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Celebrity Makeup Artist Patrick Ta Shares His Pro Tips on Summer Skin Care (Hint: It’s All About La Mer)

When you think of the crème de la crème of skin care, La Mer is a logical go-to. Its healing Miracle Broth, crafted from sea kelp and packed with vitamins and minerals, is the stuff of legends, perfectly formulated to repair and rejuvenate sun-damaged skin. So it should come as no surprise that La Mer’s lead makeup artist and global ambassador, Patrick Ta (who happens to work the famous faces of Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba and the whole Kardashian crew), has a serious sun-care regimen worth exploring.

We interviewed Patrick to get the rundown on his must-have La Mer products for summer and tips on how best to apply them. Turns out, we’ve been applying sunscreen and makeup in the wrong order for years. Consider us corrected.


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Friends from the Floor: Our Beauty Stylists Divulge Their Desert-Island Picks for Flawless Summer Skin

“Friends from the Floor” is a series dedicated to sharing the latest product obsessions of our Nordstrom sales crew.

Summer beauty must-haves 2017 from Nordstrom.

Being stranded on a deserted island sounds like a brutal mix of sun exposure and skin care minimalism. But it’s the kind of serious scenario you have to pose to really weed out the vanity-table fluff. What are the bare essentials to beautify and protect your precious face under a cloudless, UV-packed sky? Even if you’re just “stranded” at an outdoor café with a glass of rosé?

We asked four of our experts in the beauty field to share their absolute must-haves for gorgeous summer skin. From sunscreens to lip balms to bronzers and illuminators, here are the ones our Beauty Stylists swear are worth the hype.


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From Our Friends at Who What Wear: 3 Editor-Approved Gifts to Give Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/GI Entertainment/Getty Images

We’ll admit that searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be quite the challenge. Considering that this woman brought you into the world, raised you and has loved you unconditionally, the pressure to find something appropriately thoughtful is pretty high. In an effort to spark some worthy gifting ideas within you, we Who What Wear and Byrdie editors decided to team up and brainstorm what we’ll be giving our moms this Mother’s Day. As a group of people who are always in the know when it comes to the latest and greatest items on the market, it’s safe to say our opinions are trustworthy. From luxurious skincare devices to sparkling earrings, these are the items we all can’t wait to hand to our moms come May 14.


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What Is Microneedling, the Revolutionary Tool for Erasing Wrinkles, Scars and Acne

Jamie O’Banion swears she has sensitive skin. The CEO and co-founder of Beauty Bioscience is indeed blond and fair, but she is also passionately advocating sticking hundreds of needles into one’s face. We feel our skepticism is justified.

Within minutes of talking to the daughter of Dr. Terry James, co-founder of Beauty Bioscience and a pioneer in the fields of nano-lipids, microdermabrasion and microneedling (also called dermarolling), we’re rethinking skin care as well as our abiding fear of needles.

Jamie O'Banion of GloPro

CEO of Beauty Bioscience Jamie O’Banion


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Byrdie’s Beauty Director on How to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

Deven Hopp is the Beauty Director at Byrdie. A self-described skincare junkie, she’s always trying new masks, peels and moisturizers. She’s also developed a slight tendency for product hoarding, which is why she takes beauty spring-cleaning very seriously. See the foolproof process she swears by. 

Byrdie, Spring Clean Beauty Routine

If you’re anything like us, spring-cleaning starts (and ends) with your beauty routine. Once a year, we take stock of everything in our medicine cabinets, on our vanities and in all the other places we store our favorite beauty products. (Are we the only ones with shoeboxes full of serums under our beds?) Your skin can change a lot from season to season, so it’s important to keep an eye on your skincare stash and make product substitutions as needed. Ready to get started? From expiration dates to exfoliation, we’re sharing the four essential tasks on our beauty spring-cleaning checklist.


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How to Turn an Airplane into a Spa

Recently, one of our assistant buyers—Natalia Valle, a self-proclaimed beauty junkie—took a trip to Australia. The flight to Sydney from Seattle is more than 18 hours long, which left her contemplating how best to use her air time. Luxuriating in skin care treatments seemed as good a way as any.

Bobbi Brown Extra eye repair cream

We asked Natalia to recommend some of her favorite products and tell us when and how to use them in flight to get that vacation glow before ever stepping off the plane. Here are her tips and picks for bringing beauty onboard.


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Give Your Makeup Routine a Cleanse: Effective Natural Beauty Products to Adopt

Our fridges are stocked with cold-pressed juice. Our Pinterest board is compiled with healthy recipes. With the promise of a fresh start, the new year always inspires a renewed resolve to live our best lives—or a life like Gwyneth’s. And along with upgrading our diet, it’s time to take a good, hard look inside our makeup bags.

Natural Beauty products at Nordstrom

The beauty industry has been quietly undergoing a natural revolution—but put aside thoughts of your hippy aunt’s patchouli-scented lip balm. Natural beauty products, ones that are completely phthalate-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free, are now just as innovative, effective and luxurious as their mainstream counterparts.

We’ve put together a slideshow of some of our favorite, most groundbreaking natural products to jump-start your beauty routine this year.


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Beauty Biologist Raffaele Ruberto Knows What Skin Cells Need

Our first encounter with Raffaele Ruberto, the “beauty biologist,” included advice for how to combat a cold. We remarked that we were feeling a bit sniffly and were met with an exuberant “try olive-leaf extract!” Ruberto’s enthusiasm for natural remedies extends to all topics, but his specialty is skin care. His recently launched collection, Raffaele Ruberto® SKIN, includes meticulously researched and tested products to combat five major signs of aging: loss of elasticity, poor texture (visible pores and wrinkles), hyperpigmentation, inflammation (redness and puffiness) and dehydration. Not only did Ruberto come up with formulas that have proven results in clinical trials, but his products are also all natural, paraben and sulfite free, and they smell amazing.

Raffaele Ruberto, SKIN

We spoke with the cosmetic chemist to learn about this new line and to find out what other miracle cures he has up his sleeve. (More science terms follow.)


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Beauty Fashion Week Skin Care

Beautifully Undone Behind the Scenes at Brock Collection with Tata Harper & JINsoon | Backstage Beauty

To achieve the soft, clean and simple look at Brock Collection, one described to our national beauty director, Marynell Maddox, as “beautifully undone,” skin care guru Tata Harper created a bright but matte canvas with her specialty natural and nontoxic treatments. Not only did her Fashion Week facials create a pristine foundation for the no-makeup makeup style at the show, but they seemed to energize the models with a fresh glow that complemented the spring creations on the runway.

Backstage Beauty at Brock with Tata Harper and JINSoon

The models’ look was finished with a lovely lavender-grey nail with a weathered finish by Jin Soon Choi for JINsoon.

Backstage Beauty with Tata Harper Skincare


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Her Secret Use for a Toothbrush, Signature Fragrance & Why She Showers with Turmeric: IRL Beauty with Aamito Lagum

Aamito Lagum Interview with Nordstrom.

We’re highlighting the women behind the faces in our fall beauty campaign, which is all about beauty in real life. This week: Aamito Lagum–who left her native Uganda almost two years ago to pursue her passions here in the U.S. She gets honest about her thoughts on what makes someone beautiful, her tricks for keeping her eyes on fleek and more.