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Punk and Emo Nostalgia, Behind the Scenes at Ovadia & Sons’ Fall ’18 Runway Show

Photo by Mike Chard

At New York Fashion Week: Men’s, one recent development is brands deciding to show collections out in the city, at non-fashion venues. And why not? Designers are always talking about their influences. Sometimes it’s best to take that classic writer’s advice: show, don’t tell.

For Ovadia & Sons’ punk rock–influenced fall 2018 collection, twin brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia booked the concert hall Irving Plaza. The venue, a former community center converted to a rock venue in 1978, holds fond memories for Ariel – who designed the collection with his brother Shimon. He saw a ton of shows there in the late ’90s.

The brothers have always been inspired by music and worked it into their designs. Last season, Ariel and I were talking about how their clothes reflected a love of Fabolous mixtapes and Lexus coupes. This season we talked about emo, hardcore and post-hardcore punk.

The soundtrack to the show was the soundtrack to young Ariel’s life: Alkaline Trio, Rancid, Pennywise, and My Chemical Romance—a disaffected, guitar-loving teen’s playlist from 1999. And the clothes were some of Ovadia’s best.

Check out our interview with Ariel Ovadia below and get inside his electric guitar nostalgia.

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‘Pitch Night’ at STORY with Olivia Kim, Jaden Smith, and Tory Johnson

We sell a ton of different brands here at Nordstrom—all of which we love and think you will too. To decide which brands to work with, our buyers go to fashion weeks, visit showrooms, analyze the market and meet with creators and their teams. Eventually they place orders.

Usually that’s how it goes. But recently our own Olivia Kim tried something else entirely: she received three-minute product pitches from independent brands, one after another, for three hours. She did this as a special guest for “Pitch Night,” a regular event at STORY in NYC—a retail space with aspects of a gallery and museum.


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Fall Colors: Burgundy Part Two

Burgundy is a perfect color for fall and winter, worth considering in your outfits either as the star of the show (burgundy bomber) or in a supporting role (layered t-shirt).

For inspiration, check out these Levi’s Made & Crafted looks we shot near the High Line in NYC. The same day, we also shot pieces by wings + horns. See those images here.

Check out more burgundy below, along with information about LMC from Nordstrom men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes.

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What’s Possible in Stretch Jeans?

The question is what’s not possible? You can do anything in stretch denim. PAIGE jeans are especially known for looking great while feeling pretty much like sweatpants. The brand is all about modern style combined with fabric innovation for comfort and flexibility.

That balance reaches a new level in TRANSCEND, the PAIGE collection that gets its stretch from a deft use of rayon and will never lose shape.

In the video below, see four guys test these jeans’ flexibility to the max.



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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear Slides to Work

“Asking for a Friend” is our advice series that seeks to solve all manner of fashion predicaments. 

How often do you build your workday look from the shoes up? Often, right? And how often do you prioritize comfort? Often, right? At this time of year, that’s going to lead us to the sandal section of our closets.

The question: Are slides, by nature, too casual for the office—or are there ways to work the sport-chic angle for the 9-to-5?

All images by Victoria Kovios

The solution: Putting the more casual, après-workout varieties aside, it’s totally possible and completely modern to rock a fashion slipper among colleagues and partners. But here’s the deal: the fact of the matter is that you will always and only look great when you feel great. If your gut feeling is that a pair of slides—or any item—feels too casual, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stride into the conference room feeling confident.

On the other hand, if you feel good about a look, all that’s left to do is own that feeling and walk (or, uh, slide) right through the door. Whether your office is a lifestyle-vibe coworking space, a classic corporate HQ or a startup with an open-plan room full of cozy quarters—or, really, anywhere in between—we offer these four looks for your consideration.


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Inside Lanvin FW 17 with Nordstrom Men’s Designer Buyer Dan Drewes

Our designer selection is the result of Nordstrom buyers traveling to visit brands, exercising their fashion expertise, and choosing items they like and think you will too. Here’s what men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes had to say about our fall and winter 2017 selection from Lanvin.

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Fair Isle Punk: Inspirations Behind Valentino’s FW 17 Collection

Each season we look forward to new creations from Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, who deftly balances elegance and playfulness in his menswear. We asked the legendary Italian design house what inspired their fall and winter 2017 pieces. Here’s what they said.

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Valentino menswear is sold in-store only. Call our designer specialists at 1.877.543.7463 for phone orders, or to inquire about the selection at your nearest Nordstrom.


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Talking About Cute Pups, Cool Tees and Giving Back with n:Philanthropy Founder Yvonne Niami

n:Philanthropy's Yvonne Niami

Yvonne Niami with her rescue Papillon pup, Paris

Known for toughening up supersoft tees and cotton pullovers with strategic distressing and laces, n:Philanthropy makes wardrobe basics surprisingly cool.

But the label isn’t just about looking great: the L.A. company donates ten percent of its net proceeds to pediatric cancer research and animal abuse prevention, focusing its charitable giving on the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In 2016, the company donated $350,000 to these organizations and other local charities. So far this year, the company has donated $200,000. Plus, when it comes to animal welfare, at n:Philanthropy headquarters it’s not uncommon for rescue pups to double as coworkers.   


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Shop the Shoes: Sandals in Palm Springs and L.A.

When it comes to casual comeliness, California girls really do have it down—all the way to their toes. We took some foot notes on the sandals that the ladies in L.A. and Palm Springs are wearing this summer. It’s a thing we like to do.

Click on a pair to shop these sunny soles or similar styles right now.


Asking for a Friend: How to Work a Blazer into Your Summer Uniform

“Asking for a Friend” is our advice series that seeks to solve all manner of fashion predicaments.

Images by Karya Schanilec

The question: How to style a blazer this summer while also doing what we really want (which is to wear the same thing every day)?

The solution: Make a uniform out of a lightweight blazer and olive chinos.

Check out Nordstrom men’s marketing planner Doug Ta’a doing a little off-duty modeling. He demonstrates 1) olive green pants look good with everything, and 2) lightweight blazers are extremely versatile. Wear them together and you have a perfect summer uniform. At work, pair the blazer with a tucked-in dress shirt. Literally any other time, rock a T-shirt or a hoodie underneath the blazer, cuff your pants, grab some sneakers and you’re good.

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