroline took the time to chat with us about her book and real life. Like her yummy recipes, the baroness is both refreshingly approachable and honest. Plus she has some great ideas for your holiday meal!


Stonewashed cocktail from the Nordstrom Bars Food & Drink

Good Cheers: the Stonewashed Cocktail from Our Restaurants

Like the perfect pair of jeans, a delicious cocktail feels easy and pairs well with most things. As the week ends and the weekend begins, slip on your comfy denim (you know the ones) and sip this pretty purple cocktail from our Nordstrom restaurants. The recipe is simple, but the resulting drink has a unique violet flavor that strengthens along with its faded plum shade as you imbibe. Sweet but not sugary, with an herbal gin base, the Stonewashed possesses a mellow fragrant flavor that will set the tone for your Friday and beyond.

And if you don’t feel like mixing your own, you can always stop by one of our Nordstrom restaurants to have one prepared for you.


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Gifts for Your Host This Holiday Season

Photos by Elizabeth Podlesnik 

She’s dutifully planned the perfect holiday hobnob, complete with all the trimmings. As you’re picking up presents for your family and friends, don’t forget your loving host, without whom your favorite pumpkin chiffon pie would not have been baked.

Ahead, the holiday gifts that acknowledge her effort and ensure you get a standing invitation—if not an extra slice.


Pumpkin Pot how-to Culture Food & Drink

How to Make An Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We peruse Pinterest with the furrowed brow and unshakeable cynicism of one ungifted at arts and crafts. Truly, we’ve hot-glued our fingers together more times than we can count on those sticky digits. Plus, who has time to experiment with handcrafting wrapping paper or blending teas when the holidays come around? Not us.

And yet … those personal touches are what make the season so special. Luckily, our friends suggested this simple centerpiece (they really get us) to give our Thanksgiving table a homemade but modern touch. In seven short steps, we made a masterpiece.


Korean Ribs Recipe from Nordstrom Food & Drink

Korean Short Ribs with Pineapple Vinaigrette Kimchi | What’s Cooking

This rich, spicy-sweet deliciousness is one of our restaurants’ most requested recipes, and it’s perfect for a hearty fall meal. You can make these traditional Korean ribs from the comfort of your kitchen—we like them paired with bok choy, a kicky kimchi slaw and pineapple vinaigrette—or we can always make them for you at selected in-store cafés.


Jason Wu dinner in Seattle Food & Drink Interviews Style

Our Dinner with Jason Wu—Plus a Sorbet Champagne Cocktail

Jason Wu isn’t exactly the flashy party boy so often associated with the fashion scene. The mild-mannered, impeccably polite and fundamentally sweet designer would be better cast as a gentlemanly dinner companion. Jason is, in fact, known for the beautiful dining experiences he creates for his nearest and dearest. We’ve profiled a few of the past shindigs that he’s thrown to celebrate his sibling label, GREY Jason Wu. And just last week, he hosted a dinner in Seattle. It was as perfectly planned—down to the gorgeous garnishes and centerpieces—as you’d expect from the detail-oriented fashion designer.

See the menu and images, plus read about the details—like his sorbet champagne cocktail—as described by Jason below. Two scoops, please!


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Food & Drink POP-IN@Nordstrom

Pop-In@Nordstrom Tested the ChefSteps Joule & Spoiler Alert: You’re Gonna Want One

Our latest Pop-In Shop is making the most of this tech-centric life with gizmos that’ll make your world go ’round—like the Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps. The Seattle-based company calls it “the world’s smallest, smartest and sexiest sous vide tool, perfect for novices and veterans alike.”

So we persuaded a couple of delightful amateurs to demo the Joule on two tasty ChefSteps recipes and put that whole “novice” thing to the test. What could possibly go wrong?

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom Gets Wired


How to Throw a Bridal Shower Food & Drink Weddings

Throw a Bridal Shower Like a Party Pro

How to Throw a Bridal Shower

19 Cooper strapless culotte jumpsuit | Topshop Unique Aster silk midi dress

Although you never need a reason to celebrate, you were just given the best one: your friend is getting married! Once the squeals, hugs, tears and proposal story conclude, the bridal shower planning begins. To help steer it in the happiest direction, we’ve collected cheery recipes, fun favors and pretty place settings to make your newly affianced pal’s party a success.


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Beach Mojito: A Cocktail Made with Peach Soda

To celebrate the refreshing new boutique sodas (pops, if you prefer) that we’re carrying at selected Nordstrom stores, we’re experimenting by adding our favorite adult ingredients (clear, brown or bubbly) to these distinct flavors.

When we heard there was a fluorescent blue soda made by Jeff’s brother, we knew we had a winner on our hands. Who is Jeff or his brother? No clue, but he put his name on it—or his sibling’s—so it had to be good.

Beach Mojito

Photo and recipe by Tom Burritt

You’d expect peach soda to be pink, but Redondo Peach shatters all the norms. And so will this delectable mojito that pairs perfectly with an endless supply of sun and sand—even if the beach is really just a figment of your imagination. Our concoction is like drinking in the ocean air on a coast lined with peach trees, coconut groves and blueberry bushes. So soak up the deep blue with a little rum for a vicarious vacation that’ll be peachy.