Poet Tyler Knott Gregson Discusses Poetry & Baseball with His Dad

The poet and photographer Tyler Knott Gregson publishes a snapshot of his mind on his Instagram account daily—actually, he publishes two. One features a haiku exploring love, usually written in ink on a torn page. The second, a brief stanza or two typed on a scrap of paper, is part of his ongoing Typewriter Series. Gregson’s poetry attracts an active social following that has earned him several book deals. To date, the Helena, Montana, resident has published three (well-received) collections of his unvarnished, frank musings.

We were in the room when Tyler wrote a Father’s Day poem for his dad, Glenn “Goose” Gregson, a Boston Red Sox Latin American pitching coordinator and former minor league baseball pitcher. Pretty sweet, right? So was the conversation that followed.


From Our Friends at Who What Wear: Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Definitely Use

For this year’s round of Father’s Day inspiration, the Who What Wear editors were assembled and asked to share what they plan on giving their dads on June 18.

Photo by Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, they already had the ideal gifts picked out, and their explanations for their picks are even more perfect. So if you’re finding yourself at a dead end or simply haven’t even thought about what your dad might want this year, we give you full permission to copy our genius gift ideas. From a brand-new card case to the perfect casual button-down, get ready to shop the best Father’s Day gifts on the market.


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Dark Fabrics and Uncommon Varietals with Winemaker Andrew Latta

If you’re a winemaker, there’s logic behind wearing a uniform of mostly black. If you’re a winemaker like Seattle’s Andrew Latta—who is more interested in having a hand in every step of the process than running a high-volume production winery—this is especially true. The nuts and bolts of making wine are often messy and unglamorous, and red wine pairs better with dark fabrics.

SHOP: AG jeans | Maison Forte boot | Topman band collar shirt | rag & bone shirt | Stutterheim shirt jacket | Vince hooded jacket | Riedel wine glasses


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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear a Scarf Now

“Asking for a Friend” is our advice series that seeks to solve all manner of fashion predicaments with the help of our smart and stylish Nordstrom colleagues. 

Scarves, so pretty. So elegant. So confounding. Although this simple strip of fabric is often lauded as an instant outfit upgrade, wearing a scarf is an acquired skill. To that end, we spoke with our Styling Director, Ruth Basloe, on the best ways to wear one now.

How to Wear Scarves

Images by Kristin Yamada

The question: How to wear a scarf without looking like our bubbies? More to the point, how and where do you tie them?

The advice giver: Nordstrom Styling Director Ruth Basloe

The solution: “The freshest way to wear them right now is in place of another type of accessory, so as a necklace, bracelet or belt,” says Ruth. “I’m glad to see scarves having a moment as they come in handy when I can’t be bothered to think about my outfit. I just grab a basic white shirt and pants, and a scarf instantly adds a level of sophistication.”

Below, we’ve got it all tied up for you: some photo inspiration, guidance from Ruth, plus a video that shows ways to wrap a scarf and some shopping links.


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Friends from the Floor: The Top Mascara Picks to Grab at Mascara Madness (Saturday, May 27, Only)

“Friends from the Floor” is a series dedicated to sharing the latest product obsessions of our Nordstrom sales crew.

Mascara Madness at Nordstrom

Always on the quest for the ultimate, lash-slaying mascara? Same here. Even when we find a winning tube, we can’t help pondering what other great products are out there waiting to be batted. With the wondrous day of Mascara Madness almost upon us, we thought we’d check in with a few of our Beauty Stylists for the latest in budge-proof, long-wearing lash magic. Stock up on your go-to formula or build a well-rounded trove of the following front-runners.


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Friends from the Floor: How to Shop Designer Clearance

“Friends from the Floor” is a series dedicated to sharing the latest product obsessions of our Nordstrom sales crew.

For some, shopping big name brands like Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs can be a tad daunting. No matter how comfortable you are with the idea of an investment piece, an investment is still an investment. It implies a calculated risk.

But on the rare occasion when those brands and others have been marked down, well, it’s time to act quickly, strategically and stylishly. We asked some of our favorite Downtown Seattle sales pros to give us the strategies and words of wisdom they share with their customers and friends.


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6 Names in Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment on Why Peace and Love Still Matter in 2017

Pride month at Nordstrom

Ever notice that people are super heart-happy these days? It’s almost too easy to furiously tap that little heart emoji on photo after photo as you scroll through your Instagram feed or casually send it through a text or comment. And when you see a streaming video of puppies napping? LOVE plus heart-eyes. Except that these digital displays of affection lose something along the way. We want to bring the analog version back in 2017, where an emoji transforms into emotion, a hug is real and when you laugh out loud, you do it with someone sitting across from you.

In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, Nordstrom is partnering with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation to create the Love & Peace 2 You T-shirt to support friends and colleagues participating in Pride parades around the country (proceeds will be donated to the HRCF). And to kick off the celebrations, we wanted to get back to the basics and talk to some of our favorite people in fashion, beauty and entertainment on what love and peace mean to them.



See and Shop the Unique Furniture Curated by 1stdibs for goop-In@Nordstrom

We may be biased, but we want to live in the world of
goop-In@Nordstrom. Our latest Pop-In is a wonderland of modern wellness, and our in-store experiences make us want to break our lease and take up permanent residence. Credit 1stdibs, an online marketplace that curates beautiful pieces—think furniture, fashion, art and jewelry—from dealers around the world. We partnered with them to make our eight in-store shops sanctuaries unto themselves, each featuring a handpicked selection of furniture and furnishings sourced from local dealers, all for sale and all ideal backdrops for your selfie (we witnessed more than a few). Catch a glimpse below, see the full effect in selected stores and explore 1stdibs for even more.


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Friends from the Floor: Our Beauty Stylists Divulge Their Desert-Island Picks for Flawless Summer Skin

“Friends from the Floor” is a series dedicated to sharing the latest product obsessions of our Nordstrom sales crew.

Summer beauty must-haves 2017 from Nordstrom.

Being stranded on a deserted island sounds like a brutal mix of sun exposure and skin care minimalism. But it’s the kind of serious scenario you have to pose to really weed out the vanity-table fluff. What are the bare essentials to beautify and protect your precious face under a cloudless, UV-packed sky? Even if you’re just “stranded” at an outdoor café with a glass of rosé?

We asked four of our experts in the beauty field to share their absolute must-haves for gorgeous summer skin. From sunscreens to lip balms to bronzers and illuminators, here are the ones our Beauty Stylists swear are worth the hype.


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Designer Sneakers by Saint Laurent, Common Projects, Maison Margiela and adidas by Raf Simons

One shoe that truly goes with everything: the white designer sneaker. You cannot go wrong. Wear a pair to work, wear them casually or even on date night. It’s hard to think of another piece that’s so versatile. Let them get dirty if that’s your style. Or keep them spotless. Seriously: white designer sneakers are foolproof.

Just in time for your summer wardrobe update, check out these four options by Saint Laurent, Common Projects, Maison Margiela and adidas by Raf Simons.

SHOP: designer sneakers