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Following last year’s espionage-themed “Mission Impeccable,” London brand Ted Baker is back with another shoppable video experiment. This time it’s a 360-degree experience where you can hang out with the Baker family in their perfect surburban home and shop their looks.

Check out the shoppable video here. The version embedded above is not shoppable but still offers a chance to poke around the world of the Bakers.

Just in case you don’t know: Ted Baker is not a real person and the Bakers are a fictional family. Ted Baker is the hero figure, invented by brand founder Ray Kelvin, whose world is flawless on the outside and ever-so-slightly messed-up underneath.

For a chance to get further into the shoppable 360° video, we’ll have Google cardboard VR viewers on hand March 26 in our Oakbrook Center store in Oak Brook, Illinois, and our NorthPark Center store in Dallas. Come check it out. To us, virtual reality storytelling is a brave new world, and every step forward is exciting.

Keep reading for our conversation with Craig Smith, Ted Baker London’s global brand communication director, about “Meet the Bakers” and why storytelling is part of the Ted Baker DNA.

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The cover of the new Popeye Magazine shows a city boy wearing a pair of Clarks Originals Wallabees—the O.G. comfort shoes from England. He looks pretty dang cool.

If you have not worn a pair of Wallabees, you must. It’s all about the gum soles. They’re squishy and unlike anything else. And the style of Clarks Originals—the line that includes the Wallabee—is flawless and versatile. Design wise, they are perfectly no-frills and go with shorts and long pants.

Consider below a few classics and a range of new-for-spring Clarks Originals: black and sand suede Wallabee boots, pink Wallabee derbys, green and blue Weaver derbys, Burcott field derbys or Trek mule. Click the shoe to get a closer look.

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Perhaps you noticed: it’s prom season. For guys that means suits and, generally, a fair bit of uncertainty. That’s normal. Many teenagers are unfamiliar with suits. What’s a cool suit? There will definitely be photos taken, so you want to come correct. Should you purchase or rent?

Let us make this simple. You should definitely buy. And you should buy from the British brand Topman – which is distributed in the U.S. exclusively through Topman and Nordstrom. Forget tuxedos. Get a hip, affordable, easy-to-wear Topman suit. Done.

There was no Topman in 1981, which is when Nordstrom Senior Designer Tim Haywood went to prom. Things were more complicated then. Feeling the spirit of the season, he took us on a walk down memory lane.

–Andrew Matson

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7denimbrandstoknowOn one hand, you could wear the same pair of jeans every day and be fine. Probably nobody would notice. And jeans go with everything. On the other hand, with so much diversity in the field, why deprive yourself?

In the short Q&As below, get to know seven denim brands our buying team is excited to be working with: 3×1 NYC, Baldwin, FRAME, J Brand, Jean Shop, PAIGE and Raleigh. Most have a little stretch built into them (helps with things like car keys). All are strong and sturdy-looking while being butter soft.

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Nordstrom is based in Seattle right down the street from Sub Pop Records, the label that originally introduced the world to Nirvana. We’re big fans and old friends. Lately, rap music is ascendant in Seattle and now Sub Pop is working with one of the stars of the scene, the literary-minded Porter Ray.

To capitalize on the timing of Ray’s new album Watercolor and our new spring selection, he came through our Seattle flagship to see what was good. Turns out: a lot.

Ray prefers a uniform of tapered pants, hoodies and bomber jackets. Within that framework, he picked graphic designs from brands that are a little underground and not especially glitzy – J.W.Anderson, known for androgyny; Tim Coppens, known for ’90s-era skate style – along with this season’s hottest jackets from Gucci and Givenchy.

We appreciate that in his dressing, as with his music, Ray is traditional yet fearlessly artistic. There’s a frame, and he’s flexing within it.

Below, see more looks as well as quotes from Ray about how and why he raps. Plus: a video about forming his view of style through the lens of a private school uniform.

–Andrew Matson

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tuxedo700Photo by Kyle Johnson

Throwback boogie band Tuxedo never fails to change our mood. It’s just something about their music. If you didn’t catch their recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, increase the amount of positive energy in your life:

Check out our interview with Tuxedo. And if it’s relevant to you, let their outfits serve as a reminder that it’s prom season. Now is the time to shop for that perfect tuxedo, casual suit (Topman would be ideal for 90% of high schoolers) or flawless gown.

If you’re considering the suit/sneakers combo that Jake One is rocking in the image above (that’s Mayer Hawthorne next to him by the way), keep it clean and start by exploring the world of designer sneakers.

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More Magic: KENZO x Kahlil Joseph

Parisian fashion house KENZO is back with another extremely artistic short film directed by Kahlil Joseph, whose work you know from Lemonade. The film presents an engaging story you’ll have to complete with your own imagination, starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Jesse Williams, Kelsy Lu and Ishmael Butler. Butler also provides music (you know him from Digable Planets and Shabazz Palaces).

Family friendly warning: there are a few swears.

Commercial tie-in: the video shows some aspects of our current KENZO selection for women and men, such as the triangular Bermuda print and lo-fi concert flier graphics.



Scene Snaps: New York, Part Five


Candid snaps of the street-style scene at Fashion Week fall ’17, from our Global Trend Reporter Kristin Yamada.


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There’s nothing like an upcoming trip to help you edit your wardrobe–especially when the destination is Fashion Week. With that in mind, our friends are thinking carefully and packing right.


Nordstrom Senior Producer Thig Gishuru is about to attend his first Fashion Weeks ever—check for his work on our Instagram channel and here on The Thread. He’s thinking about footwear. And the fact that he doesn’t speak French.

On his way out the door to New York (starts February 9) and Paris (starts February 28), here’s what he said about what he’s bringing.

The Thread: Where is your head at vis-à-vis packing for Fashion Week? What’s your thought process? 

Thig Gishuru: Packing for New York is always interesting because I’m usually out all day in different social situations. Especially on this trip, I might not get to change clothes in between things I’m doing. I’m packing for warmth, comfort and style—and hope the three blend together. For Paris, I’ve never been there before. In general I’m expecting cold, bright days and long nights.  

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Did you read our Senior Fashion Director Shannon Schafer in GQ? She was speaking about bomber jackets among a panel of menswear experts, discussing different brands, shapes and colors. An excerpt:

“The bomber jacket trend started with ’90s throwback colors of black and olive for us. Fashion colors quickly gained momentum and now burgundy is our top-selling color.”

You’ll want to read the rest of her entry here.

And while we’re at it: did you read GQ‘s Raf Simons interview? It’s a riveting Q&A with the legendary Belgian designer—and relatedly, our new Adidas by Raf Simons Stan Smith and Ozweego styles are some of the coolest sneakers on the planet. They go great with bomber jackets, too.

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